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2022 Trends: Curve Appeal

2022 Trends: Curve Appeal

With our homes becoming an important source of comfort in the past couple of years, it’s no surprise the captivating curve appeal trend is at the forefront of interiors.

Creating a cosy feel by replacing sharp angular shapes with soft lines, demand for curves shows is here to stay. As such, whilst the initial focus embraced the beauty of a curved silhouette in the furniture in our homes, soft curves are now an important focal point in accessories too. Taking inspiration from the natural world, organic shapes are taking over. This year, expect to see everything from scalloped edges and crescent furniture designs to curved accessories that draw influence from shells, abstract art and the female body.

Curve Appeal Moodboard

curve appeal inspiration interiors

Curve Appeal Moodboard | Rockett St George

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Taking inspiration from marvellous architecture, furniture and accessories alike, curve appeal has so many ways to make an impact. Whatsmore, you can carry this theme through all of your interiors for a wonderfully cohesive look. Whatsmore, creating a fabulous flow in any space, curves have a way of making an impact whilst providing a sense of tranquillity amongst your scheme. Proving that there are no rules when it comes to curves, this inspiration is daring, delightful and playful in style. See below for more interior ideas.

Curve Appeal Colour Palette

belle nous curvy body candles

Curvy Female Body Torso Candle By Belle Nous | Click To Shop

Whilst the curve appeal trend is about the beauty of shapes, there's also a great opportunity to play with colour too. As such, we love natural-toned curves, marvellous monochromes and pops of colour alike. On top of this, you can apply these wonderful shapes to some of our other 2022 trends to really make a dazzling scheme out of it! Whatsmore, this dreamy curvaceous trend is all about having fun with shape. For this reason, you can really let your colour palette reflect a way of living with no rules. So, dare to be different when choosing your curve appeal colours!

Interior Inspiration

Art Deco Super King Headboard

Shop The Curve Appeal Trend | Rockett St George

It's all about the power of the curve! Making a sexy statement in any space, captivating curvaceous pieces are the perfect way to introduce a playful edge into your home. Whatsmore, from furniture to ornamental treasures, we're seeing this trend weaved through our homes in many ways. Showcasing many styles from modern to art deco, there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate luscious curves into your home. For this reason, this trend can be styled amongst so many schemes. So, see below to discover our hero products for this trend and why versatile design is a must-have for your homes this year...

Hero Pieces For 2022

hero pieces for 2022 curve appeal

Hero Pieces For 2022 | Click To Discover

Products Featured: 1- Matt Olive Twisted Tube Vase | 2- Curved Back Velvet Dining Chair In Moss Green | 3- Brown Bottom Candlestick Holder | 4- Art Deco Super King Headboard | 5- Blossom Pink Metal Stool | 6- White Ceramic Female Torso Vase | 7- White Teddy Armchair With Gold Legs | 8- Matte Black Pear Shaped Vase

“There is something irresistible about the introduction of curved lines to the home and throughout the next year the approach to curves is set to be more creative than ever, with structural spheres paired with imperfect shapes, lots of asymmetry, wobbly lines and dramatic arches. Embracing a vintage feel with a nod to deco design classics and plenty of unique pieces that prioritise personality, the trend for curved lines is entering a new era of luxury.”

Lucy St George, Co-founder of Rockett St George


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