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Wall Sticker Guide

​When choosing the ideal place for your wall sticker, we advise that you place the design against the wall first, to get a feel for the height and spacing. Preparation is key!

Our Top Tips before you begin:

Wall Stickers are best used on top of plain wallpaper or smooth and clean painted walls. The stickers will highlight any existing cracks or imperfections on the wall, so they are best used on un-textured surfaces. They can also be used on glass or furniture (if a varnish is applied over the top). Freshly painted walls must be allowed to dry for at least 4 weeks before applying a wall sticker.

Before application, ensure that the surface is clean of grease and completely dry. For wall stickers featuring text, it is a good idea to measure and check that the stickers are straight.  We suggest using a spirit-level and marking the wall with pencil so that you can line the sticker up when attaching it to the wall. The Wall Stickers come positioned between two films. One thicker papery film, and one clear film. The papery white film is just a backing to protect the sticky side, until it is ready for use.

Your Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Lay the sticker on a table, with the white film on the bottom, and the clear film facing up. 
  • Begin from a straight edge on the sticker, either the left or the right, and rub firmly around the edge to ensure that the sticker has stuck to the clear-sided film.
  • Gently begin to peel the clear film away from the papery white film. The stickers do tend to stay stuck to the white backing film, so you will need a little patience to ensure that they pull away and stick to the clear film.
  • Continue slowly peeling the clear film away from the white film, ensuring the sticker is coming away with it, until the whole sticker has lifted away from the white backing and is stuck to your clear film.
  • Once left with the clear film and sticker attached, (sticky side exposed) and white film left on the table, you can now place the clear film with the sticker attached in the desired position on the wall, sticky side against the wall.
  • Rub the surface firmly all over and remove any air bubbles by starting at the middle and moving to the outter edges. Any air bubbles caught between the clear film and the sticker will not be a problem when you remove the clear film.
  • Repeat the process or rubbing the clear film to transfer the sticker to the wall and slowly peel the clear film away. Again, this will need some patience to ensure that the sticker stays attached to the wall and the clear film peels away. We have found that the best way to do this is firmly hold one hand over the film and sticker, and moving slowly along the surface as you peel back the clear film with your other hand.

Remember the stickers will brighten up your space and make you smile so sit back, relax and let the complements roll in…

NB. Some of our wall stickers are bespoke / made to order so are therefore non-refundable, so please do stick to our guide to avoid any tears in your stickers. The wall stickers are best applied as soon as possible as the sticky quality will deteriorate over time.

If you have any queries regarding wall stickers please do give us a call or drop us an email:
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