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A photograph showing lots of festival essentials, including an umbrella, a fan, a glitterball and a throw

The RSG Guide To Everything You Need For Festival Season

It's that time of year - festival frolics await!

Love a festival but less keen on hot, sweaty tents, sitting on parched ground and portaloos sans toilet roll? Well, pack your worries away with your wet wipes. We’ve got just what you need to make a summer of festival fun all the more delightful!

1. Fuck Off Wooden Fan

Here at RSG, we do love a product that multitasks. This gorgeously robust fan, made from wood and fabric, looks like a beautifully innocent way to keep your cool on the festival fields – until you unfurl it, that is. In ‘full fan’, there’s a very clear message going on here – which may come in handy should you need to fend off unwanted advances from fellow festival goers.

When not being used to tell people to Fuck Off, however, this is a super-effective way to keep the heat of the day at bay. Portable enough to tuck into your mini rucksack or bumbag, it can be deployed at a moment’s notice (for either duty), unlike a battery-operated equivalent. Sold!  

2. Kiss My Ass Toilet Paper

It’s fair to say that the toilets are probably the downside of any festival experience, but at least if you’re armed with a roll of our trusty loo paper, you don’t have to suffer the indignity of having to beg someone three portaloos down to share their scant supplies. And this is as pretty as it is useful – all hot pink lips and kisses – so at least you know you’re wiping your bottom in style. Super-absorbent and biodegradable, too. Need we say more? 

3. Recycled Plastic Garden Rug In Green

There are no half measures when it comes to festival weather in the UK – we’re either trying to reach higher ground in a waterlogged field or baked to a crisp under unforgiving skies. Either way, you’ll be glad you packed our Recycled Plastic Garden Rug In Green. It makes a useful extra waterproof layer under your sleeping bag in soggy conditions, or adds an extra element of comfort under a blanket or throw on top of sunbaked earth when you’re trying to find a comfy spot for your picnic. It rolls up, too, for extra portability. Genius! 

4. Demin & Bone Throw

To our point above, these gorgeous throws mean you can not only park your (wiped) bot in style, but in comfort, too. Layer over the plastic garden rug to protect them from the elements, and you’ll find these sturdy woven cotton throws are the perfect festival lounging accessory. At a pinch, you could probably sleep under – or on – it, too. Adorned with a magnificent Milagro heart, (which means miracle in Spanish – how lovely is that?!), they also sport butterflies, swifts and stars. Truly magical. 

5. Fucking Rain Umbrella

Whether rain is forecast or not, an umbrella is a very useful piece of kit to have with you at a festival (although obviously, this depends on the type of festival – use your judgement wisely!) Use your brolly to help create a shady spot by opening it up on your picnic rug to create a pool of cool, or fix it to the top of your tent so that you can identify your abode for from miles away. And if it does actually rain, you’re sorted. 

6. Red Heart Sequin Nipple Tassels

Feeling overdressed? Solve your festival sartorial woes with this cheeky pair. We’re feeling all the love for these heart-shaped sequin treasures, which will help you channel your inner Dita Von Teese for a show-stopping act of your own. Our one word of caution - follow the instructions as to how to ‘wear’ before you get stuck into the fizz – after all, you’d hate to lose one of these little beauties.  

7. Disco Ball Fairy Lights

Anyone who’s ever tried to find their tent in the pitch black after one shandy too many will appreciate the value of decorating your canvas with pretty things that make it instantly recognisable. These fairy lights do the job beautifully, and shed a little light on proceedings, too. They're battery-operated (no plugs!) so as long as you turn them on as the sun’s going down, you should be good for the evening. There’s 20 pretty lights per string, and then come in gold, silver and pink, allowing you to mix and match to your heart’s content. The glittery mirrorball effect adds an undeniable disco vibe that will make your tent party central – you have been warned! 

And there you have it - your guide to fun in a field. Stay safe - and enjoy!

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