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Wooden Pallet Garden Furniture Ideas

A fantastic DIY project that you can try at home!

Why not turn your hand to our wooden pallet garden furniture ideas for some creative fun. Transform your outside space and put your stamp on your garden furniture with our unique ideas. Keep reading for our top ideas that you can make using old wooden pallets.

Wooden Pallet Garden Furniture Idea 1 - A Compost Bin.

compost bin made out of wooden pallets

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A brilliant way to be more eco-friendly at home, why not make a DIY compost bin? Super easy to do, you'll only need basic skills and equipment to create this piece of garden furniture. Depending on how big you want or need your compost bin to be, there are 2 options. Option 1 is best for larger compost bin spaces. Keep your wooden pallets whole as your sides, lining them with wire mesh. Option 2 would work better for a smaller, more compact compost bin. Break down your wooden pallet into pieces and start from scratch. This can take a lot longer than option 1 but you have more creative freedom!

Wooden Pallet Garden Furniture Idea 2 - Sun Lounger.

garden sun lounger made from wooden pallets

Making a sun lounger out of wooden pallets is probably one of the more tricky DIY ideas. But what a great project to get stuck into. If you're handy with a toolbox (or know someone that is!) then you will love this idea. Sunlounger cushions are usually cheap and easy to get hold of and will provide the perfect finishing touch! Now all that's left to do is lie back and soak up those rays. Cocktails recommended for additional relaxation!

Wooden Pallet Garden Furniture Idea 3 - An Outdoor Bar.

DIY bar made from wooden pallets

Possibly our favourite idea - who wouldn't want an outdoor bar?! This idea goes hand In hand with our sunlounger and seating ideas. Incredibly easy to make, dress your bar in pretty fairy lights to enjoy late nights in Summer. Once you're fully stocked and ready to go, try it out at your next BBQ. A cocktail station is always popular and lots of fun! If a bar is not your thing, try the same method to create a DIY potting area or storage zone for your garden tools.

A Wooden Bench Seat.

wooden pallet garden sofa bench seat on caster wheels

To create some additional seating in your garden you don't need to spend a fortune. Pallets can often be picked up for free from local warehouses or farms. With so many different ideas, this idea does take a bit of planning and additional skill level. But the result will be worth it! Perfect for a courtyard garden or patio, a pallet bench is a great idea for summer seating.

An Outdoor Coffee Table.

low coffee table for the garden made out of wooden pallets

The perfect piece of garden furniture to accompany your wooden pallet bench seat. A recent garden trend that started taking off last year was the outdoor lounge. Complete with sofa, coffee table and fireplace, creating an outdoor lounge area is a great use of outside space. Maximise those lovely Summer evenings by adding a cool wooden pallet coffee table to your garden furniture collection.

A Planted Wall or Plant Boxes.

wooden pallet garden planter and DIY privacy screen

Finally, last but not least, our last idea can be doubled up to offer privacy screening as well as beautiful planting. Great for balconies, courtyards or those with neighbours close by. This is one of the easiest ideas to make and will look super pretty once planted up. Be choosy with your pallets for a more polished look or go all out rustic with a mismatch of shapes and sizes.

So there you have it, our favourite garden furniture ideas to make out of pallets. For tonnes more great ideas, visit our Wooden Pallet Garden Furniture Ideas board on Pinterest. Shop our garden collections in accessories & planters, furniture and lighting to complete your look.


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