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Garden mirrors

20 Garden Mirror Ideas

Give your garden a makeover with our top garden mirror ideas.

After all, who doesn't love spending time outdoors relaxing with friends and family soaking up the warm sun?! With this in mind, it is only fitting to create a unique and quirky garden scheme that offers instant wow-factor with our top garden mirror ideas.

Garden mirrors are wonderful accessories that have the power to transform a space, whether large or small. Depending on the size and design, there are many different ways to style your chosen mirror. Whatsmore, we've put together an edit of 20 garden mirror ideas that'll revamp your scheme in show-stopping style. So, whether you have a small patio, a large garden or simply a balcony, our 20 garden mirror ideas will be sure to give you some fabulous inspiration. Keep reading to find out more...

1. Tropical Oasis

We love to curate a tropical oasis in any scheme! So outside, why not bring an utterly serene and calm feeling to your space?! Additionally, it's the hints of drama mixed with a luscious colour palette and earthy tones that make this decor so harmonious. For this magical display, your statement garden mirror will become your focal point. Moreover, this can be a helpful tool to focus your styling around.

It's important to consider what will be reflecting off of your mirrors. Therefore, to create a luscious exotic scene you'll want the focal point to pop with greenery. So, place your mirror in an area that'll reflect leafy foliage to give your space even more depth and an added vibrant colour. Moreover, it's useful to style plants at varying heights around the mirror to give that effortlessly tropical look. Paired with some terracotta planters and a divine water feature, your garden scheme will be transformed into a fabulously tropical villa that'll welcome an abundance of wildlife. What's not to love?!


2. Light It Up

A simple way to give a garden mirror a boost of life is to embellish it with twinkling lights. Not only does this create a divine atmosphere, but it will give your scheme a life-giving backdrop that's filled with charm. We suggest using warm-toned lights and draping them along one side of the frame. This will create a glorious glow that reflects off the mirror and into your garden. Moreover, opting for an enchanting ambience will create a sense of magic and make for a serene garden scheme. Above all, to avoid this styling choice from looking over the top, keep the lights on a still setting.


3. Bring The Indoors Out

Image via @popsugar

If you want to spend more time in your garden, a good tip is to continue your interior design outdoors. Versatile accessories like mirrors help to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces creating a sense of fluidity between the two spaces. Paired with textural pieces such as outdoor rugs and helpful ambience setters like some charming lanterns, this dynamic decor scheme will create an utterly inviting and cosy feel that'll be calling your name!

So, whether you choose to display an outdoor dining table or lay a rug on the floor topped with comfy cushions, this garden mirror idea will be a top trend for the warmer months.

4. Maximise Your Space

Whatever the size of your garden, maximising your space is always something to consider. However, smaller gardens can benefit from an illusionary trick to prevent the space from looking cramped. Styling three wall-mounted mirrors in a row will not only add extra dimension but will brighten up your space significantly too. The added benefit is that any size will do. The three mirrors will create a seamlessly sustained look that'll undoubtedly make a spectacular statement all on its own. Our Distressed Arch Indoor/Outdoor Mirror is the perfect size to create this exact look in a small courtyard garden or even a balcony.


5. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

If you want to achieve and extraordinary garden mirror display, we suggest finding a plain wall to curate a fabulous feature that'll stand out from the rest. Pair a marvellous mirror with some quirky wall-mounted ornaments, as well as outdoor lighting to make a statement feature that'll become the focal point of your garden scheme. On top of this, why not opt for ornamental treasures you've collected over the years rather than generic pieces. This will put your own personal stamp on your wall display and we can guarantee it'll make your arrangement look all the more appealing. Finally, the positioning of your ornaments need not be perfect, in fact, the more random the better!

Please note, be cautious of the placement of your mirrors as they can sometimes be dangerous to wildlife.


6. Enchanted Garden Mirror Ideas

To us, an enchanted garden is a place where you'd want to spend time tucked up getting lost in an all-time classic novel dreaming of a time long past. Therefore, your garden scheme should imitate this dreamy feeling by creating a scheme that's distinct from your home yet still part of it. So, styling a mirror around an enchanted garden paradise scheme will double the appearance of available space. This gives that otherworldly vibe for all to adore. Moreover, a large mirror can create the illusion of an entrance into another space you didn't know you had. Surrounded by luscious foliage as well as large dramatic planters, this will make a statement and exude that fantasy feeling. This is how you can transform your space into a scheme filled with imagination and possibilities!


7. Mosaic Of Mirrors

Our next garden mirror idea is mosaic walls! Creating a mosaic of mirrors is all about combining an eclectic mix of frames and styling them together to create a garden gallery wall. The first to do is gather a collection of your favourite outdoor mirrors. The key to this step is to make sure they vary in shape, scale, and style as this is what'll make your mosaic all the more eye-catching. Then, find the perfect wall in your garden to fit the number of mirrors you have. Small or large, your mosaic of mirrors will not fail to make a statement! Pay particular attention to the placement and make sure you cover the entire wall. So that's some high, some low and some at eye level. This way your mosaic of mirrors will become an interesting abstract feature that will stand out from the rest. Showcasing a number of reflections, each from a different angle, this will make for an utterly spectacular display that's oh-so dramatic.


8. Moroccan Magnificence

One of our favourite forms of inspiration is travelling to different parts of the world and gathering a fabulous fusion of cultural influences for our decor. Moroccan Magnificence celebrates bringing your indoor style outside, creating a space that feels as if you've been transported into the heart of the vibrant Moroccan souks. Pair an eclectic mix of patterns with a vibrant yet soothing colour palette, such as a celestial blue, to create a royal looking scheme that doubles up as a calming oasis.

The ultimate riad courtyard look would be incomplete without a classic Moroccan style mirror that displays gorgeous arches. Curvaceous shapes, as opposed to straight-lines, imbue a sense of calm that'll seamlessly flow into the rest of your garden decor scheme. Finally, to finish off the look, accessorise with enchanting candlelit lanterns to create the ideal serene sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


9. French Chic Garden Mirror Ideas

four images of garden furniture

Black Metal Outdoor Table & Chair Bistro Set  | Windowpane Indoor/Outdoor Mirror With Sloping Top - £215.00 | Faux Olive Tree In Ceramic Flower Pot - £85.00 | Roda Matt Black Stoneware Large Dinner Plate - £12.00

Celebrating the beauty of elegance and simplicity, a French Chic styled garden is for lovers of an effortlessly put-together scheme. Symmetry and order mixed with a cool colour palette are fundamental aspects of this look. So with this in mind, a beautiful French-style arched mirror with graceful curves would make for the perfect backdrop against a practical and sophisticated garden set. Accessorise with a mix of textural stoneware, from your plant pots to your tableware and voila! You've created a modest and elegantly chic French cafe vibe.

10. Fabulous On The Floor

For those who don't have the garden space to hang mirrors on the wall, fear not! An unusual yet spectacular alternative is to lay a mirror on the floor. Hidden amongst a flower bed, a large windowpane mirror will send a beautiful reflection of your garden, elevating the plush green elements. Moreover, this is the perfect way to add interest to the corners of your garden. This is a clever and unique aesthetic that offers a delightfully quirky twist to any chosen scheme.


11. Making An Entrance

Make an entrance to your garden, whether that be a side gate or doorway to your outdoor space. You can use a marvellous mirror to make it the most beautiful part of your space. For any guests, this will catch their eye and make your entrance feel all the more open and inviting. Embellish your entrance with climbing evergreen plants so no matter the season, you'll always have a luscious decor to adore. To finish the look, accessorise with homely touches that make your garden scheme feel playful. This is achieved perfectly with the Fun Palace Metal Sign Wall Art. Finally, use large planters on either side of your entrance to make a spectacular statement from the moment you walk in.


12. Gothic Churchyard

Give your garden decor a gothic revival with the mysterious churchyard scheme. A delightfully daring choice, this scheme is all about embracing the wildness of your garden in all its beauty and imperfections. When choosing a particular style spot in your garden, we suggest using a gothic mirror as the focal point for your scheme. These mirrors exude such character and are spectacular at tricking the eye into looking like a window. Decorate around your focal point with rustic stoneware planters and sculptural planters alike. This will create a timeless aged look that gives the impression of an untouched garden. Styled with dark-toned flowers and foliage, your garden scheme will look as quirky as ever!

Finally, we think the best part of this scheme is the fact that it's utterly low maintenance. All you need to do is allow nature to take its course, go wild and flourish, so what's not to love?!

Please note, the Enchanted Girl Quirky Flower Pot is not 100% waterproof and must be coated in a special paint-oil solution if chosen to style outside, so as to not tarnish the design.


13. Alluring Art Deco Garden Mirror Ideas

The art deco period prizes itself for its glamorous decor. Putting a rich colour palette and intricate patterns at the heart of its design, what's not to love?! So, if you want to go for a boldly beautiful scheme, it's only fitting to create a garden that embodies luxuriousness, grandeur and decadence. Therefore, your scheme would be incomplete without a lavish mirror that boasts a strikingly eye-catching look. Pair a large statement arched mirror with gorgeous garden furniture that embraces a daring and flamboyant structure. For a twist on this, our Pretty Pink Metal Garden Chair is perfect. The art deco period was utterly ahead of its time with its creative designs. So, don't hesitate to think outside of the box! Finish off the look by decorating your style spot with opulent gold details that offer wow-factor. This garden scheme will become the perfect social area to catch up with friends and family enjoying a glass of fizz.


14. Windowpane Mirror Trellis

Mirrors can be used in so many different ways to give various looks. If you fancy a little DIY, we have a fabulous project that'll make your mirror stand out in style. Train ivy and other climbing plants to grow up and around a mirror to create a fabulous focal point. The key tip here is to opt for a windowpane mirror, as this style gives that trellis aesthetic. Ensure your mirror is securely fixed to the wall, as over time your plants will grow to become heavier. This mirror styling idea will make for a spectacular display that'll be a winner for all those in the family.


15. Lovely And Layered

If you want your garden scheme to make a spectacular impact, then layering mirrors is a unique idea. Firstly, to achieve this extraordinary maximalist look, choose a selection of mirrors you want to layer. Opt for the same shape in various sizes, so there's an order to your styling yet quirky varying heights.

Next, pick the perfect spot in your garden and lean the mirrors up against a wall. You'll want the largest mirror in the background and the smallest in the foreground. The gorgeous layering will bounce the natural light all over your garden in the most enchanting way. Grouping mirrors together not only intensifies the depth of the space but also elevates the grandeur of the scheme. This choice of styling will make for a dramatic display that screams statement style!


16. Garden Mirror Idea - Industrial Intrigue

If you're a fan of the urban look, then embracing all things metal is the way to go! Raw materials such as iron, steel and zinc are all essential materials that'll offer this garden decor idea a touch of Industrial Intrigue. What's more, is their ability to look even more beautiful with age when they rust and oxidise. In the light of this theme celebrating the beauty of imperfections, your garden mirror should exude a distressed and rustic look giving your scheme a weathered character. Indeed, nothing is more industrial than a marvellous rustic mirror. Leant against a wall surrounded by wall plants and foliage in galvanised planters, you'll notice how flawlessly the rustic colour complements such lush greens. Finally, to give your scheme a mechanised touch, opt for wall mounted metal lights that are sharp and functional.


17. Alfresco Dining

Come the warmer months, outdoor meals become more and more frequent. As a result, creating an outdoor dining space that feels welcoming and social is essential, and can be achieved with the helping hand of a mirror. A wall-mounted or leaning mirror faced towards a dining table will instantly make the space feel more open and inviting. Moreover, position your dining area so the mirror faces the rest of your garden. This will reflect the great depth of the outdoors, really immersing you in the full atmosphere of alfresco dining. Set the vibe with some mood lighting by hanging outdoor fairy lights above your dining space for that cosy beer garden feel.

Finish off by creating the most charming tablescape with some colourful dinnerware, candles and of course, a bottle of fizz and you're good to go! Your garden scheme will make for an entertaining social space that's bright, fun and fabulous!


18. Charming Chill Out Zone

Create the ultimate peaceful haven to escape to by designing a charming chill-out zone in your garden. The trick for this decor idea is to make your outdoor zone look as if it's a continuation of your interior scheme. Therefore, the best way to do this is by furnishing your space with homey indoor-style touches, such as comfy chairs, soft furnishings and large mirrors. Begin by leaning a sizeable mirror against one wall in your garden. We suggest using our Large Antique Metal Window Mirror With Opening Doors. It offers a marvellous doorway feel that can be used interchangeably by bolting the doors shut or leaving them open, which only intensifies the indoor-outdoor look we wish to create.

Next, use a layering method to incorporate as many sumptuously soft textures as possible and don't hold back on mixing various fabrics. Lay a gorgeous indoor-outdoor rug on the floor to establish your focal point. Then, layer with garden furniture, seat pads, cushions and throws, to create a delightfully cosy and peaceful space that looks as if it's another room in your home.


19. Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Windowpane Arch Indoor/Outdoor Mirror - £75.00 | Lazy Rabbit Cupcake Plate - £12.00 (Due back in stock in March) | Set Of 4 Pretty Blue & White Teacups - £30.00 (Due back in stock in April)

For those who fancy something a little out of the ordinary, the utterly quirky Mad Hatter's Tea Party garden mirror idea might just be the one for you. This scheme is all about delving into the world of imagination where anything is possible and embracing all things odd and random. Creating a magical wonderland would be incomplete without a looking glass, so begin by displaying a garden dining table as your focal point and leaning a mirror against a wall on one end of the table. This will play a trick on the eye, making the table look as if it's doubled in size creating enchanting intrigue. Furthermore, adorn your table with mix and match tableware for a delightfully quirky look.

Finally, to complete, this garden mirror idea, opt for a vibrant colour palette. Incorporate a forest of luscious greens, bright-coloured flowers and eye-catching accessories that make a statement. We guarantee that this will result in an utterly playful vibe that'll only make your scheme look curiouser and curiouser...


20. Serenely Scandi

Please note, this rattan chair and ceramic planter should not be left outdoors.

Seeing as much of the Scandinavian style takes its inspiration from nature and natural resources, this decor idea works seamlessly in a garden scheme surrounded by greenery and wildlife. A Scandi retreat prides itself on simplicity and balance. So, opt for soft furnishings that exude a calming, neutral colour palette, such as cool greys and pale beiges. Moreover, this allows for the vibrant natural greens from your plants to pop which you'll find will complement your furnishings ever so beautifully. Next, to make your space feel more open and bright, display a minimalist style mirror in a practical area for functional use. Celebrating natural textures, style garden furniture made from rattan, wicker, cotton and linen. Finally, finish off with soft lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that oozes tranquillity and peacefulness.

And there you have it, 20 Garden Mirror Ideas!

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