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how to declutter after Christmas

How To Declutter Your Home After Christmas

Top 5 Eco Decluttering Tips for After Christmas

In the 12 days after Christmas, our homes can be virtually unrecognisable. The mayhem of Christmas has well and truly taken its toll, and by this point, we've completely given up tidying. But as your house guests begin to disappear back to their normal lives - This is the perfect time to declutter your home. So, we wanted to share our festive top tips for how to declutter your home after Christmas, but with a twist... An Eco-friendly twist. We are always looking for new ways to be more eco-friendly in the home, and by weaving these good habits into your post-Christmas clean up, you'll be reducing your impact on the planet too.

Tip 1 - What To Do With Your Christmas Tree

What to do with your Christmas tree after Christmas

When the time comes to pack away the fairy lights, tinsel, and baubles - don't forget to dispose of your real Christmas tree responsibly. Your local authority will have a special drop-off point or collection service for real Christmas trees in your area. Check their website using your postcode for full details. Once the tree is gone and the pine needles hoovered your home will feel fabulously clutter-free.

Tip 2 - What To Do With Old Christmas Cards

It's surprising how cluttered your home can get with Christmas cards lining every surface. But it feels like such a shame to get rid of those really beautiful or cute Christmas cards. But don't worry, there are tonnes of creative things you can do with them. For any that do not have glitter or non-recyclable materials on them - simply pop them in your recycling. But for any extra special or non-recyclable cards - why not keep your favourites and upcycle them for next year? Our favourite ideas include; Turning them into gift labels or tree decorations for next year; Creating paper Christmas bunting or paper chains; Keeping the cover to make your own for next year. All of these tips will help reduce the need to purchase more next year.

Tip 3 - What To Do With Leftover Food

What to do with left over food from Christmas

We can all be guilty of buying too much food at Christmas. And then there are the endless boxes of chocolates and tins of biscuits that are given to you by friends and family. Just remember, you don't have to eat it all...! If you have leftover food after Christmas then why not declutter your home by donating or dropping it off at your local food bank. Your donation could mean the world to a family in need.

Tip 4 - It Is Okay To Re-Gift

Can you re gift unwanted presents

Re-gifting your unwanted Christmas presents is nothing to be embarrassed about. It simply makes sense. Whether you keep them in a safe place to dig out for upcoming occasions or know a person who would love it - regifting means those items are not going to waste. And unless you have a very honest friendship - don't forget who bought it for you in the first place so that you don't accidentally regift it to them!

Tip 5 - What To Do With Old Christmas Wrapping Paper

how to recycle Christmas wrapping paper

Once the gifts have been torn open there is always a mountain of leftover wrapping paper to wrestle with. Recycle what you can, but for any that cannot be recycled, we suggest saving it to wrap your delicate Christmas decorations in. It will protect them and keep them safe when you're packing them away for next year.

Bonus tip: if you have the space for a sideboard we recommend investing in this key piece of storage furniture for 2020. Not only do they look great - they offer you abundant storage to keep clutter out of sight and also double as a display surface for a collection of your new favourite things!

Do you have any eco or decluttering tips? We'd love to hear from you! Use the comments box below to tell us your top eco/decluttering tips!

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