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10 Mins With: Jani Lemut, Founder Of In-Spira

Behind The Scenes With Jani Lemut, Founder Of In-Spira

We chat to the Jani Lemut, founder of In-Spira.

Talking to us about growing up surrounded by nature, eco-friendly living and his unique garden room business, Jani Lemut is an inspiring soul who has a great ethos that we can all live by! So, with more and more people working from home and in need of a new office space, we were thrilled to have Jani in our latest 10 Mins With Interview. With a shared love for interior design and making a house a home, Jani Lemut talks to us about his career, outdoor office designs and his favourite Rockett St George products. See below to discover more about Jani Lemut and his business.


Jani Lemut | Founder Of In-Spira

1. Let’s start at the very beginning. Tell us about yourself?

I was born in Slovenia and grew up in the countryside surrounded by hills, rivers, mountains and woods in this wonderful Alpine country. Since my earliest memory, I wanted to make things from discarded bits of wood lying around the woods, and build dens endlessly. I went to woodworking school in Ljubliana and moved to London shortly afterwards to expand my horizon and design interest.

After that, I went to the school of art in London to add on to my skills and experience. Then, I set up my workshop and business, designing and making bespoke furniture from reclaimed and waste materials. The business was slow at the beginning but has been steadily growing from strength to strength ever since. My interest and skills span from designing furniture, interior spaces (refurbishing and redesigning houses, cottages) to specialising in small spaces solutions designing, interior designing, sculpturing and painting.

I lived in London for 12 years then moved to St.Ives in Cornwall where I gained a lot of experience and had my first art and bespoke furniture exhibition. I live in Sussex with my family now, and more than ever, my business is expanding and redirecting due to the current situation. Moreover, I am now designing and making garden structures with the aim to offer something different whilst inventing and offering a groundbreaking product.

2. In-Spira specialises in high-quality custom builds. What inspired you to start your own business?

I always wanted to share the ideas that are going through my head as I passionately believed that I can contribute to our community, offering different approaches to design and try to change the attitudes to our environment. As far as I can remember, I always knew what I wanted to do and running my own business was the only way to achieve that.

3. Alongside what you do, you also have a great interest in sustainable products. How have you managed to fuse your passion for design with the need to be environmentally conscious?


Ceiling Design Of The In-Spira Garden Rooms | Interview with Jani Lemut of In-build

That is a pure natural instinct for me. We live on this planet as a part of everything, not a separated entity or superior being, so we need to coexist and live our lives in a considered manner. The trees and animals don't produce toxic waste or matter that can't be of any use, everything is in good recyclable use. Using natural materials in a ‘closed-loop approach' rather than creating new (not organic, toxic to the soil ) materials and waste that we bury into the planet's precious soil, must be the only way forward. Working with sustainable sources and waste material is the only way to integrate and coexist with our planet, without damaging it. My vision is to firmly establish an inroad towards a ZERO WASTE SOCIETY.

4. With the working from home market ever-growing, can you tell us a bit about your amazing bespoke garden room installations?

One of the In-Spira Garden Rooms featuring the Antique Silver Palm Leaf Table Lamp | In-Build

Our idea was to develop a new quicker way to build and present the garden room structure. Like a tent that you can erect within a short time, we thought it would be great to have prefabricated wall panels that you can assemble very quickly to the shape that your garden dictates, rather than trying to fit a structure that doesn't quite fit in or going through a long and dreary building process. On top of this, we have now introduced easy to assemble curved walls and self-supporting reciprocated roofs that make a huge difference in how the building looks and feels.

Having the ability to create curved walls and having plenty of natural light is important to the flow of energy in the garden room. The shape of the building directly affects the way you feel and think influencing your well-being and work performance. It is, in my view, a groundbreaking design and approach to creating a space that changes the way we work. Our designs have been created to encourage to standing up when working, exercising in intervals and resting more often. Creating a perfect balance for your body and soul while working is the key to a content life!

5. For those looking to create a new home office area, do you have any top tips for achieving the perfect working space?

Yes, make it to your temple, a space that brings you calmness and joy, a place where you can happily relax and be free of stress. Not a working office. Enjoy your life and do work happily 'on-site' not work hard, stressfully and then try to relax a bit. It is not what you do that is important, but the state of mind that you do it in, that makes the difference. Think of yourself and your comfort first, then how you are going to work in there.

6. How do you ensure an eco-friendly outdoor office for your customers?

One of the eco-friendly Garden Rooms featuring the Antique Silver Palm Leaf Table Lamp

We use sustainable materials only, all of the materials are produced, controlled and are recyclable or disposable without damaging the environment. Moreover, we always try our best to choose materials with the least 'carbon footprint'. We always look for a simple test; make a clear plan of how we can recycle the unit after the end of its use.

If we can achieve this without involving a specialist company and the materials won't pollute the soil when buried, then we are on the right track. In the future, we are considering offering a clear away recycling service where we take care of every unit that is not in service any more. The only thing is, we expect our InSpira units to last 50 plus years, so it is difficult to implement such a long term policy!

7. What is your favourite style of garden room that In-Spira offers and why?

Lifestyle image of an outhouse.

The exterior of the In-Spira Garden Room | In-Build

In-Spira, our signature design structure. As you enter the unit it feels like time has slowed down. The structure has an amazing energy flow that makes you feel relaxed and calm. Furthermore, it is a surprisingly positive experience being in the unit, so our visitors report. The space has plenty of natural light and airflow with its curved walls where light travels through the unit and you can feel every moment. At night the lighting is very ambient and feels very cosy, it is truly magical. It is kind of space you look forward to spending time in.

8. Which room in your home do you and your family spend the most time in? How have you worked your interiors to suit the space?

The living room, a small room with an original open fireplace that is the base point for our interiors. The space features dark green Victorian tiles, light grey walls and a grey-white distressed wooden floor made out of builders FCS ply. We also have reclaimed teak wood cabinet surfaces, dark green turquoise cabinet doors, grey-blue shutters with metal glazing bars, Georgian windows, a sofa and a day-bed . I have designed and built all of the furniture, dressed with lots of soft furnishings and finished with ambient LED lights in dark corners. This ensures maximum cosiness, a place where family gather, enjoy family cuddles, infectious giggles and warm fire.

9. What should no room be without?

Natural light, a beautiful and interesting painting with a calm presence and candlelight in the evening, it is a must for me.

10.What exciting things are in store for the future of In-Build?

Designing new ground-breaking, exciting shapes with our universal prefabricated wall panels. Adding reclaimed building ply-boards for exterior cladding to our range. Collaborating with a graffiti artist for exterior decoration, a very exciting project. Discovering new ways of implementing recyclable materials and so on. We are a very driven, forward-thinking and innovative group of people. Being part of this business is a privilege and very exciting experience.

11. Finally, name three new RSG products that you love?


Square Window Pane Crittall-Style Mirror | Framed Large Black & White Abstract Art | Industrial Style Metal Bathroom Mirror With Side Shelving Unit

Quickfire Questions

  1. I am happiest when…I have a design challenge in sight.
  2. My favourite magazine is…Any Interior decoration magazine.
  3. My dream holiday would be…Skiing in the mountains.
  4. My ideal day would be spent…Inline skating with my family through the streets of a big exciting city.
  5. My personal motto is…Keep buggering on!
  6. My guilty pleasure is…Beer, puddings and maybe sometimes nuts although I have them all the time! (in the words of my daughter)
  7. The last film I saw was…Mountain between us.
  8. My favourite book is…Fatty batter.
  9. In five years’ time, I want to...Keep being happy with my family and in good health.
  10. The three things I can’t live without are…Family, coffee, physical movements, walks, skating, skiing swimming......etcetera!

To enquire about a fabulous home office pod with Jani Lemut founder of In-Build, click here!

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