Garden Furniture Buying Guide

We are all getting our gardens and outside spaces ready for the Summer, and with the great weather we have recently had, some of us are a bit behind. So, read our buying guide for garden furniture ideas and inspiration to create the perfect outdoor space for you.

1. Garden Chairs


First up in our guide of garden furniture ideas is a great garden chair. A must-have piece for furniture for the garden. Whether that is a lounge, dining, or armchair you will most certainly need somewhere to sit for yourself and your guests. Maybe this is a metal frame dining chair like our Distressed Style Metal Garden Chair or perhaps you fancy something a little more loungy like a rattan armchair. Bring some 1970s style into your outdoor space with our Beautiful Rattan Lounge Chair or similar and pair it with a wicker footstool.

If you are limited for space look at stackable or foldable chairs. Ideal for small gardens or balconies. Even when you have a large space to entertain in you may not need or want full-size chairs out all the time. A stool like our Stackable Bar Stool - Brown With Black Legs is ideal for when you need an extra seat or two for unexpected guests.

Your outdoor space needs to be an inviting and comfortable place to be. Keep it relaxed with touches of your indoor style so it becomes a second living room. We may only get the proper use of our gardens for a few months a year, but let us make it as good as it can be during this time.

2. Garden Table Furniture Ideas


The perfect pairing for your garden chair is, of course, a table. You might like to mix and match different styles for an eclectic look, or alternatively you may prefer a dining set like our Black Metal Garden Table & Chairs Set. A gorgeous compact bistro set, ideal for a small garden or balcony. Other options for a dining table would be something bigger, possibly made from wood or metal. You could even get creative and make yourself something bespoke for you.

The furniture you use in your garden does not necessarily need to be specifically outdoor suitable. If you choose something like a side table which is easily movable then it's a great option to use indoors and out. Our Set Of 2 Gold Geometric Stool / Side Table is a fun choice. The two stools stack inside each other, so you can store them easily.

As we all know tables are very useful in all settings. Whether it's a dining table you need to eat at or smaller side tables, it is good to plan ahead to know what you will need. Sometimes a large coffee table will be perfect for your seating area, alternatively, you may find 2 or 3 smaller side tables work better, freeing up more floor space.

3. Outdoor Rugs


It has only become a thing in recent years, that we would consider putting a rug outside in the UK. In hotter climates, they have been doing it for years. Now we have been introduced to the outdoor rug, an item that can be left outside in the rain and this has changed everything. We can now create an extension of our living room outside and also means you can decorate your outside space more like you would inside.

When choosing a rug for the outside, be sure to take the same steps as you would if it was in a room in the house. The 2 main things to consider are size and colour. It may sound obvious but there is nothing worse than having a rug that doesn't fit. Having an outdoor rug gives the opportunity to go bold with colour and pattern and when the sun is shining you can recreate that Mediterranean feeling.

For a punchy hit of blue in your garden look at our Blue Mosaic Reversible Outdoor Rug or for something monochrome our Round Aztec Design Reversible Outdoor Garden Rug. Opting for a garden rug will help soften the outside space, especially if you are thinking on a patio or concrete area. Layer up your rugs as you might do indoors, and cover with cushions, creating a Moroccan vibe. A great place to catch some rays!


4. Garden Planter Ideas


As with any indoor space, adding accessories will complete the room. Outdoors and gardens are the same, and considering accessories like planters are so important. Not only are they great for housing your favourite plants or flowers, but they now come in so many shapes and sizes, you can get something that is more than just a practical item. Whatever your style there is a planter out there for you. Arrange a handful of different designs together for a curated look. Or have large stand-alone planters like our Large Stone Effect Classical Face Planter in a prominent space on its own.

For something a bit more rustic and industrial how about our Set Of 3 Galvanised Garden Planters. The set is made up of three sizes and look great grouped together. You can also achieve this look with similar-looking planters of different sizes. The great thing about planters is that you can move them when you get bored. This offers flexibility and having a variety of planters in your garden means you can plant with gorgeous flowers each year.

Continue reading for more garden furniture ideas.

5. Outdoor Mirror


As with outdoor rugs, mirrors have slowly become a must-have in any outdoor space. Taking inspiration from other countries like Morocco, France, and Spain, having a mirror outside creates the feeling of space. Place the mirror where you can get the best reflection and also in view of you and your guests. Unlike indoor mirrors, you need to be happy letting them wear in the weather and age over time.

Mirrors are particularly useful for smaller gardens and balconies giving the impression of more space. Mirrors can also be attractive accessories to look at, whether on the ground or upon a wall. Our gorgeous Tall Arched Crittell-Style Mirror Suitable For Outside is a great example of an outdoor mirror that will work with any setting. Crittell style is very popular right now and this large mirror would make a great addition to your outside space.

Gardens can often become quite flat-looking, but as with any space you need to have height and depth. A mirror is the ideal item to use to achieve this. A tall mirror works perfectly covering up an unsightly wall, at the same time reflecting the best parts of the garden. Layer a couple of different size mirrors for impact, and of course additional reflection.


6. Lighting


Although lighting can sometimes be overlooked and left to the end when planning your garden space, we believe it needs to be pushed higher up the list. During the day the lights are not necessary, but after dark, you want to continue enjoying your garden. Picking the right light is so important, whether it is a wall light for an external wall, a table lamp, or festoon lights they all need to be considered.

Our Southbank Outdoor Concrete Wall Light range is a good place to start. These subtle lights will give a lovely directional glow at night and enough to light up the back of your home. For something more decorative you may like the Nautical Inspired Brass Bulkhead Wall Light. This type of light will give more evenly distributed light, something you may prefer.

When looking at other light options we think the Sitting Monkey Table Lamp - Black is a fun addition to any garden. This light is suitable for outdoor, and this is really important when choosing your lighting. We always only recommend using an official outdoor light.


7. Garden Bench Furniture Ideas


If you want to get some additional seating in your garden but don't want a lot of chairs, get yourself a bench or garden sofa. Our Pretty Pink Metal Garden Bench is a show-stopping piece that seats two and you can pair this with other metal chairs. Alternatively, if you prefer a bohemian style and something a bit more subtle how about the Beautiful Black Bamboo Bench Chair. This style is really easy to work with, dress it up with cushions and throws for a really relaxed vibe.

A bench is a lovely alternative to just using chairs and breaks up the space nicely. Mix & match different styles for an eclectic look. Over time you can buy new chairs without worrying about them looking the same as what you have already.

As with any indoor space, there is always room for something quirky in the garden. Why not surprise your guests with an alternative bench like the Cumberland Sausage Dog Bench. Your garden, as with any room inside your home needs to show an expression of your personality.

8. Garden Shelving Ideas


Shelving is not something you might think of straight away in the garden, but it can be both useful and attractive. Like you would indoors shelving can be used to store practical items, such as tools, unused pots, etc. Or you can equally use shelves in a more styled way with plants, lanterns, and ornaments. Recreate the same feeling as you would indoors by bringing colours and texture and create a lovely style spot.

If you need the storage then a larger shelving unit is a good idea. Dress the top few shelves and then use the lower shelves for the less attractive items. You could also have a selection of single shelves, held up with ornate brackets like our Cast Iron Wall Bracket - Deco Fower or one of our Distressed Traditional Iron Shelf Brackets. Use a piece of reused wood and attach it to the brackets for a really simple, but cool shelf.


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