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10 Desk Ideas For Home Offices

10 Desk Ideas For Home Offices

With more people working from home than ever, a beautiful desk space is incredibly important. We understand that it can be tricky to create separation between professional and home life when working from home. However, a fabulous desk can be fashioned into a creative and calm home office just about anywhere. So, choose a desk you love and spend time styling your surroundings to create a truly inspirational place to work. Above all, your desk space should work for you and blend in beautifully with the rest of your interior. Therefore, stay true to your individual style identity and introduce as much of your personality as possible. To help create your dream work space, here’s our edit of the 10 best home office desk ideas for your home…


Mid-Century Desk Designs

Left Image: Heidi's Bridge via My Domaine. Centre Image: Livingetc. Right Image: Rockett St George Classic Gold Trimmed Desk: £395.00.


Mid-century desks ensure a classic design feature that will stand the test of time. Firstly, mid-century styles have been popular since the 1940s, so longevity is guaranteed. Furthermore, many designs use warm wood colours to introduce beautiful texture and character to your home. Perfect for pairing with any style imaginable, retro mid-century desks promise a chic style statement when designing your dream office space. Vintage designs can be a great way to achieve the effortless elegance of the mid-century look. However, many modern desks combine the iconic features of mid-century design with contemporary accents for fabulous style update. For example, our Classic Gold Trimmed Desk pairs rich mango wood with antique gold edging and matching gold handles. As a result, the desk adds instant glamour to your home office and can be styled with both modern and vintage accessories!


Hidden Home Office Desk Ideas

lifestyle collage of hidden desks
Left Image: 2LG Studio. Right Image: Alexander James via Elle Decoration.

A great option for creating balance between your work and home life, hidden home offices offer the best of both worlds! In short, the only thing you need for a hidden office is a beautiful built-in cupboard with doors. We love the supreme storage possibilities of a home office tucked away in fabulous floor-to-ceiling cupboards. However, you don’t need a huge space or budget to create your own hidden home office...

Most importantly of all, this creative desk option enables you to physically shut away your desk at the end of the day. Subsequently, your workspace is kept separate and this clever design trick allows your home to return to normal in an instant! This idea first came to our attention as a result of the brilliant design duo 2LG Studio. Their built-in home office in the kitchen provides a space-saving storage solution with fabulous flair. Painted in vivid blue, their home office celebrates creativity and colour confidence to push the boundaries of modern office design. So, whether you opt for bold or neutral palettes, hidden home offices are a wonderful way to work from home!


His & Hers

lifestyle image of home office double desk ideas
Image credit: Coco Lapine


When working with a partner or loved one, individual desk space is essential! Firstly, this allows each of you space to be productive and focus on your individual tasks at hand. Also, separate desks help keep normality to your routine and create a professional working environment in the comfort of home. So, if you have the space, we fully recommend double desks! In short, this solution allows you the perfect balance of both company and space from your new co-worker. Add in some essential storage, artwork and a few personal touches and enjoy a fabulous home office for two!


Industrial Desk Ideas

Left Image: Bobbi Brown's New York Office via Livingetc. Centre Image: Rockett St George Industrial-Style Black Metal Sideboard: £360.00. Right Image: Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, Published by Ryland, Peters & Small, Photography by Debi Treloar


Industrial design is one of our favourite trends at Rockett St George. Perfect for adding an urban edge to your interior, industrial home office desk ideas are always a winner! In the same vein as mid-century furniture, industrial office desks are another design classic. Therefore, this timeless desk style will work with a range of interiors, from contemporary schemes to minimal and eclectic office spaces. Moreover, industrial desks often include filing cabinet-inspired storage drawers for optimum organisation at home!

Opt for our Black Metal Sideboard Desk for a modern take on tradition, or embrace a more classic, silver style. For styling inspiration, we love Bobbi Brown’s vision of combining industrial pieces with stand-out artwork to create a beautiful modern office.


Glass Office Desk Ideas

Left Image: Rockett St George Glass Desk: £245.00. Right Image: Homes & Gardens.


The ultimate modern desk, glass has a feel of effortless luxury in the office! Above all, glass is great for creating the illusion of additional space. As a result, it’s the perfect choice for smaller home offices where space is tight. By reflecting light, glass desks don’t provide an object in your eye-line, but instead blend in beautifully amongst your surroundings. Although storage may be a bit more limited, the chic style identity of glass more than makes up for it! When it comes to styling, wood and brass accessories are a great addition to any glass desk. We also love the idea of creating a mini library or storage wall in the background, inspired by Homes & Gardens. Beautiful, chic and unquestionably modern, glass desks are a great addition to your home office!


Spare Bedroom Chic

lifestyle image of spare bedroom office space
Image Credit: Cate St Hill


Often, spare bedrooms become the obvious location for your home office. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be as beautiful and productive as a dedicated office space. If anything, the homely feel (and location away from the kitchen) ensures a great spot for working from home. And although spare bedrooms can be on the small side, there are many great design tricks to add space. For example, in Cate St Hill’s tranquil home office, the soft white colour palette helps to create a spacious feel. Also, compact office desk ideas and multi-functional furniture pieces can do wonders in even the smallest of spaces. So, don’t rule out the spare room when finding the perfect place for your home office!


Dark & Dramatic Desk Designs

Left Image: Rockett St George Industrial-Style Rustic Metal Desk: £350.00. Centre Image: Homes & Gardens. Right Image: The Home of Lucy St George in Extraordinary Interiors In Colour by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, Published By Ryland, Peters & Small, Photography by Catherine Gratwicke.


Dare to be different with a dark and dramatic home office desk! Firstly, everything looks great in black, from your home office to your wardrobe. So, don’t be afraid to decorate on the dark side! Also, dark surfaces are practical and incredibly easy to maintain, and are therefore ideal for a busy home office space. As the centrepiece of your workspace, your desk deserves to make a statement. Take inspiration from our Co-founder Lucy’s office and pair a bold black desk with glamorous hints of gold and greenery. Alternatively, matching your black desk to the walls promises to create a unique office with instant impact…


Space-Saving Home Office Ideas

Left Image: Rockett St George Industrial-Style Desk Unit: £430.00. Right Image: Architectural Digest Clever.


Desks take up a lot of floor-space and can be tricky to fit in around your home. However, there are many home office desk ideas out there that focus on saving space. From wall-hung desks units that fold away, to compact bureau designs and multi-functional pieces with plenty of shelf space!

The importance of the home office means there is a design to suit every space, large or small. One of our favourites in the Rockett St George Collection is the Industrial-Style Desk Unit. Chic and compact, this versatile desk is designed to be attached to the wall and includes built-in shelves for storage. This not only keeps your floor-space clear but also allows the opportunity to have fun when styling your own inspirational office.


Under The Stairs Desk Space

Image Credit: General Assembly via Elle Decoration


The space underneath your staircase offers the perfect place for a stylish home office. Transforming this area into an office is also a great way to add purpose to an otherwise un-used space. As a result, a beautiful new workspace can be created without impacting any other areas of your home!

Proof that practical solutions can be stunning, this home office by General Assembly creates an instant style statement. With a wraparound desk and storage space both above and below, this home office is a design-lovers dream! Create the look in your own home with a desk that perfectly slots into the space under your own staircase. Then, add rustic natural wood textures, modular shelving and a few individual touches to enjoy a super chic, creative workspace!


Rustic Home Office Desk Ideas

Left & Centre Images: Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, Published by Ryland, Peters & Small, Photography by Debi Treloar. Right Image: Livingetc.


Finally, we couldn’t forget fabulous rustic desks when putting together our shortlist of home office ideas. A great way to add character to your office environment, vintage desks create a well-loved look in your home. Full of history and charm, rustic desks ensure a warm and inviting place to work. Most importantly, rustic and vintage desks also blend seamlessly with the rest of your interior to create a calm and comforting home office.

Whether you’ve inherited an antique writing desk or are considering in an old trestle table, adding personality is key. So, we recommend styling your rustic desk with personal photos, beautiful design books and inspirational postcards on the walls. With this style, the more eclectic and unique your office space, the better!


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