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Rockett St George x Pikes Ibiza Collection

Check into the Pikes Party spirit!

image of a bathtub cocktail sharer

Image Pikes At Rockett St George Sunny's G&T Cocktail Sharer | Click the image to shop!

Known for its party-all-night spirit, the Iconic Pikes Hotel has quite the rock'n'roll history with famous visitors including the likes of Freddie Mercury, Grace Jones, Kate Moss and Jon Bon Jovi to name but a few. For this years RSG x Pikes Ibiza collection inspired by the history, culture and party spirit of Pikes Hotel, we are all about the cocktails! Featuring quirky cocktail vessels, a luxury bar trunk and more, this fabulous collection is perfect for lovers of a divine mixed drink. See below to discover why we have created this ravishing range.

The Rockett St George Room In Pikes Hotel Ibiza | By Rockett St George | Click Image To Book Pikes Ibiza!

About The New Rockett St George x Pikes Ibiza Collection

An iconic hotspot for partying in the Ibizan hills, Pikes Hotel was first set up in 1970 by Tony Pike. Hosting an unforgettable atmosphere for returning guests a long list of famous faces, Pikes Hotel has always been loved for its authentic Balearic spirit. Now owned by Dawn Hindle and Andy Mckay, this one of a kind hotel still celebrates a totally unique and carefree vibe. Pikes is simply the place to be for partying the night away in style!

In 2017, Rockett St George visited Ibiza to inject some RSG fabulousness into Pikes Hotel. We had the pleasure of revamping room 9 into a glamorous hideaway that oozes a chic afterparty allure. In addition to this, we added some quirky touches to Freddie’s Nightclub, named after Freddie Mercury. We curated a dazzling eclectic collection that radiates the playful party essence that you still find in this eccentric hotel.

Fast forward to today and two glorious Pikes collaborations later, we are back with the show-stopping collection that is all for the love of cocktails! With the launch of the new Pikes Cocktail Book by Dawn Hindle, we thought it was only right to create the most ravishing vessels to pair with the recipes used at Pikes.

For more information about the Pikes Hotel Collaboration in 2017, click here to read the story.

The Pikes Cocktail Book | Available At Rockett St George |

From morning to midnight and poolside to sunset, Pikes have let us into their irresistible cocktail secrets. The Pikes Cocktail Book will show you that there really is a drink for every occasion! On top of this, with such unique cocktails that celebrate the spirit of Pikes, we are so excited to be able to bring these fun accessories to our customers. I mean...who wouldn’t want to add an amazing Ibizan party ambience to their interior?! So without further ado, let us show you the marvellous collection!


The Collection

Encapsulating the history of this one of a kind hotel mixed with a modern edge, we bring you the Rockett St George x Pikes Ibiza Cocktail Collection. This hotel just gets better with time and with that, we are thrilled to reveal some bespoke pieces that are made with partying the night away in mind!

Bringing The Party Home

Left - Stunning Shard Mirrored Bar Table | Middle - Gold 4 Piece Bar Kit & Black Marble Stand | Right - Traditional Faux Leather Bar Trunk On Castors | Rockett St George x Pikes Collection | Click Image To Shop!

Made especially for lovers of a house party, these fabulously unique bar accessories are guaranteed to get the party started. Moreover, these absolutely must-have pieces are just what you need for creating the perfect cocktail all from home.

Pikes At Rockett St George Stunning Shard Mirrored Bar Table

Injecting a dazzling disco allure into any corner, the Stunning Shard Mirrored Bar Table is an undeniably fabulous showpiece. Encapsulating the party feel of Freddie’s Nightclub located in Pikes Hotel, this is the ultimate way to make and serve your drinks in true Ibiza Style! Moreover, this piece will bring an ultra playful feel into your kitchen space or living area. It will become the stunning centrepiece of dinner parties, family feasts and glorious summer gatherings alike. Click to shop.

Pikes At Rockett St George Gold 4 Piece Bar Kit & Black Marble Stand

A dreamy addition to any kitchen or bar area, this Gold 4 Piece Bar Kit is a must-have for a lover of a home cocktail. Featuring a gorgeous black marble stand to hang the gold bar utensils in all their glory, this cocktail kit perfect for making your favourite tipple from the wonderful Pikes Cocktail Book. Bringing the party into your home, this bar kit is exactly what you need for any occasion where cocktails are involved! Ultra-luxurious in style, this bar kit is an ideal addition for curating a cocktail corner in your home. Click To Shop.

Pikes At Rockett St George Traditional Faux Leather Bar Trunk On Castors

Showcasing unforgettable style fused with traditional charm, the Pikes Bar Trunk On Castors is a storage trunk with a twist. This drinks bar cabinet is perfect for keeping your tipple of choice, displaying your favourite glassware and your ornamental treasures. With an undeniably unique character, this drinks storage solution will inject instant personality into your home. Above all, the Pikes Bar Trunk is something you can treasure forever, celebrating the carefree Balearic lifestyle. Who doesn't love an excuse to get the booze out?! Click To Shop.

Glorious Glassware

Top Left - Cosmic Pineapple Cocktail Glass | Top Right - In Love At Last Cocktail Glass | Bottom Left - Leap Of Faith Cocktail Glass | Bottom Right - Champagne Cocktail Glass | Pikes x Rockett St George Collection

When throwing a party or making a marvellous mixed drink, you'll want to sip it in style. These quirky cocktail glasses have been designed for drinks from the incredible Pikes Cocktail Book. As a result, they all showcase a unique flair that you will simply adore in your home. Whether they are on display or the focal feature of your summer gathering, these cocktail glasses will create the instant wow factor.

Pikes At Rockett St George Cosmic Pineapple Cocktail Glass

Bringing tropical vibes into your home, the Pineapple Cocktail Glass is a glorious way to enjoy your tipple of choice. Created for a special cocktail recipe made at Pikes Hotel, the Cosmic Pineapple, this is the perfect summer cocktail glass. This glorious piece celebrates the spirit of summer and can be used as a functional glass all year round. On top of this, you can now enjoy the unique drinks made at the famous party hotel from home, and what better way to do so than in a club tropicana inspired glass! Click To Shop.

Pikes At Rockett St George In Love At Last Cocktail Glass

Exuding fun and fabulousness, the In Love At Last Cocktail Glass showcases a nostalgic vintage design. This eightball cocktail bowl is daring and delightful, setting the mood for any social event in effortless style. An ultra quirky way to serve your drinks, this lovely fishbowl cocktail glass encapsulates the characterful charm of Pikes. Moreover, this piece would be perfect for a dazzling dark or monochrome themed night, spreading the love and spirit of Ibiza in the most marvellous way! Click To Shop.

Pikes At Rockett St George Leap Of Faith Cocktail Glass

Undeniably dazzling, the Leap Of Faith Cocktail Glass is a beautifully crafted showpiece that exudes a one of a kind charm. Revealing the true spirit of Pikes Hotel this ravishing fishbowl cocktail glass was created for a special recipe from Cocktail Book. Without a doubt, the Leap Of Faith Cocktail Glass will become the focal feature of any fabulous party. In addition to this, it makes a delightful adornment for an eclectic display, so what's not to love?! Click To Shop.

Pikes At Rockett St George Champagne Cocktail Glass

Showcasing a sophisticated allure, this divine champagne cocktail glass is ideal for pouring a glass of fizz or serving a delightful cocktail to guests. A must-have for enjoying your favourite drink in the most luxurious way, this glass brings effortless style to any situation. On top of this, the vintage feel and timeless elegance of this coupe glass can be paired with any interior. It is the perfect addition to any drinks display or social evening filled with classy cocktails. Click To Shop.

Sumptuous Sharers


Left - Sunny's G&T Cocktail Sharer | Middle - Black Rum Punch Bottle Cocktail Sharer | Right - G & Tea Teapot | Pikes x Rockett St George Collection | Click Image To Shop!

The life and soul of the party, these drinks sharers are so extraordinary. Perfect for making magnificent drinks and serve your guests, these ravishing vessels are ideal for a themed get-together. On top of this, who doesn't love bringing a hint of Pikes eccentricity into their home? If you love an excuse for a tipple, then this sharer range is definitely for you!

Pikes at Rockett St George Sunny's G&T Cocktail Sharer

A drinks vessel like no other, the Sunny’s G&T Cocktail Sharer is dedicated to Sunny Ramzan from Pikes Ibiza. This quirky sharer was created for Sunny's favourite cocktail and the iconic ‘bathtub karaoke nights’ he held at the hotel! On top of this, this characterful accessory is a great excuse to make a very large G&T, Sunny style. Moreover, this cocktail fishbowl is perfect for any celebration, bringing a dazzling disco essence into your home. In fact, this is a glorious showpiece that you can treasure for years to come. Displayed as a chic ornament or used to serve a statement cocktail, you can't go wrong with this fun accessory! Click To Shop.

Pikes at Rockett St George Black Rum Punch Bottle Cocktail Sharer

A large bottle for a large drink, the Black Rum Punch Bottle is a stylish piece that will bring instant holiday vibes into your home. This quirky Rum Bottle with a cork lid will get the party started, it is simply busting with character. Moreover, this accessory can be used as a decanter, a sharer or a large glass for your favourite tipple. The Pikes Rum Punch bottle is wonderfully unique and just perfect for a monochrome themed dress-up night. With this in mind, we know that this treasure will become the gorgeous centrepiece for a summer gathering or delightful dinner party. Enjoying your a drink in true Ibiza style never looked so cool! Click To Shop.

Pikes At Rockett St George Pikes G & Tea Teapot

A playful way to serve your cocktails, the G & Tea Teapot is an ultra-charming yet traditional accessory. This glass teapot is a brilliant play on the notion of afternoon tea. Moreover, this cocktail jug teapot was created to enjoy an unusual and divine poolside drink at the wonderful Pikes Hotel. This teapot is perfect for pouring your drink of choice when lounging in the living room or garden. Additionally, this would make a show-stopping accessory for a mad hatter themed party with a nod to the Pikes Hotel spirit! Click to shop. Click To Shop.

It's Cocktail O' Clock!

Finally, we are going to share with you a Rockett St George x Pikes Cocktail Recipe from the Pikes Cocktail Book that inspired this collaboration that you will love!

Original Lost Boy

image of the Original lost boy recipe in the pikes cocktail book

The Pikes Cocktail Book | Tap or click to shop.

Ingredients (serves 1)

  • 50ml of Vodka
  • 15ml of Lemon Juice
  • 15ml of Sugar Syrup
  • 20ml of Fig Jam
  • 5 Fresh Raspberries
  • Lemon Bitters
  • Cubed Ice
  • Garnish: Fig Slice and Fresh Raspberries

How to make:

  • Muddle the raspberries in a cocktail shaker
  • Add the rest of the ingredients along with 2 dashes of lemon bitters.
  • Add cubed ice and shake hard.
  • Double strain into a small rocks glass filled with fresh cubed ice.
  • Garnish and serve straightaway.


Club Tropicana Wham Shorts Cocktail Sharer | Rockett St George x Pikes 2017 Collection | Image From Pikes Hotel Ibiza

To view more pikes party style inspiration, visit our RSG x PIKES HOTEL IBIZA Pinterest board.

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