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How To Style Your Home For Autumn Winter

A Complete Guide To Styling Your Home For Autumn Winter.

Down To Earth: A New Home Interiors Trend for Autumn Winter 2022

folk pattern armchair

Styling your home for Autumn Winter is one of the best times of year to get creative with your interiors. A little like fashion, there is so much you can do to make your home more desirable in this sociable season. With the weather cooling down, and festivities drawing closer, we tend to get together indoors in our homes more often. And this year we'll be even better prepared having spent a considerable amount of the Summer at home making improvements. From layering with new home accessories to adding sumptuous soft furnishings and adjusting your lighting for cosy atmospheres. Continue reading for your complete guide to Styling Your Home for Autumn Winter. PLUS, you'll discover our favourite new interior trend; Down to Earth.

A Sweet Escape


Your home from autumn to winter should be a positive retreat where the simple pleasures of the home can be rediscovered. As such, when we start to spend more time cosying up at home, our interior becomes a sanctuary during these months. Providing a place to escape from the outside world, the way we express our personality at home has never been more important. As such, this season presents an opportunity to reconnect with home comforts and celebrate how our interiors can enhance our well-being. Therefore, when embracing upcoming trends this season, it makes perfect sense to focus on natural designs that ground us.

A New Take On Nature

The idea of bringing nature back into our homes has become ever-important throughout the last few years. As such, designs with a nod to nature has become a key part of autumnal trends this year. From introducing plants (whether faux or real) to celebrating organic wood textures, there are many wonderful ways to incorporate nature into your scheme. On top of this, colour has an incredibly important role in the home and nature provides the perfect inspiration. For example, beautiful earth tones not only help improve your mood but also brings the outdoors in!

This year, the beauty of our natural world lies in the spectacular landscapes that differ between every country and continent. For autumn 2022, these influences are blended with rich colour palettes and an eclectic approach to earthy textures that celebrates your individuality. So, don't be afraid to combine natural influences with quirky pieces that bring your personality to life...

Colour & Texture


The idea of taking our interiors back down to earth involves celebrating the depth of nature. For instance, why not look for dramatic dark wood furniture, terracotta and rust tones, ochre accessories and even a few inspirations from the ocean when decorating your home?!

Introducing both style and sentimentality, an eclectic mix of natural materials and influences helps to create a calming space. Most importantly, this blend of inspirations also ensures your sense of personality isn’t compromised. After all, your home should be a reflection of you and all the things you love! So, try pairing the light with the dark and experiment with your choice of contrasting organic textures this autumn.

Down To Earth: Autumn Winter Moodboard

autumnal moodboard

Rockett St George Autumn Winter Moodboard | Interiors Ideas

When it comes to colour, mother nature always knows best. Whether you opt for gorgeous leafy green walls, soft sand tones or bold amber/ochre accessories, these warm colours promise to create an inviting space that promotes well-being, comfort and conversation. As a result, these colours are an amazing way to style your home for Autumn/Winter. In addition, all you need to complete the look is cosy rugs, a soft throw and lots of mood lighting...

Check out our visual Pinterest mood board for more ideas on how to get your home Autumn-Winter ready.

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