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Men's Bedroom Decor Ideas On A Budget

Men's bedroom ideas on a budget

When you're working to a tight budget, you need to get creative with your decor.

Masculine style interior design has evolved over the years and with the addition of some softer touches, it becomes much more accessible. This guide to men's bedroom ideas on a budget can be repurposed in any room in the home and is not just for the boys. We have always loved the way a more 'masculine' design can make you feel in a room. Get your design spot on and you will enhance a feeling of being strong, sexy and sophisticated. Whether you want to focus on vintage, industrial, monochrome or contemporary styling, this guide will help you navigate a variety of design ideas with ease.


mens bedroom decor ideas on a budget


In this guide, we'll be exploring 4 of the most popular men's bedroom decor styles with you. From dark and cocooning to industrial minimalism, or natural neutrals to monochrome. Discover your favourite styles below and shop items that will help you achieve the look in your own home.

Dark Men's Bedroom Decor Ideas

Image: The home of Deborah Vos as featured in 'Extraordinary Interiors' by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Published by Ryland Peters & Small. Photography by Debi Treloar.

A dark colour scheme can work wonders for bedroom decor. The effect can be truly transformative for your mood and your sleep, too. In fact, we get asked a lot about how to decorate with dark colours. So to help, we wrote a blog all about decorating with dark colours. For a moody, sexy bedroom try jet blacks with either chocolate, navy blue or grey undertones. Pay special attention to the direction your bedroom faces as this will help determine which to use. For more advice on choosing colour see our blog How To Choose The Right Colour Paint For Your Home. Once you have chosen your base colour, team this with items of opposing textures and materials. This creates interest and depth to make it more inviting. Use google image search or Pinterest to find dupes of your favourite items so that your budget does not compromise your style. Add a surprising piece, such as a leopard print chair, to keep the design interesting and unique.

Industrial Minimalism Bedrooms

Image of a dark bedroom.

Images (left to right): Warm Industrial Style Men's Bedroom Ideas sourced via Pinterest, Industrial Style Mango Wood Bedside Table.

So here it is. Proof that industrial design doesn't have to be cold and uninviting. The trick? Use industrial wood finishes that will instantly add more warmth to your bedroom decor. Minimal styling can also be softened by adding layers of texture. Notice how the image above (sourced via Pinterest) uses layers of texture by adding a soft pile rug, luxurious velvet throw and linen cushions. The mix of these textures takes away any bareness and compliments the panelling on the wall and wood floors. A top tip for softening an industrial style decor is to always add greenery. Whether you go for the real deal or add faux plants - this touch will immediately breathe life into your space.

A Neutral Bedroom Using Natural Materials

Images (left to right): NLXL TIM-03 Timber Strips Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek, Neutral Bedroom image sourced via Pinterest.

For a timeless look, we love using natural materials as a wonderfully neutral base colour. Pair with crisp white and bold black accessories and framed contemporary artwork to bring the look up-to-date. Beautiful brass finishes and grey tones make this one of the most versatile bedroom decor ideas for men. With a neutral base, you are free to add in and switch up the look depending on how you feel. Decorating your bedroom is all about creating a sanctuary. It's the place you go to sleep and relax so play around with materials and make note of any that you are particularly drawn to and make you feel calm. Get the look with our shopping edit below and read more on how to add your personality to your home in our sneak peek blog on chapter 1 of our first book.

Classic Monochrome Bedrooms... With a Twist!

Images (left to right): Magazine holder, Monochrome bedroom sourced via Pinterest.

Much like a neutral colour palette, monochrome is versatile enough to suit most homes. Our slight twist on a flat black and white scheme is to add warmer tones to the mix. Off white, taupe and caramel look beautiful in an otherwise Black and White room. The subtle differences you get from using a small variety of tones makes them well suited to a bedroom.

And so there you have it, our round-up of the best and easiest men's bedroom ideas on a budget and how you can easily achieve them. If you take on your own bedroom transformation we'd love to see it! Use our hashtag on Instagram #rockettstgeorge and we will share our favourites!

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