When Art Meets Wallpaper: Introducing The Biblioteca Wallpaper Collection by Ekaterina Panikanova and NLXL.

Ekaterina Panikanova was born in 1975 in St Petersburg, since 2009 she has lived and worked in Rome, Italy. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of St Petersburg. Her work has been exhibited in the Russian Union of Artists, at the Academy of Fine Arts in St Petersburg and Moscow, Rome, Venice and New York.


Rick Vintage, NLXL founder "From the very first encounter with Ekaterina's art we could not get it out of our heads. It was a difficult task for us to translate the 3D artwork to a wallpaper design. The original artwork is so overwheming, but after a long process we got it right. The final product has the same impact as the original."


We couldn't agree more with Rick Vintage, the Ekaterina Panikanova Wallpaper Collection is simply beautiful. The Collection includes 5 different mural designs and rolls of the books can be bought to fit the wall or room as required.

Now all you need to decide is where to hang it! www.rockettstgeorge.co.uk

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