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home office ideas for cottages

Home Office Ideas For Your Cottage

Home Office Ideas For Your Cottage

Creating a home office can be a struggle to get right in any house.

But if you live in a cottage you will have a little bit more to consider, as well as having fewer options. Furniture might need to be limited and other building restriction may come into play. Never fear though, as there are always solutions, and we are here to help!

a country cottage style home office with a pinboard

Image: The home of Alexandra and Nicolas Valla as featured in 'Extraordinary Interiors' by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Published by Ryland Peters & Small. Photography by Debi Treloar.

The challenge of setting up a home office in a cottage is going to be space. Depending on the size you have to work with chances you will grabbing a corner, landing or squeezed into a small room. To help make the most of what you have, try zoning the office area, and make it an individually styled area. Look at introducing smaller pieces of furniture. Calculate the minimum number of items you can work with. A desk that has drawers, a slimline chair & some clever storage is a good place to start.

Home Office Furniture

Our Mid-Century Design Two Drawer Desk is a gorgeous piece to sit in a cottage home. Blending modern and traditional, team this desk with The Stockard Leather Dining Chair for a sophisticated look.

When you look at shelving options and storage, there are a couple of things to consider. Do you have a height restriction? If you do then look at alternative storage, keeping it low down. Any wall space you do have, maybe hang one or two storage baskets for stationery and items you need close to you. Keep your home office as decluttered as possible. Alternatively, take a look at our Kitchen Storage Rack With 6 Removable Boxes as it would work perfectly in a cottage home office. The key in any home office is to have a practical space, works with your needs and inspires you.

Something else to think about is whether your building is grade listed. You may not be able to drill into walls. Look at freestanding furniture, and in particular ones that give height, maximising any wall space you have. Our Traditional Apothecary-Style Drawer Cabinet is a gorgeous vintage-looking piece. Full of small and large drawers, ideal for storing all your office items.

When you are working with either a small space or building restrictions, then its important to maximise the furniture you have. These pieces need to be multi-purpose, but still, work within the space. Our Industrial-Style Filing Drawer Storage Cabinet is a perfect blend of function and style, fitting into most interiors, old and new.

Wallpaper for a Home Office

You may want to keep a traditional feeling in your office, especially if it is within a cottage. Often it is nice to decorate a room sympathetically to the building's age and draw inspiration from the past. This can be done through wallpaper or paint colours. We think florals are always going to be a winner in small period properties, and are certainly more timeless. If you are working in a small room then it might be wise to go for a light colour. This will help to reflect the light and create an airy space. Add a bold wallpaper on one wall for some interest and fun.

Find a wallpaper that excites you and will motivate you whilst working in your home office.

Another element of a home office that is important is to incorporate plants and flowers. Proven to calm the mind and help with productivity, plants will also soften a space. It will filter out some of the harder lines of a desk or shelf. We love a natural plant, but equally, we suggest going faux. In a cottage, you may be limited on light and struggle to get a plant to survive. Choose a faux plant like our Artificial Hanging Foliage Succulent Vine to alleviate this problem.


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