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How To Choose A Sofa For Your Room

How To Choose A Sofa That's Right For Your Room

Whether you are looking to purchase a new sofa or move an existing one into a new room, there are a few simple things to consider. Read on for our quick guide on choosing the right sofa for you and your room.

How To Choose A Sofa For A Living Room


It might sound obvious but when you are looking to choose a sofa for a room, start off by deciding on its position. It may be joining other seating in a living room or as an additional piece of furniture in a bedroom or kitchen. Make sure you know exactly where your new sofa is going. Consider what you want to be looking out onto when sitting on your sofa. If your sofa is in the middle of a room, will you want to put something behind it? Perhaps draw out a plan of your room and its furniture and work out the best position for your sofa.


Leading on from choosing your location is making sure you get the right size. Measure the space thoroughly, the width, depth, and height. Picking the right sofa size sofa is so important for many reasons. Firstly you need to consider who will be using it. Is it for a family, a couple, or just one person?

How does the size affect the rest of the room and the other furniture? You want your sofa to be in proportion with everything else. The other important thing to consider is whether it can fit into your home and the room in particular. Take measurements of door frames and corridors to avoid issues.

How To Choose A Sofa For A Living Room


You may have fallen in love with a new sofa, but know it doesn't work with the room it's intended for, what do you do? Be prepared to change up the whole room for the new sofa, or if you are in the middle of decorating you can work around it. Alternatively, think about the style of your room as it is. Lean towards a sofa that will complement your existing interior.

Also think about choosing a style of sofa that is not trend-driven and instead a classic shape that is fabulously timeless. Any style changes you want to make to the room in the future should ideally be able to fit around the sofa without having to change it. 


At Rockett St George, we believe in investing in high-quality pieces that will last for years to come. For this reason, we have created a glorious collection of  sofas for every style. After all, a sofa is something that you should adore amongst your interior, a statement piece that can stand the test of time. 

We hope this small guide has been useful.

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