Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas For Him

Knock his socks off with something he will treasure.

You’re never too old to enjoy a Christmas stocking. They are a bit of fun and excitement that everyone can get involved with on Christmas Day. It can be notoriously difficult to buy stocking filler gifts for men – how many pairs of socks can you buy him?! So, when it comes to buying stocking filler gifts for him, we thought you might like a helping hand. So, we asked our customers what they look for most when buying Christmas stocking fillers for the men in their lives:

  • Small enough to fit in a stocking
  • Doesn't break the bank
  • Doesn't get thrown in the bin after one use
  • Is quirky and unique

Does this sound like you? Well don’t panic - we have the perfect stocking filler gift guide to help you. And the best bit? You can order it all from the comfort of your own home and get it delivered without any high street shopping stress!

The Abseiling Man Display Ornament

Why not include a quirky display ornament in his Christmas stocking this year? Surprise him with the Abseiling Man In Antique Rust £24.00

Stocking filler gifts are the most fun gifts to buy - you can really go to town. But the trick to buying the best stocking filler gifts is to add unique and quirky gifts amongst the more traditional stocking filler gifts such as DVDs, chocolate, socks and pants! In this stocking filler guide, we have curated an extravaganza of our favourite stocking filler gifts for him that we guarantee will knock his socks off and be something he will treasure. This 'Christmas Stocking Fillers for Him' gift guide will help you will find something funny, cute or totally unique.

The Fail-Safe Stocking Filler Gift

A new mug or teacup is always a winning Christmas Stocking Filler Idea. Our favourites for him are the Daddy Cool Mug and the Mr Teacup & Saucer

Mugs are our go-to stocking filler gift as they are both practical and you can never have enough of them. Everyone loves drinking from their new special mug. We love to team ours with a selection of luxury hot chocolate drinks or with our favourite coffee. Additionally, who doesn't love sipping their favourite brew in a fancy cup?! So for that reason, you’ll be on to a winner with any of these fail-safe stocking filler gifts...

Products Featured:

Boozy Stocking Filler Gift Ideas

Whether he's drinking on the go or having his mates over for a get-together, the Classy As Fuck Flask and the Pikes at Rockett St George In Love At Last Cocktail Glass (Available by end of October) makes for the perfect boozy Christmas stocking filler gift for him.

Christmas is the perfect time to stock up on some cool boozy hardware. Maybe you could get him a bottle of his favourite tipple or be adventurous and choose something unusual and team it with the Matt Gold Skull Bottle Opener or the classic Woven Glass Cocktail Shaker With Gold Lid


If He's On The Naughty List

Festive as Fuck Christmas doormat

Cool and a little bit naughty - We love this Festive Doormat! Depending on the size of your stocking, this doormat rolls up into a compact tube shape. Festive As F**k Christmas Doormat £24.00 (Available End of October)

So the doormat might not fit, but if he's made it onto the naughty list then try and squeeze something naughty into his stocking for a bit of fun on Christmas Day. Sure to put a smile on his face, these naughty stocking filler gifts will definitely appeal to him if he has a good sense of humour.

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If He's A Gamer

Why not try to get him offline with our selection of great gifts for gamers. Curated to bring the whole family together for some competitive fun, these quirky games will definitely be a hit. What's more, we have a whole department dedicated to games so you'll definitely find something he'll love.

Products Featured:

If He Loves Travel 

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a man who's always on the go or likes to travel, then surprise him with fun or thoughtful gifts in our round-up of favourite Travel Christmas stocking filler gifts for him ideas. First of all, there are our black and gold cotton Washbags which range from cheeky to fabulous and can be filled with his favourite miniature toiletries. As well as this, if you're buying for the man that is always on the go, we love to gift a useful gift such as a cool Reusable Coffee Cup.  If he's anything like the men that we know, his busy lifestyle means he's always misplacing his knick-knacks, well fear no more with these handy Trinket Trays that are the perfect stocking fillers!

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If He Loves Music

For people who love their music, getting them a novelty high-quality stocking filler gift can be so rewarding. Even more so when you see their face light up with delight. Another great gift idea that is oh so unique and lets them showcase their love for music is the Drum Kit Storage Tins, perfect for lunch on the go. Maybe they'd like to celebrate their love for music with a classic yet utterly trendy art print that would look wonderful hung up in their bedroom. Likewise, you could combine your boozy stocking filler gift with their love of music with the Booze and Vinyl cocktail recipe book. In fact, we sell a whole heap of gifts for people who love music.

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An Alternative Stocking Filler Ideas

We love finding the quirkiest Christmas Tree Decorations. Consequently, we discovered that a cheeky bauble is also a great stocking filler idea. Most of all, they never fail to put a smile on someone's face, but it will also add a special memory to your tree each year.

Products Featured:

If your man is someone who really knows what he likes, then add a gift voucher to his Christmas stocking. Because this will give him the freedom to choose his own gift that he will love...and it will definitely fit...!

So if you don’t already do Christmas stockings for adults in your household then this Stocking Filler Gifts for Him list will surely convince you to get involved and help you buy better this Christmas. Similarly, you can shop our full range of Gifts For Him online and read our [Stocking Filler Gift Guide for ___ ] to make your Christmas shopping even more stress-free and easy this year.

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