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pearl lowes first own design wallpaper collection 2019

Pearl Lowe's First Own-Design Wallpaper Collection

Eclectic and seriously rock 'n' roll, the singer turned fashion and interior designer, Pearl Lowe, has a home that is every bit as cool as she is.

Pearl Lowe was interview by The Metro last autumn, debuting her 'forever home' with the expected maximalist patterns, prints and plenty of cool boho style that you would expect. A home like no other we were obsessed from the minute we laid our eyes on Pearl Lowe's home.

One such feature that we love about Pearl Lowe's home is her use of amazing patterned wallpapers. The look is so inspired and every room has its own unique personality. So, of course when we first heard that Pearl Lowe has designed her first wallpaper collection we just had to stock it at Rockett St George.

Keep on reading for a sneak peek at Pearl Lowe's incredible home and to see her new wallpaper collection (available to shop at Rockett St George here).


Pearl Lowe's Rock'n'Roll Home



Image Credit: Soho Home

Cloud Velvet Chair - Golden Glow £650.00 / Vintage Style Velvet Rouched Round Cushion - Taupe £49.00 / Set Of 2 Rose Pink & Gold Champagne Coupe £21.95 / Unframed She's Electric Art Print £50.00 / Unframed Ochra Blomst 02 Art Print By Uffe Buchard £85.00 / Set Of 2 Rose Pink & Gold Champagne Coupe £21.95 / Elegant Vintage Style Clear Glass Decanter £45.00 / Antique Style Gold Metal Drinks Trolley £225.00

In Kate Watson-Smyth's popular blog, Mad About The House, Pearl Lowe describes herself as a huge fan of "vintage, romantic and rock and roll". Pearl prefers pieces that have roots firmly in history, be it an authentic vintage piece, one-off original or simply vintage-style homeware that looks like the real deal.

'I love anything that’s old, that has history. I can’t buy modern. I surprised everyone when I bought a modern cabinet, they were like ‘wow, that’s the first time we’ve ever seen you get something new’ and the reason was I needed a larder and I needed it to be functional." - Pearl Lowe, Interview with Soho House.



Image Credit: Mad About The House

Ornate Metal Faux Bull Skull With Horns - White £120.00 / Adjustable Bar Stool With Star Design Canvas Seat - Black £120.00 / Antiqued Leaf & White Lily Chandelier £195.00 / Peony Roses & Moth Velvet Cushion £45.00 / Soho Bar Stool £95.00


From her living rooms to her bathrooms Pearl Lowe stays faithful to this sentiment and her home is filled vintage objects sourced from antique fairs, vintages shops and boot sales.


One thing that we particularly love about Pearl Lowe is that she's not afraid to make mistakes when she updates her interiors. Her recent renovation of her bathroom with an amazing vintage copper bathtub with pink and white bathroom tiles is a testament to this...

"I’m obsessed with zig-zags and I love pink. It’s taken three attempts to get it right but I got there in the end. If I’m not happy with a room, I won’t just make do. I can’t move on to the next job until it’s just how I want it. What can I say? I adore interiors." - Pearl Lowe, Interview with The Metro.



Image Credit: The Metro

Light Gold Almost Square Bathroom Mirror With Shelf £95.00 / Genuine Sheepskin Rug - Curly Ivory £59.00 / Rockett St George Scented Candles - After The Disco £34.00 / Rockett St George Exclusive Paint Collection - Emanuella Sample £2.50 / Leaf Wall Candle Holder £30.00 / Apothecary Style Soap Dish £19.00 / Apothecary Style Soap & Lotion Dispenser £28.00


Pearl Lowe's Wallpaper Collection

‘I love wallpaper but could never find exactly what I wanted, so I decided to design my own, inspired by all this beautiful countryside and wildlife.’

- Pearl Lowe, The Metro. -

Pearl Lowe Design Wallpaper - Wisteria



Image Credit: @helenachristensen


Inspired by nature Pearl Lowe's Wisteria Wallpaper Collection is available from Rockett St George in four distinctive colourways. From the delicate and crisp Wisteria Lilac Wallpaper to the dramatic juxtaposition between the dark moody grey and the cheerful pinks of the Wisteria Noir Black Wallpaper, this unique and eclectic Wisteria Wallpaper will inject floral magic into your home interiors with a unique twist.

"I only really realised how beautiful wisteria was when we bought a house along a river a few years ago. The wisteria came out in May and it was the most enchanting thing I ever saw. So to be able to put it in a wallpaper or a fabric is a dream." - Pearl Lowe, read more on the Pearl Lowe Blog.



Wisteria Lilac Wallpaper By Pearl Lowe | Wisteria Midnight Mint Wallpaper By Pearl Lowe | Wisteria Noir Black Wallpaper By Pearl Lowe | Wisteria Pink Bloom Wallpaper By Pearl Lowe


Pearl Lowe Design Wallpaper - Betsy Fan Ditsy



Striking geometric designs with a colourful twist, Pearl Lowe has cleverly created a print that nods to modern geometric patterns with her signature colour combinations mixed in. Available in three colours and patterns that will transform your hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms choose between the soft Betsy Fan Ditsy Pink Wallpaper, the sultry Betsy Fan Ditsy Tobacco Wallpaper and the statement Betsy Fan Ditsy Smoke Wallpaper - all of which will add symmetry, style and 1920s fun to your home.

“I’ve always loved art deco inspired style, in all its forms. During my days in a band, I wore my hair in a sharp bob like the 1920s actress, Louise Brooks – a cut my daughter Daisy now has too! It’s about timeless, classic glamour, the Jazz Age, decadence and luxury.” - Pearl Lowe, read more on the Pearl Lowe Blog.



Betsy Fan Ditsy Pink Wallpaper By Pearl Lowe | Betsy Fan Ditsy Smoke Wallpaper By Pearl Lowe | Betsy Fan Ditsy Tobacco Wallpaper by Pearl Lowe


Pearl Lowe Design Wallpaper - Va Va Frome



Image Credit: @theinterioreditor


A twist on tropical leaf wallpaper designs, Pearl Lowe has combined palm leaf motifs with soft pastel colours to dramatic effect. The ultimate wow-factor wallpaper in four designs, you can choose between the playful Va Va Frome Powder Pink Wallpaper to the uber-sophisticated Va Va Frome Noir Black Wallpaper, all of which will look stunning on show in your home.

"This design is so very me! I love these sorts of pretty, small-scale, delicate florals. I’m a very feminine lady, I only ever wear dresses. I use them when I’m designing dresses, and now they have found themselves in my wallpapers and fabrics!" - Pearl Lowe, read more on the Pearl Lowe Blog.



Va Va Frome Sunset Wallpaper by Pearl Lowe | Va Va Frome Powder Pink Wallpaper By Pearl Lowe | Va Va Frome Noir Black Wallpaper By Pearl Lowe | Va Va Frome Blush Eau De Nil Wallpaper By Pearl Lowe


Pearl Lowe Design Wallpaper - Dawn Chorus



Image Credit: @just_belle


A modern take on traditional English country garden wallpaper the Dawn Chorus Wallpaper Collection by Pearl Lowe is a dedication to the natural beauty of the countryside. In Pearl Lowe's signature colour and styles, you can choose between four vivid and colourful colourways from Dawn Chorus Ink Blue Wallpaper to Dawn Chorus Forest Green Wallpaper.

“There’s something very soothing about birds. I live in the countryside, so I’m surrounded by nature, and that’s what ultimately inspires me daily. This design was based on some lovely old vintage fabric I had stored in a suitcase! I love the exotic, slightly whimsical look of the bird, with its tropical, flamboyant plumage” - Pearl Lowe, read more on the Pearl Lowe Blog.


Dawn Chorus Smokey Heather Wallpaper By Pearl Lowe | Dawn Chorus Noir Black Wallpaper By Pearl Lowe | Dawn Chorus Ink Blue Wallpaper By Pearl Lowe | Dawn Chorus Forest Green Wallpaper By Pearl Lowe

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