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10 Mins With Daisy of @denimandbone

10 Mins With…Daisy of @denimandbone

Bohemian-inspired embroidery is Daisy's thing and we just adore her fabulous brand @denimandbone! In this interview, we chat about what inspires Daisy and of course, she details some lovely products you can shop at Rockett St George...

Firstly, if you haven't already checked out the beautiful brand @denimandbone, then go and discover Daisy's lust-worthy homeware, accessories and more! In fact, we loved Daisy's style so much, that we've had the pleasure of collaborating with her to create some gorgeous pieces now available to shop with us. Moreover, in this interview, we talk to Daisy about her creative process, her own interior style and how Denim and Bone was born. So, if you want to know more about why you need one of Daisy's amazing embroidered creations read more below...

1. Let’s start at the very beginning, tell us about yourself and your gorgeous brand Denim and Bone

Denim and Bone was born from my love of travel. I skipped uni and decided to work abroad. On my way, I gathered fabrics from around the world and on my return years later, I decided to embellish my old beaten-up denim jacket. From there my designs developed and embroidery became my medium of choice. Denim and Bone has evolved and now includes a range of fashions, homewares and accessories.

2. You’re incredibly talented at design and embroidery, what inspires you to create your boldly beautiful boho pieces?

daisy and her embroidered jackets

Left: Daisy @denimandbone and her lovely products | Right: 'LOVE WINS' VEGAN LEATHER JACKET

I take huge inspiration from nature. Most of my products will include some kind of flora and fauna, mixed in with aspects of the cosmos. Wording also plays a big role in my work. I wanted to create pieces with meaning, which is why you will find almost everything has a feel-good phrase or positive quotation of some kind. I not only wanted to create beautiful things but spread joy and positivity to those who buy them.

3. When a client wants a gorgeous custom embroidered jacket, how do you go about designing them their one-of-a-kind piece of dreams?

I love creating custom pieces because it pushes me out of my comfort zone to create a slice of someone else’s imagination.

In terms of process, I ask clients to send me images, colour schemes, wording… anything that inspires them. I will then create an initial idea with their inspiration in mind. I work with the customer to ensure they are happy and once approved this is when I digitise the artwork into embroidery. Once digitised it is set up on our embroidery machines and then sewn onto their desired jacket. Everything is done in-house and is totally one-of-a-kind.

4. With so many lust-worthy designs on offer, can you tell us a bit about the wonderful woven throws available to shop at Rockett St George?

Our woven throws are seriously gorgeous (if I do say so myself). They are so versatile, you can use them for a picnic blanket, on your sofa, as a comforter or as a wall hanging! I use mine for all of the above! My personal fave at the moment is the ‘Loved’ throw in pink. I feel like it is the girly, boho vibe we all love right now!

5. You’ve just begun your home reno project, can you tell us about the property and what made it the perfect candidate for a full renovation?

The property was extremely beaten up, having been left uninhabited for over 2 years, but we knew it was something special when we saw the old garage that the previous owner worked on cars from and 3 amazing apple trees in the garden. The house itself was a real mess but with the help of our amazing architect and friend Stuart Coleman, of Coleman Anderson Architects we could see how this sad old house could be reimagined. By connecting the old garage to the house and extending, we have made a space that I am truly in love with.

6. With an amazing sense of style that can be seen throughout Denim and Bone’s designs, how would you describe your own personal interior style?

I am a real mixture. I love Boho, Scandinavian style and have a real love for Joshua Tree desert dwellings...told you I was a real mixture! Although I try to stay neutral in my home, I can’t help but add a pop of colour…which is where my D&B x RSG throw blankets come in perfectly, draped over a sofa or hanging on a wall.

7. What do you have planned for your renovation project and what are you working on now?

We still have a way to go on our renovation journey and are only just getting to the really good bits, where we can start to pick flooring, lighting etc. All of which we will share on our IG @denimandhome, so definitely stay tuned! At Denim and Bone, we are constantly working on new products and have a few things in the pipeline for Christmas!

8. What advice would you give to someone wanting to create something unique and special, whether that be in design or in the home?

Don’t second guess your creativity and what you love. Your style and what you create is never going to be everyone's cup of tea. A room or creation should give you a good feeling. Go with your gut and be true to you.

9. Is there anything exciting we should look out for in the world of Denim & Bone design in the coming months?

I am beyond excited to announce that Denim and Bone will be collaborating once again with Rockett St George on the most gorgeous range of embroidered, velvet cushions. There are 3 designs and we cannot wait for you to see them!

10. Finally, name three new Rockett St George products that you love!

Images of Daisy's three favourite Rockett St George products

Left: Ivory Boucle Fabric Curved Arm Armchair | Middle: Denim & Bone Pink Loved Woven Cotton Throw in Rockett St George Cocktail Corner at Liberty London! | Right: Blonde Rattan Dining Chair

Quick Fire Questions

1. I am happiest when… chilling with friends and family at home in the sunshine, with a bbq on and a wine in hand

2. My favourite podcast is…big fan of true crime, at the moment it is RedHanded

3. My dream holiday would be… I am obsessed with Greece, those crystal blue seas and white pebbled beaches get me every time!

4. My ideal day would be spent….a lay in, country walk, nice lunch in the sunshine, then home to relax

5. My personal motto is… I have a tonne! And they all end up on one of my products. My personal favourite is ‘Be true to you’

6. My guilty pleasure is… I love an outrageously long bath while watching Real Housewives of wherever!

7. The last film I saw was…Elvis…loved it!

8. My favourite book is… I don’t think I have a favourite! But books I enjoyed that pop to mind are ‘Daisy Jones and the Six’, ‘Animals’ and ‘The Girls’

9. In five years’ time, I want to be…Still creating beautiful things that spread joy to those who buy them

10. The three things I can’t live without are… My favourite people, my Frenchie Dolly and a margarita (spicy preferable)

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