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How To Get Rid Of Your Old Sofa

How To Dispose Of Your Old Sofa

When it comes to disposing of your old sofa there are few options. Of course, we all need to be aware of environmental impact and waste which accumulates from dumping old furniture. We must always find the best possible way to help with this. Read on to hear our ideas on the best ways to get rid of an old sofa for free.


If you looking at ways of how to get rid of an old sofa for free then consider recycling it. Recycling old furniture is a great way of saving money on a new piece, at the same time protecting the environment from waste. Depending on what is wrong with your sofa, consider a little bit of recycling or reupholstery to preserve it for another few years. Maybe it's the cushions that need re-stuffing or a damaged leg that needs replacing. You may even need to reupholster the whole sofa or perhaps the framework is still in perfect order and the cushions just need a refresh.

Whatever the details of the job, we would always look at what we can do with the current sofa before jumping in and buying a new one. Perhaps it can be moved to a second room or a bedroom where it will be used less. If you want to make a statement why not take your sofa outdoors. If you have a sheltered area a sofa would make a fab addition to your outside space.

Recycling is so important right now and there are so many creative ways you can transform an old sofa. With a bit of imagination and patience, you can save money and help with unnecessary waste. As mentioned above one of the best ways to recycle a sofa is to pass it on to someone else to use it in a different room in the house. Use throws and cushions to dress it up and cover any marks. If the sofa is still structurally good then don't throw it away.


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Sometimes when we just want to refresh or update to our living room its often the sofa that we look to change. This is usually a simple problem that the sofa just doesn't work anymore. And the easy decision to make is to get rid of it, but hold that thought because there are other options.

Why don't you donate to someone else, or sell on? More often than not someone is in need of someone else's donations and we would always ask around first. Look at buying & selling on Gumtree or Preloved. You may even find a new sofa on these sites to replace the current sofa you have. It might be that you need a temporary sofa, perhaps because you are renting, and this is a great way to purchase one. If you are selling, you may not want anything for yours, but knowing it's going to a new home is better than dumping it at the tip. As with recycling, if you can find another use for your old sofa in your home, all the better. There is not always the option of reusing, but it should always be considered.

How to get rid of an old sofa for free



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Reducing the amount of waste is always a good thing and if there is an opportunity for someone else to benefit from your sofa then we think that is a good thing. You may even be able to swap your sofa with someone for something else for your home.

Why not head over to Facebook and check out our Buy Swap Sell page. Join our community of lovely people looking to buy homeware, swap items with each other, and sell second-hand pieces. The Buy Swap Sell page is full of Rockett St George products looking for a new home where you can to fellow customers and find some pre-loved goodies! What's not to love?!

These communities keep the Recycle, Reuse & Reduce circle connected and ultimately cut down on environmental damage. Next time you are looking to get rid of your sofa or any other piece of furniture, why not get involved. As with any selling used items online, it doesn't need to cost you anything as you can ask for it to be picked up from you.

To really get creative with your home interior, why not join our Interior Advice Forum? This Facebook group is perfect for discussing your decorating dilemmas with likeminded people and it's great for advice on sprucing up your existing decor.



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If you are struggling to sell or recycle your old sofa, or maybe its condition is just not salvageable then there are options. Local councils will collect furniture from your home at a small cost and take it away for you (charity shops will also collect sofas if they are sellable). This service is sometimes available when you buy a new sofa with some companies, they will take your old one away with them. Always check they are responsibly disposing of it.


If you are able to then get your sofa down to your local tip and dispose of it there. Most council-run tips will have a furniture section to drop off your sofa. They will then be able to strip your sofa and recycle it properly for you.

We hope this has been a useful guide on how to get rid of your old sofa for free. Remember to Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce if you can.

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