6 Colour Schemes for your Garden Furniture

When it comes to the garden, we believe you should decorate with as much passion as anywhere else in your home! Above all, your garden is an extension of your living space and the perfect place to entertain. From alfresco dinner parties to BBQs and family picnics, the garden helps make the most of long summer evenings. And you don’t necessarily need a grand space to play around with your dream garden decor! For example, courtyards, balconies and rooftop gardens are just as beautiful for enjoying life outside. Therefore, we’ve put together 6 of the best garden furniture colour ideas to help inspire your very own garden decoration journey… 


Natural Garden Furniture Ideas

lifestyle grid image of natural garden colour schemes and products

Image credits: Emma Lee via Homes & Gardens, RSG Garden Takeover with Dee Campling, Andreas Von Einseildel via House & Garden.
Product credits: Rustic Stone Effect Classical Face Planter: £75.00. Small Marble Effect Bread Board: £20.00. Glass Jug With Natural Rattan Weaving: £32.00. Natural Acacia Round Chopping Board: £75.00. Seagrass Black & Natural Placemat: £10.00. Rustic Stone Effect Lion Planter: £75.00.

Super chic and easy to achieve in any setting, natural garden schemes are gorgeous in both the city and the country! Firstly, a neutral colour palette helps keep things simple to celebrate the beauty of nature. Moreover, natural gardens with muted tones have a sumptuous Mediterranean feel and bring real vacation vibes to your corner of the world. So, embraces the elegance of a neutral white palette and add a few rustic finishes for fabulous faded glamour. After that, garden furniture is a breeze, with wood and woven rattan pieces perfect for completing your stylish garden scheme!


Pretty Pink Palettes

lifestyle grid image of pink garden furniture and ideas

Image credits: Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel, Pretty Pink Metal Garden Bench, Margate Location House.
Product credits: Rose Pink Pottery Dinner Plate: £12.00. Empowered Woman Fig Candle: £34.00. Pretty Pink Metal Garden Bench: £180.00. Beautiful Dinner Candle - Hot Pink: £2.95. Set of 2 Rose Pink & Gold Champagne Coupe: £21.95.


Pink is the prettiest palette of all and a great colour choice for a playful outside space with personality! As a warm colour with tones that range from pale pastels to vibrant fuchsia, the possibilities with pink are endless. In addition, the brilliant Instagram account @plantsonpink proves that pink is the perfect choice for any garden with lush greenery!

When it comes to garden furniture colour ideas, pink introduces a pop of bold colour to your outside space. As a result, our Pretty Pink Metal Garden Bench is guaranteed to impress in your garden! Alternatively, take inspiration from Margate Location House and Rosas & Xocolate Hotel with bright pink walls that will whisk you away… We’re sensing Miami, Marrakesh and coastal Italian vibes, all from the comfort of your English garden!


Black Garden Furniture

lifestyle image of black garden ideas

Image credits: Photos by Mikkel Adsbøl & Styling by Katrine Martensen-Larsen via kmldesign, Beautiful Black Bamboo Bench Chair, Garden by Cate St Hill.
Product credits: Black Metal Garden Table & Chairs Set: £189.00. Life Is Beautiful Amber Rocks Candle: £34.00. Dancing Metal Sign Wall Art: £38.00. Girl Gang Metal Sign Wall Art: £38.00. Glamorous Star Beaded Placemat: £25.00. Persian-Style Reversible Outdoor Garden Rug: £38.00.


Bold and beautiful, black is a fabulous colour idea for the furniture in your garden. Most importantly, black offers instant impact and promises to completely transform your space. Therefore, simple updates like painting your walls, fencing or planters black can have incredible impact. In addition, this also offers a super quick and inexpensive solution to turn your garden around in time for summer.

It’s no secret we love black at Rockett St George – it’s classic, versatile and effortlessly chic. Plus, one of the many benefits of black is that it makes colours pop. As a result, black offers the perfect background for celebrating the greenery and beautiful plants in your garden! Take it from us, introducing black tones to your garden might just be your best design decision yet…


Gorgeous Green Gardens

lifestyle grid image of green garden colour schemes

Image credits: The Home of Bridie Hall via House & Garden, Debbie Bragg via Livingetc, Chris Tubbs via House & Garden.
Product credits: Glazed Green Bottleneck Vase: £39.00. Lime Green Tropical Pattern Reversible Outdoor Garden Rug: £60.00. Authentic Tamegroute Salad Bowl: £65.00. Swing With The Plants - Green: £299.00. Shadylace Parasol Green: £285.00. Faux Banana Tree: £95.00.


As the ultimate natural colour, green is essential in any garden scheme. Above all, green evokes images of dense forests, rolling hills and beautiful wild flower meadows. Therefore, there’s no such thing as too much green in the garden! We recommend embracing this natural hue with gorgeous grasses, ferns, flowers and tall leafy trees for a glamorous garden setting. Most importantly, the colour green is renowned for inspiring feelings of tranquillity, and therefore helps create a relaxing oasis in your home.  So, when considering garden furniture colours and ideas, green dining sets and accessories ensure a serene style statement in your home!


Glamorous Grey Colour Ideas

lifestyle and product images of glamorous grey courtyards

Image credits: Set of 3 Galvanised Garden Planters, Parisian Outdoor Metal Dining Set, Adam Robinson Design via Desire to Inspire.
Product credits: Shadylace Parasol Grey: £285.00. Smokey Grey Koi Carp Fish Stacking Glasses: £50.00. Parisian Outdoor Metal Dining Set: £189.00. Two-Tone Scallop Pattern Outdoor Garden Rug: £38.00. Distressed Style Metal Garden Chair: £95.00.


From soft stone colours to dark graphite tones, grey is an amazing choice for any garden, large or small!  In the same vein as black, grey provides a neutral background to elevate your plants and make the colours pop. However, grey is a much more subtle choice than black and as such is incredibly easy to style. For example, grey walls in your courtyard, balcony or garden allow you to have fun with playful furniture and accessories.  So, opt for a chic tonal scheme or go wild with citrus colours and bold patterns. Also, you can’t beat the beautiful style statement of a concrete or galvanised planter to tie everything together!


Bright Blue Garden Furniture Ideas

lifestyle image of beautiful blue outside space ideas

Image credits: Jardin Majorelle, Adrian Briscoe via Homes & Gardens, Casa de Valentina Blog.
Product credits: Set of 4 Pretty Indigo Blue & White Teacups: £30.00. Azul Blue Deep In Thought Face Vase: £40.00. Blue Mosaic Outdoor Garden Rug: £42.00. Blue & White Ceramic Peacock Vase: £28.00. Maison De Jeu by Christian Lacroix Playing Cards: £32.00.


One for the fearless, bright blue garden furniture ideas provide the ultimate expression in colour confidence! Certainly, it may feel like an unusual and bold choice for your garden or patio. However, blue and green are seen together throughout nature and arguably sky-blue tones provide the perfect partner to your planting plan. In short, for inspiration on the beauty of blue in the garden, look no further than the iconic Jardin Majorelle!

Combining influences of the earth and the sky, this majestic garden creates a fabulously fresh design with welcome drama. As a result, the natural tones ensure a space that is both showstopping and incredibly relaxing. But you don’t necessarily need to go all-out to achieve your own Marrakesh-inspired oasis… A single painted wall or blue bistro table setting helps create the magic of Majorelle in your own back garden!



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