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10 Mins With: Emma Jane Palin

10 Mins With: Emma Jane Palin

10 Mins With Emma Jane Palin

Lover of interiors, retro design, fashion and music, we chat to the fabulous Emma Jane Palin about finding your personal style...

Image of Emma Jane Palin

10 Mins With Emma Jane Palin | Image credit: Joanna Bongard

In this 10 Mins With Interview, we are thrilled to talk to the talented Emma Jane Palin about all things interiors. From how to curate your own gallery wall to collecting unique finds, there's no doubt that Emma is a major inspiration when it comes to design. Whatsmore, we take a look at the ravishing retro meets marvellously modern corners of Emma's home and find out how she achieved this one of a kind look in a new build. So, if you want to discover your new home crush and the amazing woman behind the design, then you'll love this blog. See below to read more!

1. Let’s start at the very beginning, tell us about yourself and where your love for interior design started?

Image of Emma Jane Palin adjusting a cushion in the bedroom

10 Mins With Emma Jane Palin | Image credit: Joanna Bongard

I’m an interior stylist, blogger and writer working across a number of different things at any one time. I describe myself as an interior multi-hyphenate as I just like to do lots of different things within the field. I’ve been working in the industry for about 8 years now and I’ve moved my way up from PR intern to having my own business. I studied graphic design at university so have always had a very visual mind and when I look back, I was always styling up my room with trinkets, using fashion as decor etc. I think interior design has always just come naturally to me.

2. You have created so many spectacular spaces in your home, how do you go about planning the design for each room?

10 Mins With Emma Jane Palin | Image credit: Joanna Bongard

Thank you! I’m not someone that can come up with a scheme in days, I really have to sit down and consider what I want a space to feel like, how I want it to function and if that’s long lasting. I don’t like the idea of redecorating every few months and I think interior design is a process. Of course I look for inspiration and things I like in books, magazines and on Pinterest first, before ordering samples, testing our paint colours and bringing together a physical moodboard. I think it’s important to understand that you can change your mind or add to a scheme - I do that all the time.

I also work closely with my husband, Josh or JJP as I call him, to make sure he’s completely on board. It’s important to me that he loves our home as much as I do. Thankfully we are very in tune when it comes to style.

Your home is full of colour and all out fabulous corners, what are you drawn to when shopping for a space?

10 Mins With Emma Jane Palin | Image credit: Joanna Bongard

As my style has matured I’ve looked for pieces that are less trend-led and more in line with my core interior style which I’d describe as retro with a modern twist. Experimentation is good and part and parcel of finding your style but I don’t really buy into the things that I’m seeing a lot on Instagram or in magazines unless they’re really going to work in my space for a long time. I love shopping with smaller brands and finding unique independents on Instagram. I’m also a huge advocate for secondhand shopping so I often check out local charity shops, vintage halls and car boot fairs.

I love unusual shapes, lots of texture and sometimes things just speak to you - you have to make them work!

How would you describe your personal style, and do you have any tips for those that want to discover their style for their home interior?

image of Emma Jane Palin's wardrobe

10 Mins With Emma Jane Palin | Image credit: Joanna Bongard

Personality is key to me in interior design. I think your space should express you so our home is definitely a culmination of art, music and fashion. There are elements of mid-century, boho, sculptural pieces; I’m just drawn to the things I like and somehow I’ve made that work in a house as an aesthetic. There’s definitely a retro feel but I always try to make it modern.

I think experimenting with styles will help you to find what you love, but it’s important to do that in a sustainable way. That’s why secondhand shopping is so great. You also know when you absolutely LOVE a piece of decor or furniture and it’s possible to shape your interior style around that. For example, if I found a table that I loved on Rockett St George that was an absolute no-brainer, I would work to create a scheme around it.

As the queen of eclectic gallery walls, what advice would you give to someone wanting to start curating their art in this way?

10 Mins With Emma Jane Palin | Image credit: Joanna Bongard

It’s all about pulling together pieces that you love. The beauty of an eclectic gallery wall is that you can literally put up anything; photos, scarves, framed postcards, exhibition posters, I’ve even used hats and jewellery. It’s important not to overthink it or make it too matchy matchy. I do think that I have an eye for spacing and colour arrangement which does help me out substantially, but if you’re not the same, I would just study how others have done it!

You’ve recently moved into a new home, which room have you most enjoyed decorating so far and why?

images of Emma Jane Palin at home

10 Mins With Emma Jane Palin | Image credit: Joanna Bongard

I think the office / JJP’s music studio has been really fun and has definitely helped me to move beyond decorating a rental. It was my first time wallpapering and I did the entire room myself. I’ve also added in a cork wall, painted the ceiling and even the inside of the wardrobes. The end result is amazing and JJP loves using it which was exactly the intention.

You’re incredibly talented at completely transforming a space into something daring, innovative and delightful! What inspires you to make your design projects totally one of a kind?

10 Mins With Emma Jane Palin | @clubjupiteruk

You’re making me blush! One of the best examples of this is the caravan I worked on with two of my pals last year, Whinnie Williams and Anna Hart. It’s an old WIllerby BK Bluebird that we completely gutted and revamped over a three month period. It’s Americana themed and every room is a completely different experience. We now rent it out to guests and you can find us over at Club Jupiter.

The original intention with this space was to make it something special and completely out of the box for a normal caravan. Yes, we’ve seen boho caravans and travel-inspired campers, but have you ever seen one with sequin walls and a mirrored ceiling? I love how it makes people go WOW when they enter.

Tell us a bit more about your interior design consultancy, what services do you offer?

Image of Emma Jane Palin's bedroom

10 Mins With Emma Jane Palin | Image credit: Joanna Bongard

I’ve been working on a few private and commercial projects in the last 6 months but at the moment I’m on a slight hiatus as things have been so busy with personal projects. As I mentioned, I designed, renovated and launched Club Jupiter last year which really took up a lot of my brain power.

I’m always open to designing, styling and art curating when the right client comes along, they just have to understand that I’m not the person that flips a house in a week; I like to get to know clients and understand how they use a space and what they want to feel from it. That takes time.

Do you have any exciting plans for your interior décor or design this year?

Images of records in Emma Jane Palin's home

10 Mins With Emma Jane Palin | Image credit: Joanna Bongard

As well as entering the second season with Club Jupiter, I’ll be continuing with the house and hopefully the garden. I’d like to get it all into a good place this year. As it’s a new build we don’t have structural work to do which is a dream.

I’m also about to launch a sustainable collection with a small homeware brand, Kalinko, so I’m hoping that’s super successful. It champions Burmese artisans and is keeping those very traditional skills alive so I’m very proud of it. I love designing furniture and homeware and I’d love to do more of that on a larger scale.

Finally, name three new Rockett St George products that you love!

I am absolutely obsessed with the Amber Glass Nest of Coffee Tables - I think they’re so high-end and luxe. The Pink Glass Tabloid Side Table is also a similar vibe at a lower price point. I’ve also just spotted this Yellow Submarine Money Box and as a huge Beatles fan, I’m SO in!

Quick Fire Questions

1. I am happiest when…snuggled up between my husband and George, our pooch!

2. My favourite podcast is…Ctrl Alt Delete by Emma Gannon

3. My dream holiday would be… a road trip around America

4. My ideal day would be spent….at a really great exhibition before dinner and drinks with friends

5. My personal motto is…treat others how you wish to be treated

6. My guilty pleasure is…trash TV

7. The last film I saw was…Liquorice Pizza

8. My favourite book is…Just Kids by Patti Smith

9. In five years’ time, I want to be…happy, but also designing collections!

10. The three things I can’t live without are…George, JJP and my bed!

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