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How To Decorate Your Stairs For Christmas

As the festive season is fast approaching, now is the perfect time to get creative with your Christmas Decor.

So, if you have already mastered your Christmas tree theme and you are looking for the next creative home project, then look no further! Whatsmore, this blog on how to decorate your stairs for Christmas will give you the perfect means to decorate your hallway in a fabulously unique way. Read below to discover how you can make your staircase look utterly stunning this December...

1. Lighting


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Firstly, let's start with the lighting! The way you illuminate your hallway is essential, especially at Christmas time. On top of this, your hallway is the first thing your guests will see when you enter your home. So, why not make it ultra welcoming and effortlessly stylish?!

Hallway Pendants


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So, before we get to the stairs...let's talk pendants! A striking pendant ceiling light is the perfect place to start if you want to create the wow factor at your entrance. Whether you want something with a subtle glow or a stand out design we have a fabulous selection of pendants. Additionally, to elevate the look of your festive staircase, why not hang your ceiling pendant at a low height for added drama?!

Fairy Lights

decorative lighting

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Now, let's move onto the all-important stairs. The first step is to add your fairy lights. From dazzling light chains to twinkling light sprays, our collection of fairy lights are perfect for any staircase. Start by wrapping your choice of light around your bannisters and then you are ready to embellish with adornments. Furthermore, by simply adding these lights to your space, this is ideal for minimalist schemes or those who want to add more to their look!

2. Decorations

Now, it's time to start dressing up your stairs! This is the part where you can really get creative with how you decorate. At Rockett St George, we believe that you should have fun with the way you style your home. For this reason, we love selling unique pieces that are brilliant for adding that special touch to Christmas such as garlands and hanging decorations. So, see below to find out some wonderfully quirky ways to really bring joy to your hallway.


Left image via @dentist_that_decorates featuring the First Class Waiting Room Metal Sign | Middle image via @edwardian_seaside_home | Right image via @prettylittleterrace featuring the Gold Glitter Star

Faux Foliage is a magnificent way to create drama on any staircase. On top of this, intertwining faux and real foliage is a really effective way of bringing effortless texture to your display. Whether you are going for something ultra-traditional or a more contemporary feel, there are so many lovely ways to style foliage on your stairs. You can start by tucking your faux vines under your fairy lights, layering styles such as eucalyptus and trailing ivy. After that, embellish with real tree branches. For something a little different, why not create a show-stopping pampas grass display in many plush colours for a delightfully charming look.

Hanging Adornments

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This year, it's all about the Honeycomb Balls! I mean...they are totally fabulous aren't they?! Moreover, our wonderful customers have been showcasing the most marvellous looks that are easy to recreate in your home. Simply grab some string or cable ties, and hang your beautiful balls with the useful hanging loop. On top of this, we also have a sparkly selection of Hanging Stars with pair beautifully with the honeycomb balls. So, hang rach design at differing heights to create a delightful scattered effect on your stairs.


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In addition to your paper decorations, why not add some decorations too?! A great way to use your favourite decorations in an alternative way, hanging them from the stairs will bring a glorious eclectic look to your display. To achieve this look, you can attach your adornments with string or cable ties. Whatsmore, with so many quirky pieces to choose from, you can shop our ravishing range of decorations here.

3. Accessories

Apart from the bannisters, there are also plenty of other ways to accessorise your stairs. From draping your fairy lights or garlands down the wall to popping wrapped presents on each step, these are little touches that will bring a bit of Christmas magic to your staircase. Moreover, you could also rest some of our lovely honeycomb balls at the bottom of the staircase for a wonderfully whimsical effect. On top of this, the effortlessly striking colourful sets of trees are perfect for styling up the stairs! Whether it be scattered down the steps or gathered at the bottom, we think that these fabulous trees really help to inject a playful edge into your hallway display. So, what's not to love?!

4. Wall Hanging Accessories, Art & Ornaments

wall art and ornaments

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Finally, to really add festive wonder to your staircase extravaganza, why not opt for some wall ornaments too?! With all the space behind your staircase, we say you might as well use it to create something totally unique. On top of this, it's a chance to add a personal touch using magnificent memories such as pictures in frames as well as hints of Christmas cheer and striking wall hanging ornaments too. Additionally, if you have some stunning wall ornaments that are on display all year round, why not adorn them with some fairy lights for added sparkle? Above all, don't forget to have fun with your decorating, as that's what this season is all about!

We hope you enjoyed this blog and it has given you the means to start decorating in style! For more inspiration, click here to visit our Christmas 2020 Pinterest Board.

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