Wallpaper & Paste Guide

Wallpaper Guide


Wallpaper is an incredible way of instantly updating your décor and creating a show-stopping space.

With the amazing ranges of wallpaper now available, you are spoilt for choice and free to experiment with exciting designs! We have hand selected our favourite designs; from traditional styles to modern art-inspired murals, to Trompe L’Oeil and contemporary designs. Each wallpaper has been chosen for its beauty and will transform your interior into an inspiring space that is ready to impress.

Our Top Tips for purchasing wallpaper.

If you are using a professional decorator, always consult them on quantities required as they will more than likely know how much to order as well as advising you on the type of wallpaper that’s best suited to your walls. If you are doing it yourself and have never wallpapered before, we would recommend watching a YouTube tutorial before you start and investing in the following tools: scissors / sharp stanley knife, a pencil, a clean sponge, a roller or wallpaper brush, a scraper, trestle table and a spirit level.

 *MEASURING UP: A simple sum to estimate how many rolls of wallpaper you will need is to measure the width of each of your walls and divide by the width of the wallpaper you wish to order. This will give you the number of ‘drops’ required, which you can then multiply by the height of the room to give you the overall meterage required. We always recommend rounding up to allow for pattern repeats, mistakes or difficult areas to cover. If you don’t order enough rolls and later require more, the batches may be slightly different and colour variation may occur. Any unopened rolls can usually be returned to us, but please always check with our lovely customer services team before returning any unwanted rolls of wallpaper. A useful calculator can be found here.

*CHECK BEFORE YOU START: We would always advise you use the recommended paste for your wallpaper (see our guide below!) and check that all your rolls of wallpaper have the same batch number before starting to wallpaper as colours can vary slightly between batches.

*PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: Always order a sample piece of wallpaper prior to placing your order to test the colour and see how it looks at different times of day and night. Consider the room use when choosing your wallpaper to make sure you select something suitable, such as washable wallpaper in a kitchen or wipe-able in a nursery!

Choosing the right paste for your wallpaper.

With the wide range of wallpapers now available, many of them require a variety of different pasting methods. To help you choose the right paste for your wallpaper, we have put together the following guide with information appling to each range of wallpaper that we have available. If you're not sure which wallpaper is the one you have purchased, or you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us: 01444 253391 / contact@rockettstgeorge.co.uk. (Monday to Friday 9am - 5.30pm).

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