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earth soil and clay interiors

2022 Trends: Earth, Soil & Clay

Celebrating peace and love at home, our Earth, Soil & Clay trend brings influences from the 70s hippy era into the modern home. Defined by connection to the natural world, this trend embraces a natural earthy colour palette.

Inspired by the warm natural wood materials, presence of houseplants and unapologetic use of rust, ochre and green in 70s interior design, these organic materials and earthy colour choices are ever-calming for your interior. As such, featuring neutral tones, curved lines and natural textures, you can rely on this trend to add character to any scheme. Moreover, watch out for the arrival of mushroom shapes too. These subtly curved forms are set to be a huge inspiration in our interiors this year. Whatsmore, embracing the beauty of neutral colours with a laid-back luxe, this trend goes beyond earthy influence with a focus on recycled and reformed materials. Finally, see below to discover why the 70s earth lover trend is going to be your new favourite in 2022...

Earth, Soil & Clay Moodboard

Earth, Soil & Clay Moodboard | Rockett St George

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Taking inspiration from warmer climates and boldly beautiful living spaces, the earth, soil and clay trend has never looked so gorgeous. As such, think of modern California with a carefree 70s twist that provides pops of colour. Moreover, the earthy tones are effortlessly complimented with the use of modern curves and sumptuous shapes to balance the chilled-out vibe. Using rustic designs with striking details results in a dreamy-luxe interior that commands attention in any space. Whatsmore, we adore the mix of imperfect finishes with characterful details, it's an interior match made in heaven for restful interior lovers in 2022.

Earth, Soil & Clay Colour Palette

70s earth collection colour inspiration

70s Earth Lover Trend | Click To Shop

Using the beauty of the world to inspire our homes, you can take the most joyful and peaceful hues to create magic in your home. Think golden hour light, sunset orange and pink paired with multicoloured clay for a unique, contemporary and playful scheme. Whatsmore, we love to take influence from many corners of the globe for this divine decor choice. As such, we're using Palm Springs meets Marrakech buildings, soil and plaster as our colour references. Bringing the outdoors in is key with this colour palette. For this reason, medium sand, through to deep brown earth and glorious green plants is the perfect mixture for your home. Finally, hot hues, calming sandy neutrals and eco-wooden finishes from somewhere warm and marvellous will beautifully balance any pops of colour used in your interior.

So see, below to be inspired by our interior ideas for the 70s earth lover trend.

Interior Inspiration

The Palm Springs Natural Oak Tall Shelving Unit

The Palm Springs Natural Oak Tall Shelving Unit | Click To Shop

Earthy textures and abstract forms will bring a unique flair and serene feel to your decor. As such, this year we're loving new reformed imperfect materials that introduce new shapes and finishes to the home. Moreover, earth, soil and clay tones are perfect for bringing sophistication to your home but with a playful twist. For this reason, you can really have fun with the pieces you choose and curate a marvellously eclectic look. Bringing that 70s earth lover feel using the colours of nature, you will result in a warm Californian style scheme to adore. Moreover, there are so many ways to introduce a one of a kind earthy vibe in the home. Using furniture, accessories and ornamental treasures, every detail brings an opportunity to let out your inner earth lover. Even better, carefully consider eco-friendly materials to really encapsulate this look.

Hero Pieces For 2022

earthy inspired products

Hero Pieces For 2022 | 70s Inspired Earth Soil & Clay

Products Featured: 1. Raw Ceramic Clay Best Bottom Vase | 2. Handmade Quirky Green Drip Decorative Jug | 3. Pale Olive Earthenware Side Table | 4. Ceramic Holding Nature Plant Pot | 5. Terracotta Stoneware Rings Side Table | 6. Sunburst Sustainable Wood Sideboard Cupboard | 7. Speckled Sand Ceramic Narrow Neck Vase | 8. Set Of 4 70s Ceramic Americano Mugs

“Unlike the 70s influences that create a tone of decadence and glamour in our New Jewelled trend, the 70s Earth Lover offers a more subtle approach through its focus on nature. Created with mood and wellness in mind, each piece is introduced to evoke joy, either through the natural influences in design, vintage 70s aesthetic or the product’s sustainable credentials. Characterised by classic colours of the era (from avocado and moss green to burnt orange and chocolate), warm mood lighting, sustainable wood furniture and retro ceramics, this trend helps revitalise your interior and bring your happy place home.”

Jane Rockett, Co-founder of Rockett St George


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