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Loveseat Styling Guide

For those wondering, what is a loveseat?! This loveseat styling guide will show you some beautiful sofa designs and how to display them in your home.


The Beautiful Loveseat in Burnt Orange Velvet | Rockett St George Bespoke Sofa Collection

So, what is a loveseat and why should you be thinking about purchasing one for your home? A loveseat sofa is the perfect in-between size from an armchair and a 2 seater sofa. A fabulous loveseat chair is a must-have for sharing with a special someone, hence the name! But, not only that, they have become a hero piece within the world of interiors. You are guaranteed that the loveseat will make a stunning statement wherever they are placed.

The Rockett St George Loveseat Collection

Alongside the launch of our new Bespoke Sofa Collection, we have an ultra dazzling range of loveseats that you will adore. Made and manufactured in the UK, the Rockett St George upholstered sofa collection has been handcrafted with the utmost quality. This means when purchasing a loveseat, you will have an amazing investment piece that you can treasure forever. Moreover, this bespoke range offers a ravishing selection of colours, fabrics and styles that will seamlessly transform any space. So what's not to love?!

Our Loveseat Guide will take you through loveseat styles, where to style your loveseat, loveseat colours and how to style your loveseat. This will give you everything you need for making those all-important decisions in your living space. So, without further ado, we will answer the question of 'what is a loveseat?' with some brilliant design tips along the way!

What Is A Loveseat?

A gorgeous home accessory or a cosy addition to your living space, the loveseat has become a modern piece of furniture that creates the wow factor. A practical, space-saving sofa that is perfect for small rooms or grand spaces alike, the Loveseat exudes effortless style wherever it is placed. Evolved from the notion of getting close with a loved one, this seat comes in the form of a two-seater armchair or laid back chaise. Above all, the loveseat is a chic adornment that will stand out within your home instantly. This chair is something that can be shared with a significant other which is ultra-comfortable and wonderfully unique in style!

Why You Need A Loveseat

Mixing practical use with divine design, you can use the loveseat to snuggle up and watch films or as a glamorous cocktail chair for stylish socials. Becoming the fabulous focal point of any room, a Loveseat Sofa will bring a characterful charm to your decor. Moreover, with the benefits of being smaller than a two-seater sofa, the loveseat can be styled almost anywhere! Being such a delightful showpiece, the loveseat will bring joy to your scheme whilst being perfect for relaxing in. It really is a no brainer purchase if you want to inject personality into your space.

Loveseat Styles

Choosing a shape, whether it be for a sofa or a loveseat can be tricky. You'll want to find a style that seamlessly complements your existing scheme whilst uplifting the look of the room. Showcasing a range of designs for every interior, see below for our marvellous loveseat designs. From vintage charm to contemporary chic, the loveseat styles are so versatile. This means that however you choose to display this plush accessory, it can be perfectly paired with any decor with ease.

The Perfect Loveseat

The Perfect Loveseat Chair has that sumptuously soft sinking in feeling that you will simply love. This seat promises to stop you in your tracks with its plush and luxurious allure, it is guaranteed to become your new favourite piece! This Small 2 Seater Sofa Loveseat achieves that gorgeous balance between stand out glamour and effortless comfort, so it becomes a piece that you will treasure within your scheme. Featuring a vintage shape with traditional wooden legs, the Perfect Loveseat will bring timeless elegance to any decor.

The Beautiful Loveseat

The Beautiful Loveseat showcases dramatic curved lines and quirky layered wooden sphere legs for a contemporary meets vintage look that can be paired with any interior. Making a statement from the moment you walk into a room, the sweeping shape paired with the sumptuously soft and sinking in cushions is what makes this Beautiful Loveseat Armchair so irresistible. Furthermore, This Loveseat Sofa Armchair radiates one of a kind allure whilst bringing a relaxing feel to your space. This is an unforgettably charming piece that is simply bursting with character.

The Suave Loveseat

The Suave Loveseat Sofa is an ultra-luxe showpiece that will become the focal feature of any room. Exuding a 60s style charm with its sleek tufting detail, this Small Loveseat is stylish and sexy with great attention to detail. A striking design that is daring and delightful, this Love Seat Sofa Chair celebrates the fabulous fusion of contemporary shapes with traditional elements that are simply bursting with character. The Suave Loveseat is perfect for adding a modern touch to any space,

The Fabulous Snuggler Chaise

The Fabulous Snuggler Chaise embraces the beauty of simplicity style whilst creating the wow factor within your space. Showcasing a sleek Scandinavian inspired shape and bold lines, the Snuggler Chaise is a divine modern design that will stand out from the rest. Celebrating everyday luxury with a wonderfully unique character, the Fabulous Lounge Chair will seamlessly transform your decor wherever you choose to place it. The Snuggler Chaise style is a must-have for laid-back movie nights with a loved one and can be perfectly paired with contemporary schemes.

Where To Style Your Loveseat


The Fabulous Snuggler Chaise in Pale Pink Velvet | Rockett St George Bespoke Sofa Collection 

When thinking about where to style your loveseat, you must consider what it is going to be used for. Is it a decorative occasional piece or will it be your daily sofa seat? The loveseat looks utterly gorgeous from kitchens to hallways and bedrooms to living rooms. Moreover, as a piece that exudes effortless style, you can really make a statement wherever you choose to place it!


Being the social zone of any home, the kitchen is somewhere to enjoy cooking, family feasts and glorious gatherings alike. For open kitchen spaces, this is the perfect opportunity to curate different areas. Whether it be for dining, relaxing or partying, dividing your kitchen into zones is imperative. Moreover, we think that introducing a luscious loveseat into this space is always a good idea! Providing a striking style spot like no other, a loveseat makes an ultra-charming addition to any cocktail corner. On top of this, it is always brilliant to have an area where you can chill out in your kitchen. Above all, adding a loveseat to this space will make for a boldly beautiful display for all to adore.


When it comes to hallways, the styling can sometimes get left behind as it is not considered a room. Well, we think that the design of your hallway is so important when inviting people into your home. On top of this, the hallway is somewhere to have fun with your decor, from fabulous feature walls to serene reading corners alike. This means that adding a glorious loveseat into your hallway will never fail to disappoint!


The Bedroom is somewhere where your bed will become the focal point of the space. Adding a magnificent loveseat in any corner will add interest as well as another zone to relax in. Styling your beautiful loveseat in your bedroom means the difference between a carefully curated space and one that you simply go to sleep in! Moreover, we think that the bedroom should always be both fabulous and inviting. This means that you can really bring personality to your decor through the use of a bespoke loveseat chair and the accessories that surround it.

Living Room

The perfect pairing is a loveseat and a living room! Even if you already have a sofa, the loveseat will make a perfect additional area for relaxing in. A showpiece that is simply bursting with character, this double seat is guaranteed to steal the show in any living space. Making a quirky statement wherever it is placed, the love seat will help you to curate an area that is effortlessly dazzling! Overall, the loveseat is also a decorative delight that will not only provide a feast for the eyes but will also be ideal for a movie night. What's not to love?!

Loveseat Colours


The Suave Loveseat in Kingfisher Teal Velvet | Rockett St George Bespoke Sofa Collection 

Colour is such an important factor when it comes to choosing your ideal loveseat chair. This is why we have created a bespoke collection of wonderful sofas with a range of colours and fabrics to suit every home. Our beautiful loveseats come in a marvellous selection of irresistible colours, but now, how do you choose which one to pick?

Which Colour Is Right For Your Scheme?

Picking a colour for your decor all depends on how you want your fabulous loveseat to impact the room. What look are you going for and how will your lovely colour choice make you feel when you walk in? Are you going for a calming and serene style or something more boldly beautiful?

A striking colour will create that instant wow, drawing eyes to your sofa style spot from the moment you enter the room. Having said this, a striking colour doesn't always have to overpower your space. Choosing a bold tone can result in a room that oozes luxury. Think about a colour that makes you feel happy and then pair it with hues that will uplift your scheme. For example, a glorious green loveseat and tall plush greenery is a match made in heaven! This type of styling will bring instant joy to any space.

Subtle colour is a great way to begin to curate a peaceful scheme. Using calming neutrals will make the room feel ultra-relaxing and harmonious. This doesn't mean to say that you can't add little hints of colour here and there. A beautiful neutral tone can also be accessorised with pretty pastels or marvellous monochromes alike. These small touches of colour paired with your loveseat will really make the look come together so effortlessly!

Colour Choices

Here are all of the glorious colour and fabric choices from the bespoke collection below:

  • Boucle Fabric: Natural Oatmeal, Shale, Pebble, Blush, Alabaster & Mustard
  • Woven Fabric: Natural, Teal, Granite, Barley, Charcoal, Mink, Duck Egg & Marl
  • Velvet: Indigo Blue, Pale Pink, Natural Taupe, Vine Green, Rose Pink, Caramel Gold, Kingfisher Teal, Umber Rust, Turmeric Gold, Moss Green, Aqua, Hunter Green, Burnt Orange, Asphalt Grey, Chocolate Brown & Slate Grey

For more information on colour, check out our Modern Living Room Colour Ideas Blog Post here.

How To Style Your Loveseat


The Perfect Loveseat in Turmeric Gold Velvet | Rockett St George Bespoke Sofa Collection

Once you have chosen your divine loveseat sofa, you can now start to think about accessorising around it. This is the really fun part about a playful love seat chair, you can really go all out with the decor that is paired with this unique piece of furniture! See below for our top styling tips for your chic loveseat.

Wall Display

The walls that surround your loveseat are key for creating an unforgettable look. Making an impact with your wall styling can be anything from wallpaper to paint or art prints. At Rockett St George, we love a fabulous feature wall because it adds instant interest to any space. Simply find a spot for your lovely love seat and then add a selection of art, wall ornaments and memories you hold dear. Moreover, this will create a style spot that is both personal to you and radiates a one of a kind feel next to your loveseat. The loveseat will also add a pop of colour that will accentuate the beauty of your walls with delight.

Soft Furnishings

Adding soft furnishings is a must if you want to inject a plush allure into your living area. Being a two-seater armchair, the loveseat presents divine opportunity to be daring with soft furnishings. You can pick a statement cushion, something that screams eccentricity or elegance and pair that with a beautiful blanket, and there you have the perfect spot for snuggling up. Picking soft furnishings for your loveseat is a chance to get creative, add a touch of humour or even introduce a sophisticated edge. Whichever cushions, throws or blankets you decide on, we have an irresistibly stylish and cosy selection available to shop here.

Eclectic Accessories

There is always room for additional accessories in any corner of your home! When styling around your loveseat, eclectic pieces are a must-have for elevating the look of your charming showpiece. Candles, quirky ornaments and vases alike can be styled on a side table next to your loveseat. On top of this, you can use sideboards, coffee tables and consoles to bring in additional decor that will add interest to your loveseat zone. For the ultimate style spot to remember, why not curate your favourite adornments on a ravishing Rockett St George Drinks Trolley?! This will add drama, glamour and fun to your loveseat styling, making it the perfect area to sit and sip cocktails of an evening. I mean..who wouldn't love that?!

Thank you for reading the Loveseat Styling Guide. We hope that this has helped to answer the all-important question of 'what is a loveseat?'. Additionally, we are excited to see the new Rockett St George loveseats styled in your homes.

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