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Image of the palm springs shelving unit styled with rust accessories, such as vases, cushions and candles

Top Interior Design Trends For 2022

This year, the importance of our homes is celebrated like never before. For this reason, our edit of influential interior trends for 2022 focuses on creating a place to escape, restore and express your individuality...

As Rockett St George enters its 15th year, the founding aim to revitalise the interiors market with unique treasures and curiosities remains as important as ever. As such, this year we're embracing a mix of styles and eras to bring joy to our homes. On top of this, our rule has always been if you love it then it deserves pride of place in your home. Therefore, each trend is carefully considered to weave beautifully with existing treasures collected over the years.

Introducing Our Trends For 2022

From chatting over food and wine at the dinner table to disappearing into the sofa at the end of the day, home is a sanctuary that tells the story of you. As such, we're excited to embrace trends that generate ideas and help create an extraordinary space. So this year, we hope to provide interior trends for 2022 that help you feel grounded, energised and inspired.

Taking inspiration from everything from earth tones to iconic eras of design, our Co-Founders Jane Rockett & Lucy St George have put together a fabulous edit of influential trends for 2022. Moreover, these glorious trends can be embraced on both a small and large scale in your homes this year. As such, expect to see more curved lines and soft silhouettes, the introduction of jewel tones, natural calming colour palettes and a healthy dose of 70s-inspired glamour.

1. New Jewelled Glamour

colourful glassware collection

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The jewel trend for 2022 embraces all-out glamour, taking inspiration from the 70s through to 80s with colourful and creative touches. Featuring treasures of the earth which provides the perfect palette for this trend, think bright gold is paired with emerald, amber, turquoise, topaz and rich rose. Whatsmore, the sultry gold and jewel colour story sets the tone for bolder, plush interior design. On top of this, we take inspiration from beautiful hotels and restaurants which bring an elevated luxury to this trend. As such, in this glamourous theme, velvet continues its reign and the trend for colourful glassware is set to take 2022 by storm. For this reason, we’re embracing creativity, colour and glamour when styling every table, mantel, shelf and sideboard in our homes this year. We love the promise of new beginnings that this jewel-toned trend provides!

Interior Inspiration

Hero Pieces For 2022 | New Jewelled Glamour

Products Featured: 1. Bronze Mirrored Side Table | 2. 70's Style Shaped Smoked Glass Vase In Pink & Grey | 3. Denim & Bone Midnight Blue Loved Woven Cotton Throw | 4. Stunning Sustainable Armchair In Mustard Eco Boucle Fabric (coming very soon) | 5. Handmade Smokey Amber Glass Vase | 6. Living The Dream Typography Mirror | 7. Dare To Be Different Embroidered Brown Cushion | 8. Amber & Grey Crystal Candlestick Holder

“Influences from the 70s and 80s are set to be a big trend in 2022. From disco fever with mirrored surfaces, to glassware inspired by retro cocktails. The shades of the 70s will also play a big role in the colour trends for next year, with the earthy terracotta colours that have been on trend for the last couple of years complimented by classic 70s palettes including rich brown and caramel colours, as well as bolder jewel tones of pink, teal, green and orange.”

Lucy St George, Co-Founder of Rockett St George

2. Healing Greens

Lifestyle image of a Rockett St George green armchair.

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Our next trend for 2022 and beyond, calls for the power of healing greens. Renowned for its natural connection and ability to create an enduring calm, healing greens have become a staple in many home schemes. Moreover, green is the colour of the great outdoors in many of it’s stunning shades. For this reason, we love how green evokes memories of deep forests, moss-covered trees and new leaves. As such, when introduced to the home, green reveals a feeling of energy, new life and opportunity. As one of the most versatile colours to decorate with and weave throughout your interior, our love affair with green continues to grow. This year, we look for new and exciting ways to bring nature indoors. From sumptuous sofas to glassware, ceramics and cosy accessories, green is fast becoming the new black.

Interior Inspiration

Hero Pieces For 2022 | Healing Greens

Products Featured: 1. Beautiful 2-Seater Sofa In Hunter Green Velvet | 2. Green Parrot Floor Lamp With Lamp Shade | 3. Green Glass Apothecary Bottle |4. Sumptuous Double Bed In Moss Green Velvet |5. Olive Green & Pink Floral Block Printed Cushion, Green Clover Block Printed Cushion & Moss Green Floral Block Printed Cushion With Tassels | 6. Perfect Armchair In Moss Green Velvet | 7. Set Of 6 Twisted Moss Green Candles | 8. Moss Green Small Metal Side Table

“Such is the power of green that we couldn’t just settle on one take on this trend but instead have created two colour stories to embrace the beauty of this hue in the home. The first celebrates the lighter spectrum of green with avocado, mint and moss shades complemented by pale pink and peach accessories. Fresh and pretty, this combination proves why pink and green are the perfect match. For those that prefer an edgier interior style, the clever pairing of black and green feels both timeless and contemporary, with bolder emerald greens taking centre stage. By adding in darker black accessories and focus points, the vibrancy of the green pieces in your home are highlighted for a chic and energised aesthetic.”

Jane Rockett, Co-founder of Rockett St George

3. Rust Rules, Monochrome & Pretty Glamour

the rust rules trend interiors

Click To Shop The Rust Rules, Monochrome & Pretty Glamour Trend | Rockett St George

The demand for muted earthy colours and tonal shades of terracotta has been building in our homes for some time. However, 2022 is the year where this warm and welcoming colour will truly step into the spotlight. Orange is a colour that is often overlooked as a colour choice for the home. But, this gorgeous trend proves that this colour provides incredible warmth that encourages joy, well-being and creativity. As such, there are many ways to celebrate the glamour of this hot hue in our homes. So, this year we are aiming to change any preconceptions of outstanding orange tones. In this trend, you can erase the thoughts of bright colour pops of orange from your mind. Instead, embrace an autumnal palette with irresistible umber rust, terracotta and burnt orange tones.

These softer tonal variations not only introduce warmth and ambience to interiors but also provide a beautiful base for bringing a colour palette together. Whether going bold with an earthy 70s aesthetic or heating up minimalist monochromes, this trend is sure to stand out this year. Finally, for an amazing twist, you can pair this palette with gorgeous pretty pink pieces. By introducing vintage design with hints of pink, will result in a striking yet elegant scheme to adore!

Interior Inspiration

A grid of eight product images in beautiful earthy tones.

Hero Pieces For 2022 | Rust Rules, Monochrome & Pretty Glamour

Products Featured: 1. Palazzo Table Lamp With Lamp Shade | 2. Beautiful Large 3-Seater Sofa In Umber Rust Velvet | 3. Pink Glass Art Deco Decanter | 4. Recycled Tokyo Floral Printed Cushion | 5. Set Of 2 Handmade Amber Ribbed Glass Bowls | 6. Sunrise Art Print | 7. Rust Cotton Circular Ceiling Light | 8. Blossom Pink Metal Stool

“Rich rust tones are another trend we are excited to explore in 2022, with everything from amber to burnt orange celebrated in our collection. Rather than seeing this colour in isolation, for the rust rules trend we’ve been inspired by how these warmer hues transform monochrome interiors filled with soft off-whites and contrasts of black. Simple, sexy and most importantly, mood-boosting; black, warm white and terracotta is the perfect trio to experiment within the home this year. To complement this palette, we have chosen curved silhouettes, amber-tinted glass, monochrome stripes and quirky home accessories that celebrate the female form to create a more glamorous take on the trend.”

Lucy St George, Co-founder of Rockett St George

4. Earth, Soil & Clay

Palm Springs Natural Oak Tall Shelving Unit

Palm Springs Natural Oak Tall Shelving Unit | Click To Shop

Celebrating peace and love at home, our 70s Earth Lover trend brings influences from the era into the modern home with earth soil and clay. Defined by connection to the natural world, this trend embraces a natural earthy colour palette, yet also goes beyond this with a focus on recycled and reformed materials. As such, inspired by the warm natural wood materials, presence of houseplants, this trend is calming yet invigorating. On top of this, with a use of rust, ochre and green, these colours of nature are unapologetically stylish. Whatsmore, using organic materials and earthy colour choices, we see the addition of neutral tones, curved lines and natural textures in 2022. Finally, look out for the arrival of mushroom shapes too. These subtle curved forms are set to be a huge inspiration in our interiors throughout the earth, soil and clay trend.

Interior Inspiration

trend products

Hero Pieces For 2022 | 70s Inspired Earth Soil & Clay

Products Featured: 1. Raw Ceramic Clay Best Bottom Vase | 2. Handmade Quirky Green Drip Decorative Jug | 3. Pale Olive Earthenware Side Table | 4. Ceramic Holding Nature Plant Pot | 5. Terracotta Stoneware Rings Side Table | 6. Sunburst Sustainable Wood Sideboard Cupboard | 7. Speckled Sand Ceramic Narrow Neck Vase | 8. Set Of 4 70s Ceramic Americano Mugs

“Unlike the 70s influences that create a tone of decadence and glamour in our New Jewelled trend, the 70s Earth Lover offers a more subtle approach through its focus on nature. Created with mood and wellness in mind, each piece is introduced to evoke joy, either through the natural influences in design, vintage 70s aesthetic or the product’s sustainable credentials. Characterised by classic colours of the era (from avocado and moss green to burnt orange and chocolate), warm mood lighting, sustainable wood furniture and retro ceramics, this trend helps revitalise your interior and bring your happy place home.”

Jane Rockett, Co-founder of Rockett St George

5. Curve Appeal

curve king size headboard

Art Deco Super King Headboard | Click To Shop

The last trend we're lusting over in our trends for 2022 is curve appeal! With our homes becoming an important source of comfort in the past couple of years, it’s no surprise the captivating trend for curves has continued to rise. Creating a cosy feel by replacing sharp angular shapes with soft lines, the demand for curves shows no sign of slowing. Whatsmore, whilst the initial focus embraced the beauty of a curved silhouette in the hero pieces of furniture in our homes, soft curves are now an important focal point in accessories too. Taking inspiration from the natural world, organic shapes are taking over, with everything from scalloped edges and crescent furniture designs to curved accessories that draw influence from shells, abstract art and the female body.

Interior Inspiration

curve appeal products

Hero Pieces For 2022 | Curve Appeal

Products Featured: 1- Matt Olive Twisted Tube Vase | 2- Curved Back Velvet Dining Chair In Moss Green | 3- Brown Bottom Candlestick Holder | 4- Art Deco Super King Headboard | 5- Blossom Pink Metal Stool | 6- White Ceramic Female Torso Vase | 7- White Teddy Armchair With Gold Legs | 8- Matte Black Pear Shaped Vase

“There is something irresistible about the introduction of curved lines to the home and throughout the next year, the approach to curves is set to be more creative than ever, with structural spheres paired with imperfect shapes, lots of asymmetry, wobbly lines and dramatic arches. Embracing a vintage feel with a nod to deco design classics and plenty of unique pieces that prioritise personality, the trend for curved lines is entering a new era of luxury.”

Lucy St George, Co-founder of Rockett St George


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