Mr Perswall Wallpaper - Eco Dimensions - Passage 8132

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Mr Perswall Wallpaper - Eco Dimensions - Passage 8132
Mr Perswall Wallpaper - Eco Dimensions - Passage 8132 Mr Perswall Wallpaper - Eco Dimensions - Passage 8132
Mr Perswall Wallpaper - Eco Dimensions - Passage 8132
Choose a standard size panel, or you can have these fabulous designs printed to your own size.

Please email with your dimensions and we can have one made to suit the size of your wall, and can give you an instant quote. With this new style of imagery and design the ECO collection is an easy way to add a wall of pattern, colour and a personality to your walls.

This wallpaper - mural measures 
135 cm x 143 cm
The wall murals are sold as wallpaper panels that are easy to hang. Made to order in the UK. Once the order is confirmed we will send you the exact image of your wall paper /mural for confirmation before printing.
Delivery is within 2-3 weeks. We recommend using a traditional style, starch based, ready mixed tub paste for this wall covering.
Now for the Science bit... made of non-woven material – they're called easy-up wallpapers.
So what is easy-up wallpaper? Well, to put it simply, these are dimensionally stable wallpapers that you hang in the easiest possible way: you apply the paste straight on the walls and then match the pattern and place the lengths edge-to-edge.
The characteristics of the wallpaper is determined by the textile fibres contained in the wallpaper pulp. The textile makes the strips of wallpaper easy to work with and as strong as bank notes – they’re actually made of the same non-woven material.
Thanks to the fibres, the wallpaper allows moisture to pass through and the walls to breathe.  This means that any damp patches that appear when you hang your wallpaper will disappear within about 24 hours as soon as the wallpaper has dried.
So, if you ever want to paper over your EasyUp walls, you can forget the sandpaper and putty – the walls are already smooth! Quick, easy and reliable.
Delivery Info

Delivery: 14 Days
Samples: Samples are available for £1.00 each
Exceptions: Bespoke sizes available, please contact us with your measurements.
Express Service: If you require a speedier delivery for your wallpaper please call 01444 253 391 or email to discuss stock and express delivery options.


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