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Wallpaper Ideas For A Feature Wall

Wallpaper Ideas For A Feature Wall

Create a wow wall for your guests to envy with our wallpaper guide!

When looking for wallpaper ideas for a feature wall, why not break it down to help decide what it is you really want. Remember, unlike paint once the paper is up its much harder and costly to go back.

At Rockett St George we love a wallpapered feature wall, in fact, we would probably go and wallpaper the whole room.

Which wall?

You have the urge to wallpaper a wall in your living room, you may have even found your dream wallpaper, but you get stuck as to where to hang it.

Tip - Go with a wall which you and your guests are going to see the most. Don’t hide it on the wall behind the sofa which you always sit on. Have it on an adjacent or opposing wall to this if you can.

For those that fancy throwing out the rule book, there is always the ceiling!

 Image of a colourful living room with floral bloom feature wall wallpaper and lots of art prints, including art of frida kahlo

Giving the wow factor with this wallpapered wall - Image credit: The home of Wendy Morrison as featured in Extraordinary Interiors In Colour by Jane Rockett and Lucy St George. Publishers: Ryland Peters & Small. Photographer: Catherine Gratwicke.



Look at the rest of room, what colours are the walls, do you want the wallpaper to pick out this colour, or do you want to go bold and have the prominent colour of the feature wall in a different shade to the rest.

Tip – if you are unsure on the wallpaper colour but you have found a pattern you love, try and pick a colour option that will blend with the rest of the room. If you are up for painting the room as well as wallpapering a feature wall, then try and colour match your favourite shade from the chosen wallpaper.



Do you have a preference to what pattern you are looking for? Maybe you have a favourite style or time period you want to reference. Art Deco, Floral, Jungle, Geometric, Stripes or mid-century.

Some people like to choose a wallpaper that is in keeping with the period of their home. Whether its Victorian, Edwardian, arts and crafts or super modern there is a wallpaper for you.

Floral prints are always a winner if you want to create impact. Small delicate flowers or big bold stems, it doesn’t matter. We think using wallpaper means you have the perfect excuse to bring vibrant colours into your home, and why not?!

For a more structured look, you may want to consider a geometric design, with an obvious repeat pattern. One or to colours perhaps, but with a bold design. Get a glamorous vibe with an art deco 1920s style wallpaper, think scallops and fans. You will also find going with this style you can bring in metallics like gold and copper.

Arts and crafts have given us some truly magical prints which we can get updated versions of, as well as original designs.

Tip: always, always get a sample of the chosen wallpaper before committing to a whole roll. Put the sample piece up and live with it for a few days to see how you feel.

At Rockett St George we have a gorgeous selection of wallpapers to help you get inspired.



There are few options when it comes to choosing the type of wallpaper and how you put it up. Most commonly there is paste on paper or paste on wall options. Pasting the wall can often be the preferred method and less fussy, but always check first what the recommendation is for your chosen paper.

If you are looking to wallpaper a kitchen or bathroom, look into vinyl papers. These are a lot more durable and water-resistant. And for a room with less traffic and wear like a bedroom or guest room you could indulge in some flock wallpaper. Sometimes seen as an outdated finish, we disagree and believe there is always room for a textured wall.

We hope this has given you plenty of wallpaper ideas for a feature wall!


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