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How To Make Your Home Feel Bigger

There are so many simple design tricks to make your home feel bigger than it actually is. From de-cluttering to storing away and painting the walls, read below to discover our top tips on how you can make the space you have, go further!


Image via Extraordinary Interiors In Colour By Jane Rockett & Lucy St George | @la_maison_marrakech

When it comes to any zone in your home, the first crucial step is to de-clutter! If you are following these steps on how to make your home feel bigger, it's also important to tackle one room at a time. The task of de-cluttering is always a satisfying one, but you don't want to get overwhelmed. Moreover, getting rid of unwanted clothes or furniture will make space for only things you adore in your home. So let's get started!

How Can I De-Clutter?

Image via Extraordinary Interiors In Colour By Jane Rockett & Lucy St George

Starting with one room, go through things that are lying around and think about how they impact the space and how they make you feel too. From pieces of paper lying on the sideboard to a large piece of furniture that never gets used, both small and big changes will make all the difference. On top of this, by simply removing things from surfaces, you will instantly find that this impacts the space. You can really get creative when de-cluttering, you can re-gift, re-sell and donate to charity!

Stunning Storage

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The next step of the de-cluttering process is to get the right storage for the job! Moreover, getting organised doesn't have to mean oversized storage units, wardrobes or large chests of drawers. You can add character to your home with wonderful wall hanging pieces, clever nesting tables and sideboards too. Whatsmore, with our effortlessly stylish storage solutions, you need not fear the task of tidying away. From showing off your favourite glassware to hiding your trinkets, you can find a functional way to store items without taking up too much space.

A Lick Of Paint

Some may fear a lick of paint in a small space and think that it feels counter-intuitive. But, dark rooms and even painted ceilings can actually do the opposite! If you are fed up of your plain white walls in a smaller room, why not dare to cover it in a fabulous colour?! Choose a paint colour that you adore as this will transform your room by drawing your eyes to the sense of space rather than it being lost in a dull white box.

How To Choose A Colour

Image Featuring Craig & Rose 1829 Chalky Emulsion Paint - Zeitgeist | Click To Shop

Sometimes choosing a colour for a small room is difficult. So, if you want to make your home feel bigger, we say firstly you must choose something that you're going to love! Even better, our Rockett St George Paint Collection is a selection of carefully curated colours designed for rooms of all sizes.

Daring & Dark

If you are going dark, we love Zeitgeist or Juniper Leaf. These colours will contrast beautifully with any wall decor, making each accessory stand out in the most marvellous way. On top of this, this dark chalky black and deep green make for an effortlessly stylish space with a sense of cosiness, which is what you must embrace in a small room!

Lucious & Light

If you want to go lighter, we love Bohemia and Broderie. Bringing out the elegance of any room, these glorious dusky pink tones are perfect for adding character and charm whilst subtly making it feel larger. There is something so gorgeous about these two shades of pink, they really create an open space with a nod to warm weather and magnificent Morrocan plaster walls. So what's not to love?!

It's All About The Walls!


Image featuring the Peace Sign Art Print | Click To Shop

When it comes to the walls, there is so much that you can do to create a larger-looking space. From marvellous mirrors to amazing art, see below to discover some creative tips for making use of the walls in your home.

Marvellous Mirrors


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Reflecting light and creating the illusion of space, mirrors are perfect for small rooms. By hanging a mirror on the wall or leaning it against a sideboard, you can add depth and a fabulous feature to your scheme. Whatsmore, larger mirrors will draw the eye upwards and window mirrors are brilliant for rooms that lack light.

Amazing Art


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Using wall art will add interest to any corner of a room. To make your home feel bigger, you'll want to choose one large statement piece or display your art in the rule of three. For a small space, you may want to avoid doing a feature wall as this can look cluttered and too full. Additionally, the key is to choose art that you love and arrange it in a clever way that compliments the room.

Functional Furniture

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Multifunctional furniture is always a good idea in a smaller room, whether it be a mirror with shelving or a table with magazine storage. This helps to eliminate the need for multiple pieces of furniture that will take up floor space. On top of this, think about which pieces are necessary and then you can accessorise after that.

When picking new furniture, always measure your space! If it helps you to visualise how large something will look, you can mark it out on the floor with masking tape. Additionally, items pushed up against the wall can make a space look smaller. So, you should consider going for a smaller sofa if it means you can display it with room around it. And finally, furniture items such as cabinets and wardrobes on legs will give the illusion of more space and it draws the eye upwards!

Accessorise Wisely

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Lastly, once you are happy with the configuration of the room, you can accessorise! It's so important to choose the right adornments for a small space as you don't want to over clutter it. By choosing your pieces wisely, the result can be ultra-impressive, whatever the size of the room.



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If you have a selection of glorious ornamental pieces that you wish to add to the room, try to stick to the rule of three in each zone that you are displaying. That way, you can avoid the surfaces looking busy and less spacious. Whether it's vases, candlestick holders or meaningful treasures, having varying heights will prevent any surface from looking flat.

Soft furnishings

Rockett St George soft furnishings.

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Soft furnishings are the perfect way to add interest to a small space. Furthermore, incorporating texture into the room creates a clever contrast with your furniture by layering the materials. For example, the use of a beautiful rug under your coffee table, chic cushions on the sofa and a fabulous throw is a super-easy way to give your space depth. This will make for a luxurious room that looks cosy, inviting and far from small and boring!



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Products Featured: Black & Cream Curved Lantern Ceiling Light Shade, Curvy Body Torso Candle By Belle Nous - Brown & Contemporary Abstract Shapes Marble Table Lamp

The right lighting can really offer your chosen room the chance to look open, transforming it into a super relaxing and grand feeling space. Moreover, warm lighting is a must and it can be achieved using table lamps, candles and the right lampshade too. For your main light, you will want to choose a pendant that doesn't overbear the room and let the accent lights speak for themselves. Therefore, having marvellous mood lighting and candles in a small space will help to illuminate each corner, drawing attention to the stylish elements in a subtle yet stunning way!


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Products Featured: Two-Tone Artificial Rubber Plant, Faux Pampas Grass Stem - Pink & Faux Monstera Cheese Plant

Not only do plants introduce a luscious colour into any scheme, but they also bring the idea of the outdoors inside which is perfect for a small space. Moreover, using elements of nature is great for rooms with limited lighting or no windows as they generate a positive and open feeling. So, from floor standing plants to succulents and pampas grasses alike, these textures are what you need to create a spacious grandeur in any room!

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