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How To Light Your Home | Room-By-Room Guide

How To Light Your Home | Room-By-Room Guide

Want to find out the best ways to light your home?

Our top lighting ideas will help you choose the best lighting for every type of interior.

Lighting can often be a challenge. With this said, lighting your home right can also seamlessly transform the feeling of a space. Moreover, there are so many ways to introduce different types of light into your home for many purposes. As such, if you're looking for a room by room guide on style, function and everything in between, read below to discover how to light your home!

Living Room

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The living room presents plenty of opportunities to light many corners. As such, it's imperative to fill the space with plenty of lighting options for different purposes. Moreover, creating pools of light in areas of your living space allows you to set the mood of an evening. So, see below for some lovely lighting suggestions for this space.

Lighting Ideas

Left: Black Turned Wood Table Lamp With Linen Lamp Shade | Middle: Gold Palm Leaf Tree Floor Lamp | Right: Gold Heron Wall Light

You'll often find that in the living room, the main ceiling pendant will not get used as much. For this reason, consider a dimmer on your pendant light and a warm bulb for a more cosy feel. On top of this, you can use table lamps, floor lamps and wall lights to give a glorious glow to areas that need a lift. Finally, now that your space has that cinema room feel with gorgeous soft lighting, you can accessorise around it for a space where style meets function. As such, don't be afraid to have fun with your lighting designs. After all, it's the little things that make a space stand out, so light it up!


The kitchen is a space where you really want to get your lighting right. On top of this, the kitchen is used in many different ways and the lighting you decide to use reflects that. For this reason, choosing how to light for this room is so important. From preparing food to dinner parties or making a cuppa in the morning, there are lots of types of lighting you may want to consider for the kitchen.

Lighting Ideas

For the kitchen, you may be advised to install spotlights to give you consistent light through the space. Whilst this is great for cooking and cleaning, getting a dimmer will also give the option to set the mood in the space where needed. As such, spotlights are not the statement lights of the space, so you need to add more to really make the room feel more welcoming. So, if you have a kitchen island, consider hanging three pretty pendants at a low height above it, both for style and cooking purposes. Moreover, if your oven and sink are against a wall, wall lights are perfect for this and make for great additional mood lighting too. Finally, if you do have any space surfaces or shelves, small table lamps will never go amiss for cosy evenings or bringing atmospheric charm to a party setting!

Dining Area

Image via Extraordinary Interiors By Jane Rockett & Lucy St George | Click To Shop

The dining area is a key space to really set the scene using lighting and other fabulous accessories to accompany it. Whether you're having friends over or sitting down with family, a dreamy tablescape wouldn't be complete without the right lighting. As such, this can be acheived with many magnificent lights, the more dazzling the better we say!

Lighting Ideas

For the dining area, why not make it a feast for the eyes?! This can be acheived through plenty of boldly beautiful candles and candle holders at varying heights. Candles make the perfect centrepiece for any table and they are a great source of light for a sexy table setting of an evening. On top of this, you can really make a statement with your ceiling pendant in this space. From show stopping chandeliers to glamorous ceiling shades, hang your fabulous feature at a low height for added wow factor. Finally, wall lights and fairy lights are great for giving the space that added glow. As such, they are great for illuminating your walls without overpowering the space.


There are so many options out there when it comes to bedroom lighting. From your side tables to ceilings, dressing tables and more, there are loads of places you need light for practical and atmospheric purposes. Furthermore, this is a room where you want to get the lighting just right, so that the space reels relaxing and calm. So, see below to find out how to style your sleeping space...

Lighting Ideas

From the spare room to the master bedroom, a statement ceiling light in the centre of the space will always steal the show. As such, you can go all out with your bedroom pendant from striking designs to pretty and peaceful finishes too. Moreover, always look at the colours in your bedroom when choosing your main light. It's about what will make you happy to look at from your bed and also when you walk into the room. This will help to create a harmonious look where everything ties together oh-so effortlessly. For added drama, hang your ceiling light at a lower height in the centre for a cosy and characterful feel. Alternatively, you can choose quirky table lamps or unique wall lights to style either side of your bed for a luxe hotel feel in the home.


The hallway is the space that welcomes you as soon as you walk through the door. For this reason, the way you choose to style and light your hallway affects the mood it creates. Setting the scene for the rest of the home and for the guests that walk in, hallway lighting is so important. So, see below for some brilliant ideas on how to make an impression using light...

Lighting Ideas

three hallway light ideas

Another opportunity to make a meaningful impression, you can really stand out with your hallway ceiling light! Often overlooked as a room that needs designing, adding a spectacular chandelier will give your hallway that much-needed uplift. As such, you can afford to go more eccentric and quirky with your scheme as you spend less time in the hallway, so it may aswell be fun and fabulous! Whatsmore, table lamps are great for dressing a hallway console, bringing instant interest to any ornamental display. This is why extraordinary table lamps are a perfect choice for illuminating your sideboard styling. Finally, with all of these amazing lighting accessories, don't forget to use adornments and wall art to really finish off the space. You will not regret it!

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