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bathroom ideas on a budget

Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

Bathroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

You don't need to spend loads of money to update your bathroom.

Here we share some of our bathroom decorating ideas on a budget that will transform your space.

Monochrome shower room using tiles

Image credit: The home of Samuel and Caitlin Dowe-Sandes as featured in Extraordinary Interiors In Colour by Jane Rockett and Lucy St George. Publishers: Ryland Peters & Small. Photographer: Catherine Gratwicke.


A relatively simple bathroom decorating idea on a budget is to use tiles. You have a few options depending on budget. Re-tiling the bathroom doesn't have to cost a fortune, especially if you choose a basic white tile. Bring colour into other parts of the room through wall paint and wallpaper. A clean white tile is timeless and will last you until its time to redecorate again.

Alternatively, you could try a tile paint. There are several different colours available, and it's a great way to cover old patterned tiles. If you are on a strict budget then maybe a good clean up of the tiles is in order. Get yourself a grout pen to enhance what you already have. If the tiles are in good condition, then its a shame to lose them.



This is where you can have some fun with bathroom decorating as the options are endless. Bathrooms should be a room you can go bold, and paint allows for that. Painting a bathroom doesn't have to be expensive because your wall space is likely to be more reduced than any other room, due to tiling. This means you don't need a lot, but the impact can be amazing. Contrast your wall colour with the tiles for a dramatic look or opt for a softer feel and keep the tiles and paint within the same tones.

Rich colours like navy blue, Burgandy and forest green will give depth to your bathroom and create a welcoming place you will want to spend time in. A bathroom should be a place to relax and unwind and not a room to rush in and out of. Paint can transform your room into anything you want it to be. And remember paint is easy to cover up if you do change your mind.


One of our absolute go-to bathroom decorating ideas on a budget involves plants. Plants are proven to improve health, productivity and reduce stress, as well as looking attractive. The bathroom is a great room to have a selection of plants in, as they take on the moisture from showers and baths and will flourish in the space. Mix up the selection you choose with some on shelves, some hanging from the ceiling and some on a window sill. If your space allows for it opt for some larger palms for the floor, these can also be great to block out unsightly corners.

If like a lot of us you are not as green-fingered as you would like to be, then fake it! Mix real and faux so you can reap the benefits of real plants, but place some faux options in the mix for aesthetic purposes.


Fulfiling bathroom decorating ideas on a budget means we need to think simple. Those small changes, which are often overlooked. We use towels every day, and treating yourself to some new towels is a nice way to update a bathroom. It also allows you to bring in a pop of colour that you may have otherwise dismissed. Display your towels on a rail like our new Double Rail Wall Hanging Towel Rail or opt for a ladder-style rail like our Bathroom Mirror Ladder Storage Unit.

As well as towels, bath mats are also a great way to bring in some colour and pattern to your bathroom. check out our Black & White Booby Cotton Bath Mat. It will certainly entertain your guests!


The finishing touches are always going to pull a room together. When working with a budget you can shop around for the little bits to get what works for you. Soap dispensers and toothbrush holders are a good starting place. Maybe these need an update. A great tip for a clean looking bathroom is to get some nice bottles for your shower gel and shampoo and keep these refilled using your standard solutions. After you have refilled, you have lovely looking bottles for your guests to admire.

Often a bathroom can be cluttered with bottles, so consider a cheap fix and get a couple of bottle holders for the wall. This not only frees up surfaces but also looks smart and brings a hotel vibe to your bathroom.

Other updates which go a long way are towel rails, baskets for storage and of course, a bathroom wouldn't be complete with a gorgeous smelling candle. Check out our Rockett St George collection, including Empowered Women Fig Candle, with £10 of every sale going towards The Young Women's Trust.

Whatever your budget, you can make changes to your bathroom, big or small. We hope we have inspired you to get creative, whether it's picking up a paintbrush or maybe treat yourself to some new accessories.

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