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Ideas For A Small Office Space At Home

Ideas For Small Office Space At Home

For many of us now working from our homes, it’s important if you can create a dedicated area for working.

Try to separate yourself from home life with a home office area that you love. Setting out a purpose for your home office will allow you to design somewhere that you can sit down and focus, away from the whirlwind of home and family life. Any space can be transformed with some simple tips and tricks. Follow our guide and ideas for small office space at home.

Home office desk with lots of storage

Image: The home of Alexandra and Nicolas Valla as featured in 'Extraordinary Interiors' by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Published by Ryland Peters & Small. Photography by Debi Treloar.

Start With The Essentials

When making a home office, start with the essentials of a desk and chair. Choosing a desk depends entirely on your needs. Before you begin it's key to know what space you have and how much you will need. If this is limited, consider items in your home that are multifunctional or can be up-cycled, such as using a dressing table or console table.

With your chair, it needs to be something you can sit comfortably on for hours at a time. Consider if you’ll need to be mobile and need a chair that can rotate, or if you’d prefer a fixed chair. Knowing what practical elements you need first, this then allows you to move on to the decoration and the fun elements of your home office.

Maximise Space With Storage

In a small home office, organisation is essential to keep everything together and decluttered. As they say, ‘tidy space, tidy mind.’ Use vertical storage to provide maximum storage potential, without taking up too much space around or on your desk.

Our Traditional Pigeon Hole Wooden Storage Wall Unit is ideal for maximising storage in any small
area or wall of your office. Having the storage above your desk will also allow for easy access to what you need when necessary, without interrupting your working space. The Industrial-Style Desk Unit With 2 Shelves is a perfect example of a desk that offers optimal storage. The simple design with added height is ideal for making the most of small areas. It combines a desk with built-in storage and again uses the vertical aspect to ensure you're not taking up too much of a limited area.


Selecting Colour And Wallpaper

Decorating your work environment is the most exciting part, allowing you to get creative in designing a space that inspires you and makes you want to sit down and get to work. Choose colours effectively, such as white and neutral tones on the walls to evoke a sense of calm. Green shades also work to keep your mind focused. Lighter colours can also be effective in creating an illusion of a bigger space. You may prefer to be bold with your colour, striking inspiration as you work.

A good way to make a statement in your home office is by adding wallpaper. Textures and patterns can help distinguish the office from the rest of your home, as well as being the focal point in which the rest of the space is incorporated around.

Choosing Lighting

Lighting can be both practical and beautiful. In a small office, you may want to choose one or two smaller pieces, such as a desk lamp. You will need to consider the functionality of the lighting, perhaps something that can be used throughout the space. Our Retro Desk Lamp has a simple chic design as well as being a practice lamp that can be tilted and positioned to the angle you need. It comes in a range of colours depending on what scheme you are working with.

Where you can, try to use natural light as much as possible. This will give a bright and airy feel to your home office. Having a calm and positive space in your home to work will help you to stay focused and productive.

Continue reading for more ideas for small office space at home.

Small home office space

Image: The home of Jane Rockett as featured in 'Extraordinary Interiors' by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Published by Ryland Peters & Small. Photography by Debi Treloar.

Adding Plants And Flowers

Desk plants can transform your home office, bringing a bright and fresh feeling. Our Faux Eucalyptus Stem is ideal for adding a touch of greenery without taking up too much space. You want to ensure that you add items that will spark joy or inspire you and keep the area feeling inviting. Try to also explore working at different heights. Have a Faux Variegated Ivy Plant hanging from a shelf above your desk to distinguish the shelving. Using plants and natural tones will bring an added element of relaxation.

Adding a Bunch of Lagarus Ovatus - Off White will add a calming feel by incorporating natural textures and colours. If you can, try bringing in some flowers from your garden, or having your favourite plants around you as it can help lift your mood when you're struggling to get through that last email of the day.

Make Your Space Your Own

To give your home office a personal touch, be sure to add a few items to make it your own. For instance, some ornaments or a pinboard filled with photographs of your family and favourite memories. Add things that make you smile, so it will feel unique to you and not just like your desk in the office. Let your creativity flow and allow yourself to reach the fullest potential that your home office can.

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