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How To Get The Seating Right In A Small Living Room

How To Get The Seating Right In A Small Living Room

Choosing the perfect seating for your space can be challenging. But, we’re here to help you with your layout to create the best living space possible!

If you have a small living space and you feel like this limits the furniture choices, it need not be this way! As such, by following a few simple steps, you will result in a cosy and comfortable space that is welcoming and inviting. So, see below to find out how you can get your seating right when planning your living room design.

Measure Your Space

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The first thing when it comes to getting your seating right is to measure the space! As such, once you know the dimensions, this will make it easier to find the perfect seating choices. There's nothing worse than getting a sofa delivered that doesn't fit in the room. On top of this, when ordering a sofa, you must also measure the doorways and hallways that it will need to travel through.

For your sofa positioning in a small room, make note of which way the door opens too. Moreover, if you can draw up a floor plan using your measurements, this will better help you to visualise the space. Lastly, when measuring, do it on the floor and not the wall as your skirting boards affect the measurements.

Think Of The Purpose Of The Room

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Next, before you choose your furniture, think about how you'd like to use the room. If the room is going to be used for television watching, you'll want the seating to be positioned nicely around your TV. As such, if it's a social space, perhaps with a cocktail corner that doubles up as your movie room, there may be more occasional seating facing one another. Additionally, people often think that a smaller room means less furniture. In fact, you can still zone the space using your furniture and seating to create something purposeful.

Choosing Your Perfect Seating

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It's time to choose your seating! An essential for every living space is of course the sofa. On top of this, Rockett St George has some amazing bespoke colour and fabric sofa options for every size of living space. From cosy armchairs to double loveseats, 2 seater, 3 seater and up, there are plenty of sizes to choose from for a small living room.

Taking your measurements into consideration, this is where you can see what size sofa the largest wall in the room can take. Aside from this point, think about the natural flow of the space, where you'll want to get to as you walk into the room. If you prefer to be facing a window, also think about that when choosing a sofa. Using these points, make sure to leave space on one or two sides of your sofa for a side table. Lastly, if the space allows it, consider an occasional chair or two in another corner too for guest seating.

Placing Your Seating

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Start with the biggest piece of furniture, the sofa. Naturally, the sofa can be placed along the largest wall. But, look at the shape of the room as well as the natural walkway into the space too. As such, if the room has a radiator, you want to avoid leaning your biggest piece of furniture against it. Moreover, avoid pushing any seating up against the walls as this can flatten the feeling of the room. Instead, always bring your sofa and armchairs away from the walls for a more intimate feeling space. On top of this, it will avoid the feeling that the furniture was squeezed into the room.

sofa arrangement product ideas

Sofa & Armchair Living Room Layout Idea | Rockett St George

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As such, if there are any curved corners, like a window spot, this is a perfect place for some occasional armchairs. Having an occasional chair or two diagonally across from your sofa will create the perfect social space, no matter the room size! Finally, make sure you do what you feel works for you. Don't be afraid to move things around until you're happy with your arrangement...

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