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What Is The Best Way To Decorate A Christmas Tree?

As we start counting down the days till Christmas, the evermore exciting Christmas preparations are fast approaching, so where better place to start than with the Christmas tree?!

After all, one of our most favoured tasks is decorating a Christmas tree. If you're stuck on how to begin tackling the focal point of Christmas festivities have no fear, our amazing founders Jane and Lucy have collated their top tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree. Keep reading to find out their fabulous styling tips and tricks...

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Whether you're a fan of extravagant Xmas decors or prefer a classic look, the best way to create the most dazzling Christmas tree is to work in stages, as each element helps create an extraordinary display. So put your favourite festive tunes and dive into the magic of Christmas tree decorating!

1. Choose your tree...

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There are so many different types of trees you can choose for your Christmas decor. If you like a traditional look then real Christmas trees are the way to go. Not only do they look magnificent, but they also smell utterly heavenly! Think about where you want to display it and then pick the right size tree for your space. Some other things to keep in mind are the number of branches and a full-bodied shape.

Lucy says:

"You should have a connection with your Christmas tree, make sure you see them when they are unwrapped and go for the tallest you can afford or the room can take. Make sure to measure up before you go, I have made this mistake before but if you do manage to get the wrong size, start chopping from the bottom and try and cut as evenly as possible as this might disrupt the shape and levelling of the tree."

Jane says:

"Ensure you place your Christmas tree in a cool part of the room definitely away from radiators and fireplaces. If you have a planted tree or a tree in a stand - give it water! It is not used to being inside and will dry out fast. Additionally, spray your tree with hairspray to prevent needles dropping."

To display the tree in all its glory, elevate it on a stand and ideally leave it for a few hours or overnight for the branches to settle and go back to their natural shape.
If you want to stray away from traditional decors and prefer a unique quirky look, there are plenty of Christmas tree alternatives that you can dress up to create a show-stopping display. Why not embellish a statement lamp with pretty decorations and garlands like our fabulous Gold Palm Tree Floor Lamp. Or if you prefer to not spend the extra cash on a tree, decorate an existing faux plant in your home. Whatever alternative you choose, it's the way you decorate it that really matters!

2. The Theme...

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Once you've found the ideal Christmas tree for your home, we move on to the real fun of deciding the theme of your tree. There are so many options for this step, you can practically go with any style you please. One thing we'd suggest is once you've chosen a theme, stick to that colour palette throughout your decorating to create a seamless put-together look.

Jane says:

"Colour is always a good choice of theme. Last year I did white and silver decor which was magical, but this year I am planning to try something new. I love the brightly coloured Rockett St George wreaths so I might go for a colour-popping Christmas with some quirky decorations thrown in. Or I might go for a mega gold extravaganza, I love the thought of a tree draped in gold garlands, stars and leopard print decorations with twinkling lights. As you can see I haven't made my mind up yet."

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Lucy says: "Design around a theme, this may be by colour or style. My go-to theme is black and gold, icons or rock and roll, so I'll definitely be picking one of those fabulous themes this Christmas!"

3. The Lighting...

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Lighting is what makes a Christmas tree dazzle with the most enchanting glow. Luckily there are so many variations of pretty lighting garlands that each offer a slightly different look, so there is really something for everyone and every themed Christmas tree.

Lucy says:

"When decorating a Christmas tree, always start with the lights. It much harder to do once the baubles are in place. Wrap the lights evenly around the tree, working from the bottom up from the centre of the tree to the top. Wrap them evenly around the branches near the trunk and towards the middle of the tree branch."

Jane says:

"I'm a fan of old school warm-toned lights that don't flicker as I think that they're pretty. Also, opt for lighting with a green flex as it blends into the tree and completes the look."

Once you've finished hanging your fairy lights around your tree, step back and flick the switch to observe the light show in all its glory! This will be the best way to check if all your lighting has been displayed evenly around the tree - they should be dazzling from all angles!

Check out our wonderful selection of Christmas light decorations for indoors below...

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4. Decorations...

Lifestyle image of Rockett St George Christmas Baubles.

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And for the final step, which we bet is everyone's favourite part - decorating! The idea here is that you want a good mix of statement pieces and colour-themed baubles. A guideline for a maximalist effect is approximately 10 baubles minimum per foot of tree. So for a 6 ft tree, you'll need 60 baubles.

Lucy says:

"The aim is to create a balanced tree (not only for visual pleasure) but also so it doesn't topple over. I recommend using your base baubles, these can be cheap and plainer in design they are just to give your tree a colour theme. Then use your statement larger baubles closer to the centre of the tree to give it more depth, and use small ones towards the end of the branches. For your statement and favourite decorations add these to the top of the tree to prevent any breakages, and add special ones last to ensure they are in a perfect position."

See below for some of Lucy's favourite rock 'n' roll-themed decorations...

Lucy's Favourite Rock 'n' Roll Themed Decs:

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Jane says:

"Always add old decorations. Christmas is about family and traditions, so if you have a Christmas decoration from your childhood or special ones that you have collected over the years then make sure these are on the tree to add that lovely nostalgia feeling. We have a Santa decoration which only has one leg and my children (who are now teenagers or in their 20s) insist that it is on the tree every year."
See below for some of Jane's favourite colourful themed decorations...

Jane's Favourite Colourful Themed Decs:

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Now it's time to add your tinsel, chain garlands and bauble garlands. These should be added evenly so they create a loop effect around the tree. Don't forget the back you will need to decorate this so your tree is not front-heavy and will stop it from falling forward.
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We hope you liked this What Is The Best Way To Decorate A Christmas Tree blog and it gives you some inspiration on your chosen tree theme this year.

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