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Painting Ideas for Sprucing up your Garden Furniture

As one of the easiest ways to create an impact, a pop of paint will transform your garden for summer. Firstly, painting your garden furniture is a great and inexpensive way of making the most of pieces you already own. In addition, paint provides the opportunity to experiment with bold colours that breathe new life into any outdoor space. So, don’t underestimate an old wooden table or chair but instead add a little paint and embrace its beauty in the garden. Wood furniture in particular is renowned for its quality and will last for years in your home. Therefore, before investing in new garden furniture, we recommend picking up a paint brush first. To help inspire your own painting project at home, we’ve put together 5 painted garden furniture ideas with instant wow factor…


Colourful Garden Table Furniture Ideas

Image credits: Simon Bevan via Ideal Home, Rockett St George, Better Homes & Gardens.


When it comes to adding colour, your garden table is a great place to start. For example, bright painted garden furniture ideas introduce a tropical feel with real vacation vibes. Think ochre orange hues with stripes for a Palm Springs palette or pretty pastels for a luxe Miami beach look! Adding paint also adds a new lease of life to your furniture and transforms classic designs into something more modern. Therefore, don’t be afraid to add fresh paint in vivid hues to an old rusted metal table. In the same vein, any unloved wooden tables can be brought outside and instantly repurposed with a quick coat of paint. From dining tables to DIY pallet coffee tables and smaller side tables, the options are endless!


Fabulous Painted Fences

Image Credits: GBC Group via Livingetc, Cuprinol via Ideal Home.


Fences are often overlooked in the garden. However, as the frame of your outside space, your fence is the perfect place to make a statement with colour! Although not strictly a piece of furniture, fences are a worthy inclusion for any painted garden ideas that promise impact. Above all, your fence will work as a backdrop for every area of the garden, from entertaining to planting. Therefore, it deserves to decorated and embraced as a fabulous focal point. Whilst block colours always look amazing, we love any idea that involves getting creative. For example, why not steal style tips from your interior with a two-tone or ombre fence fade?! In addition, alternating colours and rainbow fence posts provide a bold and playful style statement in your garden. So, stay true to your individual sense of style and don't hesitate to bring a pop of colour to your outside space!


Painted Garden Chair Furniture Ideas

lifestyle images of painted chair garden furniture ideas
Image Credits: House of Turquoise, Rockett St George, Emily Weis Photography via House of Turquoise.


Adding colour to your garden with chairs is one of the easiest ways to update your space. Firstly, when it comes to painted garden furniture ideas, chairs are a wonderful DIY project for novices and experts alike. Moreover, as a smaller piece of furniture, chairs can be painted in vivid colours without overwhelming the look or feel of your garden. In the same vein as with wooden tables, older chairs from your home can also be repurposed for life outside. For instance, mismatched chairs from around the house achieve a gorgeous and eclectic garden look with ease. So, all you have to worry about is choosing the perfect chair colour! Opt for rich on-trend terracotta hues for an earthy look or add a refreshing final touch with bright ocean blues…


Stylish Garden Shelves

Image credits: Growing Spaces, Garden by Barbara Samitier MSGD via Ideal Home.


Built-in garden storage and shelving are great ways to express your personality and play around with colour. From creating a display shelf for plants, to adding a homely feel to entertaining areas, shelves are essential. Therefore, painted garden furniture ideas that focus on storage are a great way to express individuality and style. With garden shelves often attached to the fence or wall, classic colours work best to showcase your plants and decorations. It’s no secret that we love the colour black at Rockett St George and the garden is no exception. Above all, black makes the natural colour and texture of plants and flowers in the garden pop. Moreover, dark black fences are a timeless trick for transforming any outside space. So, sticking to this chic colour palette for your shelves guarantees a successful garden scheme with just the right amount of drama!


Painted Bench Garden Furniture Ideas

Image credits: Cuprinol via House Beautiful. Rockett St George Pretty Pink Metal Garden Bench: £180.00. Jessica Helgerson Interior Design & Aaron Leitz photography via Schoolhouse Living.


Finally, we couldn’t complete our edit of painted garden furniture ideas without mentioning this stylish seating essential. Whether designed as part of your alfresco dining area or styled solo, benches are a wonderful addition to the garden. Perfect for enjoying the view and taking a moment to rest and relax, every garden needs a beautiful bench outside. Therefore, we recommend choosing a statement colour that stands out against the greenery. Pink and green are a match made in heaven. As a result, introducing a pink bench amongst your planting scheme promises a fabulous focal point. On the other hand, subtle shades of blue introduce an oasis of calm. Reminiscent of the seas and the skies, a bright blue painted bench will work wonders in every outside space imaginable.


It’s important to remember that secret to success with painting your garden furniture lies with the paint. Therefore, we always recommending doing your research and choosing the best quality outdoor paint you can find. This will ensure increased longevity and keep your painted garden furniture looking its best for longer!


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