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6 Small Home Office Ideas

6 Small Home Office Ideas

6 Small Home Office Ideas


Working from home has become the norm for a lot of us. If you are struggling to create a space that works for you, we have 6 small home office ideas to help. Whether it's picking the perfect desk or looking for storage solutions, we can help.


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Image: The home of Lucy St George as featured in 'Extraordinary Interiors' by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George. Published by Ryland Peters & Small. Photography by Debi Treloar.


6 Small Home Office Ideas

1. Choose your desk

Making a room work for a home office is one thing, but if that room usually has another use it brings up more of a challenge. Choosing the right desk is a good starting point. Look for one that is as much practical as it is space-saving. It might sound obvious, but pick a desk with drawers. Having drawers will allow you to have quick access to stationery and paperwork. You can hide away anything you don't need at that moment, and it keeps your workspace tidy.

It is also an idea to look at how the intended room works currently before you set up your home office. If it is a spare bedroom, perhaps get a desk that can double up as a dressing table. If you are taking over a corner of a living room you may want a console-style desk like our Glass Desk/Dressing Table With Antique Gold Frame. This will allow you to dress it when not being used as a work desk, and blend into the room. A slim desk will take up little space, therefore less dominating in a smaller room.



2. Shelving solutions

Maximise your workspace with shelving. If you can't go outwards with your workspace, then go up. Keep all the shelving the same for a unified look, and keep them as close to your desk as possible. This will create a work zone, with everything you need at hand. You don't want to be reaching to the other side of the room to grab files etc.

Having shelves will allow you to display more than just your work-related items. Soften the area with plants and ornaments. You want your home office to be a relaxing, functional and stimulating space.



3. Keep things tidy

This is very important if you are sharing your home office with another room. Try keeping your clutter hidden in boxes and baskets. These can be stacked up next to the desk or on the shelves. Look at simple solutions to keep everything in order. Your pens stored in a pen pot and your paperwork in files on a shelf. An organised small home office is good for the mind & soul, as well as helping productivity.

Using a filing cabinet like our Industrial-Style Filing Drawer Storage Cabinet is perfect for keeping your paperwork in order. Use it to also store stationery, accessories and other bits & bobs. This vintage-inspired item of furniture is a great statement piece in any room, not just a home office.

Keep reading for our top 6 small home office ideas.

6 Small Home Office Ideas

4. Define your space

Make sure your home office is an area you can feel inspired in. Take your style from the rest of your home and bring it to the space. Make it less office-like, and more homely. If you are going to be spending a lot of time there, you want it to be comfortable and reflect your personality. Dress your work area with plants and ornaments, as previously mentioned. Having your items around you, like pictures & books will help define your space.

You could also use paint or wallpaper to help with this. Create a backdrop to your office area, separating it from the rest of the room. Again this is a way to define your home office, something really important when working from home. You need to step away from this area when the workday is over.


5. Light it up

No home office is complete without a lamp! A desk lamp is an obvious choice if your desk size allows for it. A great space-saving choice is the adorable Modern Gold Accent Table Lamp.

But if you are struggling for space a wall light would be a great choice. Hang it just above your desk for maximum effect. You don't want anything too obstructive, so pick a wall light with a flexible arm. Move it around as you need it, and at the end of the day push it to the side.

Our Retro Style Directional Clamp Task Lamp is a great choice for getting good light, but with minimal space required. Attach it to a shelf and angle it as required.



6. Time to sit down

Last but certainly not least is your office chair. In a small home office, you are going to likely need to keep things slim. Look at the space you have and how the chair will fit under the desk when not in use. And how much space will the chair take up when you are using it.

A comfortable chair is extremely important, one that gives back support and a well-padded seat. If you fancy a little extra padding and luxury then take a look at our sheepskin pads.

Have some fun with your office chair, you at home after all, so anything goes!


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