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lifestyle image of bathroom wallpaper

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas for 2020

Introducing an instant pop of pattern and colour, wallpaper in the bathroom is a must-have decorating idea for 2020! Firstly, with such a wide range of designs available, there is truly something for every style. Also, wallpaper has the power to bring life and colour to your interior. So, what’s not to love?!

Although the level of choice out there is fantastic for inspiring creativity, it can be difficult to make a decision. Therefore, we’ve put together our top 5 ideas for wallpaper in the bathroom to help create the decor of your dreams. From Chinoiserie scenes to bold botanicals, these beautiful bathroom wallpapers ensure a relaxing style oasis in your home!

While wallpaper in the bathroom is often approached with caution, it shouldn’t be ruled out. For one, it’s a great way to add interest to the walls without the costly expense of tiles. Also, the effect is truly transformative and can be used to create atmosphere or evoke treasured memories! But, what about practicality? There are differing opinions on using wallpaper in the bathroom. Above all, it’s important to choose a spot that won’t be regularly splashed with water. In addition, a good extractor fan always helps! However, as long as you have space around the walls and use paint/tiles in splash-sensitive areas, you don't need to worry. So, don’t hold back when exploring beautiful bathroom wallpaper ideas for your home!

Luxury Ideas From London

lifestyle image of beautiful London bathrooms
Left Image: Allbright via Dezeen. Centre Image: Isabel Mayfair via Square Meal. Right Image: Annabel's Mayfair via Elle Decoration.
Wallpaper: Matthew Williamson Tyger Tyger Wallpape: £124.00, Edo Wallpaper Mural in Gold: £470.00, Mind the Gap Journey To Eden Wallpape: £175.00

When it comes to inspiration for creating the perfect bathroom scheme, look to your favourite hotels and restaurants. The days of boring bathrooms are long gone. As a result, there’s a whole new world of brilliant bathroom wallpaper ideas out there just waiting to be discovered…

For example, the bathroom in Annabel’s private member’s club embraces a bold palette of powder pink hues. From the wallpaper to the marble sink and ceiling, everything is pink. And the result is incredible! Not only is this a cohesive scheme but it’s also a brave one. While often viewed as old fashioned, traditional influences are celebrated here to create old school glamour and effortless luxury! In the same vein both Isabel Mayfair and Allbright use statement wallpaper to introduce unforgettable drama.

Inspired by the brilliance of these spaces, here’s our edit of the best bathroom wallpaper ideas for 2020...


Botanical Bathroom Wallpapers

lifestyle image of botanical bathroom wallpaper ideas
Left Image: Livingetc. Centre Image: Anna Glover. Right Image: House & Garden.
Wallpaper: Cole & Son Palm Jungle Wallpaper: £100.00, Chinoiserie Wallpaper Mural - Garzas Goji: £510.00, Mind The Gap Banana Leaves Wallpaper: £175.00


Taking inspiration from the natural world, botanical wallpapers bring balance and calm to your home. Consequently, the luxurious leaf designs are perfect for the bathroom! With daily stresses high and time low, the bathroom provides a sanctuary to rest and relax after a long day. And with our desire to reconnect with the earth, any pattern that embraces nature is a winner for us! So, don’t be afraid to celebrate luxe, leafy prints and bring botanical patterns into your bathroom!

In addition to the unique appeal of nature, these playful patterns also have a timeless quality. From the iconic palm prints of Palm Springs, to detailed flora and tropical landscapes, this trend shows no sign of slowing. Therefore, botanical bathroom wallpaper ideas are ideal for any bathroom, large or small!

Whilst classic teal and green tones are undeniably beautiful, you can be playful when it comes to the colour palette. For example, we love pastel pinks for a more modern take on the botanical trend. Also, rich terracotta and copper tones provide a subtle sense of contrast that helps bring green tones to life!


Beautiful Bathroom Wall Murals

Left Image: The home of Hannah Cecil Gurney via Architectural Digest. Centre Image: The home of Kate Moss via Homes & Gardens. Right Image: Nicoline Beerkens Interior Design
Wallpaper: Flamingo Chinoiserie Mural Wallpaper - Aloe: £510.00, Chinoiserie Tree Wallpaper Mural - Cora Winter: £510.00, Chinoiserie Wallpaper Mural - Taj Mahal Maca: £510.00


For the ultimate statement in the bathroom, nothing has quite the same impact as a wall mural! By taking pattern to a larger scale, wall murals can create a stunning scene in your bathroom. Moreover, murals have the ability to transform your space and create a tropical oasis or floral paradise. By adding luxury and a hint of whimsy to your walls, this clever decorative feature ensures style and relaxation! Also, introducing a bathroom wall mural can whisk you away and evoke memories of a favourite place or time.

For example, our Taj Mahal Mural will take you on a trip to the tropics of India. Meanwhile, the Chinoiserie Tree Mural is reminiscent of the beautiful blossom trees of Japan. In our search for bathroom wallpaper ideas, we’ve discovered some fabulous inspiration from across the globe...

In London Kate Moss & Hannah Cecil Gurney’s homes prove the power of pattern. Featuring wallpaper from de Gournay, artistic flair and dramatic detail ensure bathrooms that are out of this world! Also, Amsterdam-based interior designer Nicoline Beerkens celebrates a tropical safari scene to bring a monochrome bathroom design to life. From fabulous flamingos to exotic jungle landscapes, wall murals promise to add wonder to your walls!


Dark & Dramatic Bathroom Wallpapers

lifestyle image of dark bathroom wallpaper ideas
Left Image: Cole & Son Martyn Lawrence Bullard Collection: £140.00. Centre Image: Livingetc. Right Image: The Home of Lucy St George, photography by Catherine Gratwicke.
Wallpaper: Mountains Wallpaper Mural - Kami Blue Spirulina: £510.00, Mind The Gap Metropolis Wallpaper: £175.00

Dark, dramatic colours look brilliant in the bathroom! From bold black to graphite grey and midnight blue, dark hues are perfect for creating a statement bathroom scheme. Most importantly, these colours also help to create cosiness and the illusion of space. Therefore, darker colours are ideal for either smaller cloakroom bathrooms or grand en-suites.

With so many ways to decorate, a dark palette can be combined with a range of statement wallpaper styles. For example, our Co-founder Lucy St George has paired black paintwork with an Art Deco wallpaper design for showstopping glamour. Similarly, the Hollywood Palm wallpaper by Martyn Lawrence Bullard combines retro LA inspiration with a dark colour palette for decadent drama.

On the other hand, you don’t necessarily need wallpaper on all four walls to create a statement. In the above image from Livingetc, wallpaper has been introduced to the bathroom cabinet for a playful approach to pattern. The effect is beautifully unique and a great way to use up any spare wallpaper from previous projects! Also, this image perfectly plays with balance. By introducing dark navy-blue elements with white walls and accessories, the bathroom appears spacious, modern and effortlessly chic.


Chinoiserie Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Finally, one of our favourite bathroom wallpaper ideas has to be Chinoiserie. Inspired by oriental influences, Chinoiserie wallpaper captures both modern and vintage details for a timeless design style. Featuring majestic birds, blossom trees and enchanted garden scenes, these designs celebrate the beauty of the natural world. Consequently, Chinoiserie wallpapers and murals are perfect for creating a peaceful yet captivating sanctuary in your bathroom.

As a trend that never seems to fade, Chinoisierie patterns have long been associated with luxury. And the introduction of one of these patterns in your bathroom is guaranteed to impress! Above all, choose a colour palette that you love and don’t be afraid to go bold with your chosen design. In this case, bigger is better and wall murals are amazing for creating a fabulous focal point. A few of our favourites include Gucci’s iconic Heron Wallpaper and our Garzas Rose Pink Wallpaper Mural. Also, we love the metallic background of the oriental wall mural in the above image from Drummonds. Combining natural imagery with stand-out luxury, you can’t go wrong with a Chinoiserie wallpaper!


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