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10 mins with Grace

10 Mins With Grace Chadd, Founder Of Irie & I

Clothing brand Irie & I is quirky and cool...and so is the founder's home!

10 Mins With Grace | @irieandi

In this 10 Mins With Interview, we chat to the wonderful Grace Chadd about interior styling, making your home personal to you, fashion, being a mum and more. As well as bringing fun and fabulousness to the kids' clothing world, Grace's gorgeous style can be seen throughout everything she does. From eclectic interiors to carboot sale finds and being surrounded by textiles from a young age, we hope you love this insightful chat as much as we did!

So, see below to be inspired and...does that smiley jumper come in adult size, please?

1. Let’s start at the very beginning, tell us about yourself and where your love for fashion, interiors and kids clothing started?

Image of Grace Chadd's living room

10 Mins With Grace | @irieandi

Hey, I’m Grace. I own an online Kids' boutique called Irie&i, and most importantly I’m a mum to two cheeky but amazing little girls! Iris (Irie) is three and indie is one, From a young age I developed an acute love of fashion, inculcated by my Mum who owned a textiles company. I used to spend Sunday afternoons looking through her massive wardrobe pulling out vintage pieces I could cut to make more cool and on trend. I think that definitely bled through to interiors. When I was 14 I asked for a Chaise Longues and a coffee table for Christmas, I remember coming home from school and lying on it and being blown away by how good I felt being in a space that I made my own!

2. How would you describe your personal style and do you have any tips for those that want to discover their style, whether that be in fashion or interiors?

image of coffee table in Grace Chadd's home

10 Mins With Grace | @irieandi

I actually find it quite difficult to describe my personal style because I chop and change it all the time. I love mixing it up with vintage pieces but also love a good tkmaxx bargain. But, I would say I absolutely love my clothes to be vibrant and fun. Instagram is a really good place to get some inspiration whether that is in fashion or interiors, however, it can be quite easy to start taking on too much and forget what you love. So I would say outside inspiration is always a great way to discover how to piece items together, but remember to take a step back and concentrate most on what makes you feel good!

3. Tell us about your home and interiors. How would you describe your décor and how have you made it personal to you?

image of sideboard styling in Grace Chadd's home

10 Mins With Grace | @irieandi

I would say my interior style is very eclectic. I love mixing patterns, colours, materials and furniture from different eras. Just like my fashion sense, I find it easier to not stick to one specific style. I find more personality starts to come through, and you get to be more daring when creating an eclectic interior design vibe, as you can play with expressive patterns and mix and match styles to see what fits together and what doesn’t.

4. We love your quirky-cool kids clothing brand Irie & I! Do you think starting your own brand has influenced your own interior style, plus having two little ones in the house too?

10 Mins With Grace | @irieandi

Having a brand makes me more creative in general. It’s also quite nice to see people liking what I’m putting out so that makes me feel more confident in my style and my interiors. Since having children I feel more comfortable being playful with my interiors and buying funner pieces. There really are some wicked brands out there and it’s quite nice when you invest in something and your children love it! I also think having children has made me realise having a home that feels comfortable and personal is so important. I want my fridge to be pink and covered in their art from school!

5. What inspires you when designing your beautiful kids' clothing? The Irie & I kids are such little fashion icons!

While curating Irie&I as a brand I’ve felt inspired by lots of things! I always wanted to stay true to my style and incorporate inspiration from my favourite brands. I also take lots of inspiration from street style and what real people are wearing. Stockholm street style is just unreal! I’ve always wanted my kids to wear clothes I really love and would wear myself, for example, the Smile Knit really is one of my faves even over my own jumper collection!

6. What advice would you give to someone who is starting to design and style their first home?

10 Mins With Grace | @irieandi

Stay true to your style and don’t be scared to try things out. Paint can always be painted over! I also absolutely love a eBay / Car-boot bargain, so get out there and start rummaging! You’d be surprised at what people want to get rid of!

7. Do you have a favourite room or corner of your home where you spend the most time and why do you love it?

I absolutely love sitting on my 1970s Togo sofa, with a glass of wine at the end of the day when the kids are in bed. I also love Iris’ room I feel like it really brings me back to my childhood.

8. Tell us about a special piece, one of a kind find or memento in your home that you simply love?

10 Mins With Grace | @irieandi

Definitely my Togo sofa! I’ve wanted one for years and I found the perfect colour on Facebook marketplace for an amazing price. I also absolutely love my leopard print sofa, I got two for £250 on eBay and it’s just so fun…can you tell I’m a sofa girl!

9. Irie & I is our favourite boutique for boldly beautiful kids clothing, can you tell us anything about what’s to come this autumn/winter?

We have a really cool collab coming out soon, and I hope to make Irie & I more of a lifestyle brand with homeware, and hopefully an adult collection!

10. Finally, name three new Rockett St George products that you love!

Firstly the smiley lamp, I’m obsessed with I actually bought it a year ago. I feel like it embodies the ethos of Irie&I. Secondly I love the mahogany brown marble lamp it’s very 70s and would look great in a corner of my house. And lastly, it has to be the Lola James surf shop candle. I absolutely love every one of their scents! We burn the movie theatre candle in our house all the time!

Quick Fire Questions

1. I am happiest when… Cooking a roast for my family on a Sunday with a massive glass of red wine!

2. My dream holiday would be… Mexico. We are making it a reality and going on the 16th of October. Can’t wait!

3. My ideal day would be spent…. Sitting outside Campania on Columbia road on a Sunday watching the live music, with a Bloody Mary from the oyster shack.

4. The last film I saw was… The new Batman - Zoë Kravitz is a goddess

5. My guilty pleasure is… Wine always, and an almond croissant from my local bakery

6. My personal motto is… You will always feel better with a fresh blow dry!

7. My all-time favourite item from my wardrobe is… My cowboy boot collection!

8. In five years’ time, I want to be… Happy

9. The three things I can’t live without are… My family, my coffee machine and a really good handbag

10. A party isn’t a party without... Tequila and my Hubby Sparrow

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