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How To Arrange Flowers In A Vase

At Rockett St George, we think that flowers and plants play a huge part in having a fabulous home. 

With that in mind, there’s also art in the way we arrange our bouquet and the vase we present it in too. As such, in this blog we detail how to arrange your flowers and how to choose the best vessel for them as well. With so much choice out there, we hope that this blog helps you to create the perfect centrepiece for any occasion. So, dare to create the wow factor and read our guide to vases and flowers below…

Choosing Your Vase


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Firstly, it’s time to choose your vase. You’ll need to consider where you’re going to display your bouquet and what kind of flowers you’d like to use. 

Tall Vases For Large Displays 

If you’re going for a large centrepiece, then you’ll need a bigger vase that can hold longer stems for a bigger impact. Moreover, taller vases are perfect for a pretty pampas grass display with fabulously fluffy stems. As such, you can mix tall pampas with additional greenery and fresh flowers too for a one of a kind look, ideal for special occasions.

Short Vases For Small Bouquets

Alternatively, for a smaller flower display, you can go for a shorter vase. This also means that the vase can be placed on a shelf, windowsill, where a larger vase may not work. Whatsmore, this is perfect for adding drama to corners that need elevating. In your shorter vase, you can mix an array of flowers and also cut them down to suit the display piece that you choose. 

Arranging The Flowers In Your Vase

We say, everything looks best in odd numbers, so if you choose five stems of one flower, perhaps have three of another type of greenery and so on. Moreover, this makes the arrangement look more varied and also balanced once you’re finished. 

The Arrangement 

If you have a mixture of foliage and flowers, start by pairing the foliage with the flower you have the most of. Then, group your main flower and leafy foliage together in a bouquet and place it into your vase in a dome-like shape. 

After that, embellish the display with other types of greenery and flowers in any amount. Moreover, if there are any gaps you can pop them in there. Alternatively, add them randomly, and always take a step back to look and come back to reshuffle if needed. To move things around, you can lift a few flowers up to make space for the new stem. 

Finally, however you choose to arrange your flowers, don’t be afraid to be bold. This will result in something spectacular that will stand out from the rest! 

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