Top-Tips For An Eco-Friendly Christmas 2020

Our top tips for an eco-friendly Christmas are here to help you navigate your way through the festive season with your conscious intact.

As we start to think about the festive season, it can be so easy to go overboard with both planning and buying. From presents to overeating, there's a real go big or go home mentality at this time of the year. Whilst this is so much fun, there are a few things that you can do to be more sustainable that will help the earth without ruining the fun. Keep on reading to discover our top tips for an eco-friendly Christmas...

10 Top Tips For An Eco-Friendly Christmas

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1. Christmas Trees

Faux or the real deal, when it comes to choosing your Christmas Tree do so wisely.

If you want a beautiful real tree then make sure it's sustainable. The two key factors to look out for would be:

  • British Grown Christmas Tree. Reduce air miles and source your Christmas Tree locally. It also supports local businesses too.
  • Choose trees with an FSC Certification. This will verify that the Christmas Tree has been sourced sustainably.

There are also options to purchase real cut Christmas Trees with their roots intact. This means that you can replant your Christmas Tree after Christmas and it has the added benefit of absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen into the home. There are also options to rent a real-cut Christmas Tree which you can find out more about here.

If you've purchased a non-living Christmas Tree then make sure you recycle it. You can also shave it down to wood chippings or create mulch with it for your garden. We also have some lovely little faux tree accessories if you are looking for some subtle but stunning adornments for your home.

Alternatively, if you prefer faux Christmas Trees the buy one second-hand from eBay or Facebook marketplace. When the time comes round in years to come to update your artificial tree then make sure you recycle it.

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2. Christmas Decorations

When you are out and about shopping for your Christmas Decorations take the time to choose decorations that you really love. That way, you'll love hanging the decorations on your tree or around your home for years to come.

If the decorations have really had it, then take them down to your local recycling centre or, alternatively repurpose them. Our blog - What To Do With Your Christmas Leftovers has lots of helpful tips for repurposing your Christmas Decorations if you are interested.


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3. Christmas Candles

We all love the warming glow and ambience that candles create in the festive season. But, if you're looking for a more eco-friendly candle this festive season then look no further than our Rockett St George Candles. In four gorgeous scents, the candles are paraffin-free and are made from Beeswax and rapeseed oil.

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4. Take Reusable Bags With You When You Go Shopping.

We are all pretty good at taking reusable bags with us to the supermarket, but it can be so easy to forget when you are gift shopping. So one of our top tips for an eco-friendly Christmas is to stock up on Shopper Bags and reusable bags that you can carry in your handbag or pop in your car boot to use when you are out shopping.

Shopper Bags will last for years to come and look so much better with your outfit then plastic bags!

5. Put A Wrap On It!

Be mindful about what Christmas paper you use. So, a simple switch would be to use brown paper instead of traditional plastic coating gift wrap. You can also reuse your wrapping paper to avoid single-use or alternatively you could wrap your Christmas Gifts in newspaper or old posters.


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6. Christmas Cards

Instead of sending physical cards, why not send out e-cards this year? It saves on paper and is a whole lot cheaper (and sometimes free) than buying Christmas cards.

Christmas is also a time when we purchase gift cards for loved ones (particularly the ones that are hard to buy for), so why not send them an e-voucher on Christmas morning instead?


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7. Gifts That Last

Think carefully about the presents you buy. This applies particularly to stocking fillers or inexpensive presents that may not be loved forever. You want to go for gifts that will last and last forever, not just for a few days or weeks! Of course, this excludes edible presents... those are the only gifts that should last for a few hours or days (if you're lucky).

It's so easy to go overboard at Christmas and buy gifts that your loved ones will only use once but save the earth and your pennies and only buy them gifts that they really love.

Ideas for gifts that will last a lifetime include fabulous framed artwork, wall art,  quirky vases, display accessories and beautiful tableware.

If you can only spend a little bit per person in your family, then why not suggest a secret santa? It means that you can use the money to buy a special gift for just one person.


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8. Cut Down On Food Waste

We all love to stuff ourselves silly on Christmas day with turkey and all the trimmings, but be mindful about making more food than everyone can eat. So when you are putting together your food shopping list for an eco-friendly Christmas don't go overboard with multiple quantities and cut out foods altogether that are never eaten ... ahem, Brussel Sprouts!

Alternatively, do what we love and make incredible Christmas leftovers on boxing days. Ideas include the ol' faithful Turkey Sandwich or Bubble and Squeak. Our sustainable food wraps are an excellent way of storing your Christmas leftovers and can be used all year round! A fabulous alternative to cling film, the eco wrap will keep your food fresh and intact throughout the day. They are perfect for lunches, picnics and leftovers of course!


9. Source Your Ingredients Locally

Support local businesses and British farmers by sourcing your ingredients locally this Christmas. Your local farm shop is the first place to look and most take Christmas pre-orders so that you can collect your vegetables and meats a day or two before Christmas.

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10. Ditch Disposable Crockery And Cutlery

Finally, our last top tip for an eco-friendly Christmas is to ditch single-use tableware. We all love a Christmas or New Years Eve Party and, yes paper plates and plastic cups are easier for the clean-up the next day but the cost to our planet is huge. So, instead stick to beautiful tableware, glassware and reusable straws to save the earth.

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