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how to find the right home interiors trend for you 2019

How to Find The Right Home Interiors Trend for You.

How to Find The Right Home Interiors Trend for You

A few weeks ago we released our list of Top Interior Design Trends For 2019. Our top 5 interior trends included Tactile Textures, Shells and Pearls, Eco Homeware, Brown Furniture and Clay Colours. You can view the round-up of interior trends here.

So, to continue on this theme for this blog we are going to give you our advice on how to find the right interior trend for your style. Plus, our top tips on how to incorporate interior trends into your home.


You Do You

First things first, trends come and go. So, whilst it's always fun to see what's hot on the interiors scene, we only recommend incorporating elements of interior trends that you love. After all, your home should be reflective of your personal style. You're the one who has to live in your home at the end of the day, so remain faithful to your personal style and only incorporate trends that you love.

Interior Design Trend Prediction 1 - Tactile Textures

Authentic Tamegroute Small Bowl - 11cm £11.00
Images from Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. The Homes of Kate Learmonth and Shelley Carline. Photography by Debi Treloar.

A trend based on connection and feeling, textures is a ubiquitous thing that will suit your decor style no matter what.

Tips to incorporate the textures trend into your home include:

  1. Shake Your Tassels! Tassled and fringed home accessories are a great way of adding layers of texture to your home, whilst also injecting a playful edge to your interiors. Reminding of 1920s style, if you favour Art Deco Styles then fringed armchairs, ceiling lights and cushions will seamlessly complement your decor.
  2. Keep cosy! If you're all about keeping your home cosy and favour scandi and Nordic styles then layer blankets and throws over your sofas and beds and hang decorative rugs on the walls. Rugs are not only great for adding depth and texture to your home, but they are also like art for your walls.
  3. Rock it with rattan. If you're not a fan of deep pile rugs or fringed accessories, then natural rattans, woven wicker and woods are great for adding texture and refined sophistication into your home decor.

Find out more about the trend in our Trend Prediction Blog for 2019 here.

Interior Design Trend Prediction 2 - Shells and Pearls

Mother Of Pearl Monochrome Console Table £1,600.00
Capiz Shell Ceiling Light £495.00 | Bespoke Oyster Shell Armchair £1,750.00

A trend that has been appearing on catwalks for spring summer 2019, we will begin to see a move from decorative shell and pearl fashion accessories into the homeware sphere.

Our top tips for including shells and pearls in your decor are as follows:

  1. Precious Pearls. The shells and pearls trend is really about treasures and investment pieces. A rejection of the fast-fashion era, if you are concerned about the longevity of your items then precious finds, such as a Mother Of Pearl Console Table will last a lifetime and is a unique treasure for your home.
  2. Break Out Of Your Shell. If you love to go-big with your home interiors then this one is for you! Opt for embellished accessories such as lampshades with hanging shells and shell encrusted commodes. We have a Shell Door Curtain or a Shimmering Shell Disc Chandelier that will be perfect for all of you maximalists out there.
  3. Pearl Patterns. Pearl and shell pattern prints on our lampshades, armchairs, wallpaper and home decor is a brilliant idea for those of you who want to add colour and pattern to your home. We actually have some beautiful shell and pearl armchairs and lampshades that work well with this trend here.

Discover more, about the shells and pearls interior trend on our blog.

Interior Design Trend Prediction 3 - Eco Home

Set Of 3 Recycled Glass Nude Tinted Assorted Vases £24.00
Set Of 4 Charm Glass Drinking Straws - Unicorn, Bicycle, Arrow & Eiffel Tower £36.00 | Square Metal Glass Pane Wall Cabinet £240.00

Eco Home is a trend that is here to stay. The prevalence of eco products and reloved pieces is on an upwards trajectory and over the years more and more eco-friendly homeware will be appearing in your home.

Our top tips for incorporating eco products into your home decor.

  1. Recycle Without The Compromise. We've seen a surge in the number of recycled products appearing on the high street and in online stores. We really couldn't be happier about this! It means that you can remain true to your favoured decor style without negatively affecting the environment. Our Toyko Flower Cushion is made from 100% PET Material and is great for boho and ethereal styles.
  2. Single-use Saviours. Single-use plastic is out. So consider swapping out your disposable coffee cups and straws for a plastic-free alternative. We have some stylish Travel Mugs and Glass Straws that look fabulous and can be used over and over again.
  3. Upcycle What You No Longer Love. Upcycling is a genius way of giving unloved and old furniture a lease of new life. It's incredibly inexpensive and you could even sell your creation once finished or give it away to family and friends. For inspiration check out @relovedmcr on Instagram. She is a genius at transforming old and tired pieces and making them beautiful. You can also read our tips for upcycling your furniture here or visit Furniture Donation Network to donate your old furniture.

Find out more about the eco-home trend in our blog here.

Interior Design Trend Prediction 4 - Brown Furniture

Image from Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. The Homes of Shelley Carline. Photography by Debi Treloar.
Images from Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. The Homes of Tina Boulton and Lucy St George. Photography by Debi Treloar.

It was Mad About The House blogger, Kate Watson-Smyth that first got us onto this trend in her blog. It's a devotion to vintage furniture and antiques that have passed down from generation to generation or discovered at antique fairs. Rather lovely, don't you think?

How To Incorporate Brown Furniture Into Your Decor:

  1. Vintage Style. Whilst we think that there's nothing better than finding that one-of-a-kind piece at an antique fair if you haven't got the time or money then simply opt for vintage style instead. The similarity is so often uncanny and it's a great way to add a sense of history and grandeur to your home decor. We have some beautiful vintage-style furniture at Rockett St George including the beautiful Distressed Vintage Style 5-Drawer Chest Of Drawers.
  2. Contrast and Contradict. One of the most common questions that we get is, "How do I incorporate the brown furniture trend into my home". Admittedly dark mahogany furniture can be a bit of a challenge to incorporate into your home, but the trick is to contrast with warming hues such as muted pinks, chalky whites, earthy terracottas or combine with dark blues, greens and blacks.
  3. Focal Pieces. If you are lucky enough to have sourced or inherited antiques and heirloom brown furniture then these pieces deserve to be seen. So, create a focal point with your vintage cabinet or shelving display unit by accessorising the space with traditional artwork with a modern twist or patterned lampshades and quirky ornaments. The more creative you can be the more eye-catching the display will be as soon as you enter the room.

To learn more about the Brown Furniture Trend, check out our blog here.

Interior Design Trend Prediction 5 - Clay Colours

Rockett St George Exclusive Paint Collection - Cloisters From: £14.00
Rockett St George Exclusive Paint Collection - Broderie From: £2.50 | Rockett St George Exclusive Paint Collection - Cloisters From: £14.00

The Clay Colour Trend is all about stripping it back and focusing on creating a natural and warming environment in the home.

How to incorporate clay colours into your decor.

  1. Clay Tones. Earthy, clay tones have a magical effect on your living spaces. Reminding us of warmer climates Clay Colours such as muted pinks, sandy beiges and terracottas are brilliant for creating a nurturing and refreshing feeling in the home. So, experiment with clay colours. The best part being is that clay colours are 'new neutrals' and so work with most decor styles. We have some lovely clay tone paints in the Rockett St George Paint Collection, including Cloisters, Broderie, Emanuella and French Ochre.
  2. Pretty Pottery. Beautiful unpainted pottery is a subtle way to incorporate this trend into your home. Fill with gorgeous green plants or use the pottery as a paintbrush, make-up brush or utensil holder.
  3. Get A Little Rusty. Aged metallics and rusty materials complement clay tones beautifully. It's a great way to incorporate texture (another trend) into your decor. So go on the lookout for rust effect and antiqued pieces. We have some lovely Antiqued Mirrors and Bowls at Rockett St George that would suit this trend perfectly.

Find out more about the Clay Colour Trend on our blog here.

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