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Simple Creative Ideas For Home Decor

Simple Creative Ideas For Home Decor

Simple Creative Ideas For Home Decor


Join us as we share our simple creative ideas for home decor. Read our tips and guide on how to make simple changes that will create a big impact on your home decor.



image of the lacroix playing cards displayed in a picture frame

Art created by Jane Rockett using Maison De Jeu by Christian Lacroix Playing Cards


Creating your own homemade art is as much enjoyable as it is satisfying for your delightful home decor. This could be as simple as cutting a piece of your favourite wallpaper and framing it, to getting the glue out and making a collage. We love the idea of making our own art, and a favourite is the one inspired by our co-founder Jane, using some Christian Lacroix Playing Cards.

Choose the cards you like the most, then lay them out in the formation you desire. Once you are happy with all the measurements and spacings, start sticking them down to your backing. When the glue has dried you are ready to frame it!

Top tip: always have your frame measurements at hand. You don't want to make your art the wrong size.

You could use any playing cards, perhaps you have some really well-used ones that will give a retro feel. Or if your vibe is more minimal, try it with our Black & Gold Playing Cards. Learn how to create your own Lacroix Playing Card Picture Frame Art in our easy to follow guide.


Simple creative ideas for home decor


Paint is a great way to update a room, some furniture or even bathroom tiles. A splash of colour will transform a room immediately. Take painting a room a bit further and look at creative ways to bring interest and drama to your home decor. One option is to go for a paint effect, rest assured not like those from the early 2000s! Keep it modern with metallic effects like rust & copper and even concrete.

Using a base colour and then putting a solution over the top creates stunning effects. You have control of how much you apply and where.


Another way of using paint in a creative way is to try the big trend right now of colour blocking. This is where a wall is split into sections and painted different colours. This could be a simple horizontal line around the whole room. Alternatively, you may want to use this technique to define a space within a room. Use a painted shape to frame a piece of wall art, maybe it's a desk area in a spare room, or even around a bed. This is a simple yet effective way to instantly uplift the look of your home decor!

Paint colour blocking office inspiration

Colour blocking ideas - images from Pinterest


Simple creative ideas for home decor

Door Handles

Sometimes to smallest of changes can make the biggest difference to a room. A simple creative idea is to update what you already have. No need to go buying a new cabinet if you still love the one you currently have. What you can do though is give it some new life, with new handles. A small addition, but with big impact. Decorative metal handles like our Brass Parrot Design Door Handle will bring instant glamour. Use them on cupboard doors or your room doors for a showstopping look for your home decor.

Don't forget your drawer handles. Liven up a chest of drawers or bedside table with something classy like our Bone & Brass Drawer Handles.

Simple creative ideas for home decor

Flower display

Being creative within your home decor can involve the most simple things and small additions. A gorgeous display of flowers can transform a room and bring it to life. Choose your favourite vase, or treat yourself to a new one and have some fun creating a floral arrangement for your home. Choose flowers that fit with your style and home decor. Colours, texture and size will all play a part in getting the best arrangement for your space.


Plants are also a great way to bring colour & texture into your home decor. If you are going for real plants, be sure to check the care instructions before you buy. We are more inclined to fake it, or at least the odd one or two. Choosing faux plants means you get the look you want all year round. Move them from room to room as you please, and of course, you never need to worry about watering them.

For more inspiration on simple creative ideas for home decor, head to our Instagram & Pinterest pages.

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