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Green Boucle Sofa styled with white boucle cushions

How Long Do Sofas Last?

Buying a sofa should always be an investment and with this you want your sofa to have a long life. Read on for our guide on keeping your sofa lasting for longer.

Your sofa should on average last you between 7 and 15 years. Of course, this will all depend on how often the sofa is being used and how it is looked after. Common concerns after a length of time are stains and marks on the fabric, springs going in the seat and the frame making noises.

These are all fixable problems, but they can also be prevented or delayed.


A common problem after you have had your new sofa for a few years. Try and avoid this by moving your cushions around. If you find you are sitting in the same position all the time rotate the one you are on. This will prolong the inevitable a little longer and result in a more evenly sat on the sofa. Before getting rid of your sofa when there is more sagging than you can deal with, consider refilling the cushions for a new lease of life. This may be a temporary solution to a longer-lasting problem, but it is worth trying to fix before throwing.

Stains & Marks

We are not always able to avoid stains, either with food or drink. But by acting quickly and treating it, you can reduce the risk of leaving a permanent stain. There are loads of products available to help with stain removal. Just make sure you know if your sofa can be treated with water-based or solvent-based. Using throws is a good way of hiding stains or by using a throw to start with means you are protecting the sofa itself.


Wear & tear is a fact we all have to deal with, especially with our sofas. Fabric can fray or fade over time. particularly noticeable on a patterned sofa. If you can, get the fabric mended if ripped as this will give you a few extra years of use. It may cost a bit, but if you love your sofa it is worth it.

Avoid fading by positioning your sofa away from direct sunlight. Not only does the sun change the colour of the fabric but also weakens it over time. Consider the location of your sofa before you purchase it.


Often we jump on the back of a trend and choose a piece of furniture that will potentially have a short appeal. You may get a few years of enjoying it, but then when you come to redecorate you realise it just won't work. Where you can we would suggest opting for a classic shape that won't date, complimenting different interior styles. This will allow your sofa to have a longer life in your home and you can change up your style around it.

Taking the time to look after your sofa will give you extra years of use, and we hope reading this has given you some ideas!



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