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5 Top Tips For Lighting Your Home

Introducing Our Lighting Ideas To Live By

It's time to light it up!


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Image from Rockett St George Extraordinary Interiors by Jane Rockett & Lucy St George, Published by Ryland, Peters & Small, Photography by Debi Treloar

As the days grow darker, the light sources in your home become more important than ever. After all, the role of lighting is unique in its ability to transform the atmosphere of any space imaginable. In a similar vein to colour, light has the power to lift your mood and surround you with comforting style. From the all-important ceiling light, to floor lamps, luxe table lamps and wall lights, there’s no singular secret to success. Each room in the home serves a different function and therefore needs to embrace a different take on lighting ideas. While kitchens and workspace often need to be light and bright, living rooms and bedrooms benefit from a softer approach. However, light is so much more than purely practical. So once the functional aspects of your lighting scheme are considered, it’s equally important to focus on making a statement.

With the clocks about to change, the switch in the season has inspired some fabulous new additions to our lighting collection. Above all, each design is carefully considered to celebrate the many mood-enhancing benefits of great lighting. Therefore, a focus on both atmosphere and personality is at the forefront of each design. With a wide range of inspirations, the range is crafted to suit every style and change of mood. From timeless classics to playful lighting ideas that shine a spotlight on quirky style, there’s something for everyone! So, read below to find out about our collection of cool desk lamps, fabulous floor lamps, animal lamps and so much more!

Jane & Lucy’s 5 Top Tips & Ideas For Lighting Your Home

To help you on your journey to create the perfect lighting scheme, we’ve turned to the experts. Our wonderful co-founders Jane & Lucy have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to lighting the home. Therefore, their lighting ideas are ideal whether you’re starting out in your first home or looking to add cosy comfort for the winter months. Covering both practical concerns and insider styling tips, read on to discover Jane & Lucy's lighting rules to live by when it comes to light in the home...

Don’t Settle For Bad Lighting

'Central ceiling lights can create a bland atmosphere in your home and impact the entire mood of the space. So, instead of just focusing on one light in the centre of the room, we recommend using as many light sources as possible. For example, table lamps and floor lights are amazing. These clever light sources help to create pools of light that achieve an inviting ambience and warmth. Moreover, you can move these around your home as and when you need any extra lighting! In terms of fabulous table lamps, we adore the Retro Golden Glass Tripod Table Lamp for creating a glorious gold glow in any space. Additionally, we love an industrial floor lamp such as the Tripod Floor Lamp as it adds a vintage vibe to any space whilst being a clever angled lighting solution. For something with a stand-out style, you can always rely on our boldly beautiful Palm Tree Lamp. This Palm Floor Lamp is one of our all-time favourites at Rockett St George.'

You can shop more unusual floor lamp designs here!

Make Sure Your Lighting Ideas Consider The Function Of The Room

images of modern gold table lamp on a desk and a vintage style shell wall light

Left: Sublime Brushed Gold Table Lamp: £128.00| Right: Art Deco Shell Wall Light: £135.00

'Our homes are working harder than ever to provide a sanctuary for relaxation. However, they also need to become versatile spaces for everyday life and new home office setups. Therefore, considering the function of the room is key to creating a home setting that works for you. And lighting can play a big part in this! Look at how you want to use the space and add task lighting for the jobs at hand. Wall lights are perfect for illuminating kitchen workspaces when cooking. Similarly, table lamps are ideal for creating a cosy corner for those working from home throughout the winter. On top of this, a quirky lamp such as the Mushroom Shaped Table Lamp can help to create calming style spot in your sleeping space or kids' bedroom alike.'

Always Install Your Light On A Dimmer

image of three-tier fringe chandelier with avocado green fringing and gold base

'Although a simple piece of advice, installing your lights on a dimmer can completely transform your space. This clever trick allows you to control the amount of light that floods the room, depending on both your mood and the natural light available outside.'

Embrace Lighting Ideas That Celebrate Light And Shade

image of gold fern ceiling light and glass star ceiling light


Left: Fern Leaf Palm Tree Style Ceiling Pendant Light: £165.00 | Right: Brass Star Pendant Ceiling Light: £465.00

'Although providing perfect levels of light is important, shade and shadow should also be celebrated to create extra depth and drama. The central ceiling light can be a great way to play around with shadows, either by choosing a design with rattan/woven textures that light can shine through, or by embracing a chandelier that reflects patterns of light around the room. Another great trick is to position the shade of your table lamps or floor lights to showcase different display features such as house plants, quirky ornaments or artwork. This creates different shadows of light on the walls and adds further drama to the pieces that you want to highlight in your home.'

Create Mood Lighting & Ambience With Candlelight

images of gold octopus candlestick holder with black candles and black and gold marbled pillar candle


Left: Gold Octopus Candlestick Holder: £34.00 | Right: Hand-Dipped Goldrush Marble Pillar Candle: £15.00

'There’s nothing quite like candlelight to set the tone and create a beautiful glow of light that revitalises your space. Everything looks amazing in this natural and romantic light so we always recommend filling the home with plenty of candles. From dinner candles styled on the table, to classic pillar candles and sumptuous scented candles that awaken the senses… You really can never have too many candles!'

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