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Metal Tin Tile Guide

We are very excited to be one of the only UK stockists for amazing real Tin Tiles and have compiled a few handy pointers to help you install, paint and seal them!

The tiles are manufactured from 29 gauge tin-plated steel and are sold without any fixings, but can be easily installed with glue or nails. The tiles will need to be painted and clear sealed and must be kept in a dry environment until you are ready to finish/install them. There are two ways of fixing the tiles to your chosen surface; Gluing or Nailing - although we recommend taking both steps to ensure the tiles are fixed as securely possible. The Tin Tiles are suitable for use on ceilings, walls, as backsplashes, on kitchen islands, in fireplaces, on cupboards or doors, and as unique headboards!

The tiles can be cut using tin snips or foot shears if required. Please be aware that edges are extremely sharp, so we recommend wearing safety gloves at all times when handling, altering or cutting the tin tiles.  The tiles are moderately heat resistant with a melting point of the tin coating at around 450°F / 230°C and the melting point of the steel base at around 2400°F / 1315°C. They are suitable for use behind stoves but please be sure to seal the tin with a flame-resistant product.

Installing your Tin Tiles.

Using Glue:

If you are fixing the tiles directly to a substrate surface that will not hold nails or screws well (i.e. drywall/plasterboard) please be sure to use a construction-strength adhesive for a more secure fixing. Brad nails, small screws or staples can be used to tack and hold the tin in place while the glue is setting. Once the tiles are installed with glue we would recommend using additional fasteners for a more secure hold. We can recommend PU Adhesive and No Nails and advise that you avoid the use of contact cement as they dry instantly and do not allow you to adjust the alignment of the panel.

Using Nails:

You can also secure the tiles by placing a nail in each corner. We highly recommend that you nail, screw or staple your tin ceiling to 1/4" plywood or wood strapping to achieve a safer and more secure hold. Brad nails, small screws, and tacks are suitable for fixing the tin tiles to your surface, but always check the manufacturer for recommendations on using with wood or masonry. If using as ceiling tiles we recommend that you use both glue and nails to attach the tiles to the ceiling.

Painting your Tin Tiles.

Top Tip: Always test your painted finish on the back side of a spare panel or a cut-off piece first!

Once the tiles are in place and free from dirt, dust, and oil; use paintable decorators caulk to fill in any seams or corner cuts. Prime and then paint the tiles using your desired finish, which can be applied by brush, roller or spray. If you are painting your tiles before installing them; we recommend doing at least one coat after installation to make sure you get an even finish. We recommend applying a seal coat to your tiles to prolong the finish. Recommended paints: oil based, spray, latex or metal. For an antiqued finish for we recommend using a clear matt varnish mixed with a drop of dark paint.  Paint the mix onto the tiles using a brush, and distress the paint using a sponge which will provide a tarnished/aged look.

Applying a Clear Coat / Sealing your Tin Tiles:

The Tin Tiles look great naked, so if you want to keep them as they are, all you need to do is seal them with a clear sealer or dead flat varnish to protect them from moisture. This is particularly important when using the tiles in areas exposed to moisture, such as Backsplashes, Bathrooms with showers and Kitchens. To do this, simply make sure the tiles are clean from dirt, dust, and oil by wiping down with Methyl Hydrate or Denatured Alcohol and apply your clear coat sealant by brush, roller or spray. Remember to always test the cleaning and sealing products on the back of a panel or on a scrap piece first. You can apply the clear coat either before or after the installation and will need clear decorators caulk to fill in any seams or corner cuts, which can be covered with metallic paint afterward if required. Clear sealant sprays are available at most hardware stores in both matt and satin finishes which are a great quick and easy alternative to seal the tiles.

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