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How To Make A Small Table Centrepiece For Christmas

How To Make A Small Table Centrepiece For Christmas

Lucy St George shares her top tips to create a Christmas centrepiece.

Image featuring: Tall White Ceramic Vase with Handles, Pink Faux Pompom Flower Stem, Silver Faux Fern Leaf Stem, Faux Pinecone Branch Stem, Faux Exotic Flower Stems, Blush Candlestick Holder, Rustic Dinner Candle - Pink, Ceramic Burnt Orange Glazed Vase, Glass Balloon Round Vase, Faux Pecan Hydrangea Stem & Pink Angel Wooden Horse

From unique crockery and napkins to adding accessories and the all-important centrepiece, there is so much that can be said for the Christmas table setting. Moreover, with Lucy's love for quirky interiors and a background in floristry, we thought who better to talk to than one of the experts! So, read below to discover how to make your festive dining area really stand out from the rest...

Setting The Table

Christmas Tableware Ideas | Rockett St George

Products Featured: Dusky Pink Sakura Cherry Blossom Dinner Plate | Set Of 4 Stripe Napkins | Set Of 4 Individual Design Brass Napkin Rings | 16-Piece Gold Cutlery Set With Black Handles | Set Of 4 Gold Bee Magnets | Christian Tortu Riviera Glossy Gold Leaf Plate | Roda Mustard Stoneware Small Side Plate | Set Of 4 Leopard Print Coasters | Vintage Champagne Glass With Gold Rim | Gold Sparkle Sign | Gorgeous Gold Dried Mini Seed Pods | Gold Disco Ball Bauble Christmas Tree Decoration

Whether you have a quiet Christmas or invite the extended family over to celebrate, there is something so lovely about setting the table for the meal ahead. So, this year, why not take a look at Lucy's top picks for a boldly beautiful table setting that creates the wow factor.

Lucy Says...

''Firstly, start with a table cloth or runner. I am using the divine Blush Pink Woven Linen Tablecloth which looks fabulous amongst added accessories. Then, simply place your plates on the table. My go-to plates for a dazzling table setting are the stunning Dusky Pink Sakura Cherry Blossom Dinner Plate! Next, lay down your napkins and cutlery. This year, I'm going for the simply glorious Set Of 4 Stripe Napkins and my all-time favourite 16-Piece Gold Cutlery Set With Black Handles. To keep your napkins arranged in a boldly beautiful and effortless way, use the Set Of 4 Individual Design Brass Napkin Rings that can be paired with any scheme. On top of this, don't forget about the Christmas Crackers! I will be using the Sweary Christmas Crackers for added personality!''

Click To Shop Our New Glorious Glassware | Rockett St George

''Finally, one of the most important steps, in my opinion, the drinking vessels! To delight your guests and create a charming great gatsby feel, the Vintage Champagne Glass With Gold Rim is a must-have for any small table centrepiece. I mean, this is the ultimate excuse to have a tipple in style isn't it?! On top of this, the Pikes At Rockett St George Traditional Faux Leather Bar Trunk On Castors is the ultimate choice for any party home paired with the Fern Leaf Palm Tree Style Ceiling Pendant Light hung low.''

Adding Adornments

Adding adornments to your small table centrepiece is your next step. This is the difference between a simple dining area and one that screams Christmas festivities. So, let's see what Co-Founder Lucy St George likes to add to her table to make it the ultimate place for friends and family to gather...

Lucy St George Says...

''I love this part, it's time to accessorise! There are so many fabulous ornamental pieces to add to the dining table, so don't be afraid to really let your imagination run wild! This year, I am setting the table with Christmas Decorations instead of place settings for each member of my family! This is a great way of personalising each place setting, wow your guests and gift them with something that they can treasure for years to come.''

''My place setting decorations will include the Red Lips With Cigarette, Hipster Santa Christmas Tree Decoration, Merry Xmas Bitches Sweater Christmas Tree Decoration, Meowie Bowie Christmas Tree Decoration, Retro Heart 'Feminist' Christmas Decoration & Cigarettes Christmas Tree Decoration.''

Additional Accessories

''After that, for added twinkle drape the Gold Wire Fairy Lights across the centre of the table. Then, place some Set Of 6 Multi Pink Christmas Trees around the table to create varying heights within your display. Lastly, for added drama, include some quirky Candle Holders paired with your choice of chic Dinner Candle to bring an alluring glow to your space. I love the Serene Leopard Candle Holder, it's a rustic beauty with a beautiful antique charm.''

Creating A Stunning Small Table Centrepiece

Creating a stunning small table Centrepiece is where Lucy St George comes into her own! Renowned for her outstanding floral displays all year round, Lucy knows how to make something subtle and stylish or all-out eccentric when it comes to a Christmas Centrepiece. So, read the steps below to see how you can do the same!

Lucy St George Says...

"Start with the vase! It's always great to have something amazing to place your flowers in so that your vase can be as eye-catching as the floral bouquet itself. For a totally quirky display, I am using an old favourite vase of mine. We have plenty of statement vases to choose from to make your display extra special! This year, I am going for ravishingly rich Christmas tones for my floral arrangement, a traditional scheme with a twist."

"Next, it's time to curate your Christmas floral arrangement! Simply start by placing the Faux Pink Pompom Flower Stems in your chosen vase. These fabulously unique flowers come in full-bodied stems that can be bent and shaped to suit your beautiful bouquet. Next, place your Faux Silver Fern Leaf Stems in the centre to add volume and variety. After that, add in your Faux Pinecone Branch Stems for a gorgeous natural tone and festive touch!"

Faux flower centrepiece.

Left: Christmas Centrepiece Styling | Right: Adding The Faux Exotic Flower Stems

''Next, It's important to take the time to have a little rearrange. Style your foliage and play around with it until you're happy. Then we can move onto the last step! For the final wow factor, we're adding the Faux Exotic Flower Stems to bring a sumptuous shape and extra glamour to your festive flowers. This additional pop of pink makes for a quirky touch paired with the natural and silver hues. Finally, dot these beauties around your arrangement evenly, filling all the gaps as you go. As such, don't be afraid to play around with your arrangement. This is guarenteed to result in something magnificent!''

The Final Centrepiece Display

Shop Our Faux Flowers For Your Dazzling Display | Rockett St George

"Now, once you're happy with the final result, you can use it as your Christmas centrepiece! A divine explosion of hot pink with hints of sparkle and brown, floral bouquet is luscious and leafy. For this reason, it creates the illusion of movement. This is just fabulous for any festive table with a twist. Moreover, the colour scheme is the perfect juxtaposition against a dark table. Additionally, if your table is wooden, this is the most marvellous colour pairing too. Who knew that a pretty pink floral display could look so amazing at Christmas?!"

Other Centrepiece Display Ideas

Shop Pretty Pampas | Rockett St George

Left Vase: Black Onyx Ceramic Bottleneck Vase With Handles, Natural Pampas Grass Stem, Brown Pampas Grass Stem | Right Vase: Cog Shaped Black Smoked Glass Vase, Mustard Pampas Grass Stem, Natural Pampas Grass Stem, Brown Pampas Grass Stem, Five Piece Pampas Grass Stems - Natural.

"Lastly, I love whispy pampas to add some variety to any Christmas table. I am popping these into my bouquet at varying heights. I like my show-stopping flowers to be in threes or fives of each colour. Moreover, I always think that odd numbers are more natural and softer on the eye than an even symmetrical display. And there you have it...another glorious table centrepiece for all to adore!"

Lucy St George, Rockett St George Co-Founder

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