Tropical Paradise Wallpaper Mural - Kodo Rose Pink

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Lifestyle image of the Tropical Paradise Wallpaper Mural - Kodo Rose Pink
Tropical Paradise Wallpaper Mural - Kodo Rose Pink

About The Tropical Paradise Wallpaper Mural

Embrace the tropics in your home with the romantic and exotic rose pink Tropical Paradise landscape wall mural. A beautiful wallpaper mural the design features trees and flowers set around a lagoon with a mountain in the distance and a flock of birds flying overhead.

An incredibly beautiful digital print wallpaper mural, the Tropical Paradise Wallpaper mural measures 2.8m in height x 4m in width and is printed onto non-woven back paper. Please note, this wall mural has a 2-3 week delivery time.

Why We Think You Will Love This Tropical Paradise Scenery Wall Mural

Wall murals are the perfect alternative to traditional wall art, supersizing and creating greater impact than a simple art canvas ever could. An easy and incredibly impactful way to create drama, imagination and wow-factor in the home, we think that anyone who is looking to make a bold statement in the home should invest in a wall mural.

But, the reason why we think that you will particularly love this paradise scenery wallpaper is because of the sense of tradition, history and elegance it will bring into your home. Traditional style wallpapers like this Tropical Paradise Wallpaper will help to inject a timeless quality into your interior design.

Where To Display Your Tropical Paradise Landscape Wall Mural

Wall murals like this ought not to be hidden away. The aim of the game is to create impact, so hang this wallpaper mural centre stage, such as behind your sofa in your living room, in the entrance hall or in your bedroom. You could even be a little unexpected and hang this elegant East Asian style wall mural in your kitchen for a super bold and eclectic look.


Availability: In stock.


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