The May Hot List 2020

It's a new month and despite the challenges we are all facing right now, we want to help you make the most of your time at home this May 2020.

So, for our May Hot List 2020, we've rounded up our top ideas to eat, drink, do, see and more. From the best online classes and courses to get involved with, live theatre shows, Jane and Lucy's May Edit and more, we have lots of ideas to keep you entertained.

What's more, we have two very exciting competitions for you to get involved with in the May Hot List 2020. First up, is our headline competition where 5 lucky entrants will win a £100 to spend online at Rockett St George. For our Instagram & Facebook Competition, one lucky winner will win a £50 e-voucher to spend online at Rockett St George. To find out more and how to enter keep on reading.


Jane, Lucy and The RSG Team x

thank you, key workers

Image Credit: @sebastien.nagy

Thank you, Key Workers.

Of course, we must kick off the May Hot List 2020 with once again mentioning the incredible key workers that are keeping our country running. From the amazing intensive care nurses, doctors, carers, pharmacists, supermarket workers, couriers, firefighters, policemen and woman and everyone who is working to keep the country going - we think you are amazing.

Thank you xx

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The bank of Rockett St George is back and five lucky entrants will have the chance to win 5 x £100 RSG Money Vouchers to spend online at Rockett St George. How great is that?! We have lots of new collections and products for you to discover this May including our new bathmats, typography signs, lighting and more for the winners to spend their vouchers on.

So, click below to enter our May Hot List 2020 Competition and if you want to hear more from Rockett St George, why not sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media?!(@rockettstgeorge /

Click here to enter the competition for your chance to win 1 of 5 £100 RSG money vouchers to spend at Rockett St George

Do: online courses that you can do at home

Online Courses and Activities that you can do at home

If you are 'Netflixed' out, why not learn something new this month? From creative activities, live baking sessions and online courses, we've rounded up our top 10 online courses and activities for you to learn at home.

#1 Interior Styling With Lucy Gough

Creative talent, Lucy Gough is launching an online interior styling course! Lucy has styled for publications such as Livingetc and You Magazine and worked for brands such as Marks & Spencers, Dulux and Surface View. Lucy also lectures at Central St Martins College in London. Available temporarily for a pre-order price of £99, Lucy will guide you through real-life case studies, mood boards and will help you create your first portfolio to kick start your career.

You can sign up for Interior Styling With Lucy Gough here.

#2 Creative Writing With Margaret Atwood

The highly acclaimed author of The Handmaid's Tale, The Testaments, Alias Grace and more, access to such an esteemed writer is normally incredibly rare and available to only a select few. So, when we came across this masterclass we just had to share it. Atwood guides class participants on how to write a compelling story; from formulating the plot and characters to crafting dialogue and working with time in fiction.

You can sign up for Creative Writing With Margaret Atwood on Masterclass.

#3 Photography With Annie Leibovitz

Want to try your hand at photography?! Well, who better to learn from than American portrait photographer, Annie Leibovitz?! The last photographer of John Lennon and named as Cheif Photographer for Rolling Stone, Leibovitz guides class participants through creating concepts, working with light, studio vs location and more.

Learn Photography With Annie Leibovitz here.

#4 P.E with Joe Wicks

Live every weekday morning, PE with Joe has helped to keeps kids active whilst learning from home. Free for everyone to access this 30-minute power session at 9am Monday-Friday will get your kids up and energised for school work.

To take part in daily PE sessions head to The Body Coach YouTube Channel

#5 How to Instagram caption like a boss with Sarah Akwisombe

If you want to build your Instagram following then a good caption will grab your audiences attention and help you set your brand tone. Sarah Akwisombe's No Bull Business School is the place to go for a course like this with help from ASOS' social media writer. Just 60 minutes long this short and concise video will help you grow your Instagram engagement.

Sign up for How To Instagram Caption Like A Boss here

#6 Fashion design with Marc Jacobs

If you want to learn about fashion design then who better to learn from than Marc Jacobs?! An interesting class for anyone who is interested in pursuing fashion design, Marc Jacobs leads us through his own unique creative process discussing ideas from choosing fabrics, curating collections down to runway shows.

You can sign up for Marc Jacob's masterclass here. 

#7 Grayson Perry Art Club

Bringing us all together during this challenging time, Grayson Perry's new series broadcast at his home will encourage you to embrace your creativity whilst self-isolating. The first episode of the new series aired on Monday 27th April and you can catch up on All4.

What's more, you can submit your artwork to be included on the show here.

#8 Interior Design with Kelly Wearstler

American Interior Designer, Kelly Wearstler has established herself as one of the top Interior Designers in the world and she's now sharing some of her top expertise with you. Discover sources of inspiration, working with space, living with colour, life as an interior designer and more in the class.

You can sign up for Kelly Wearstler's masterclass here.

#9 Makeup with Lisa Potter-Dixon

We love Lisa Potter-Dixon at Rockett St George! A professional make-up artist for over 15 years working with Benefit and leading shows at London Fashion Week, who better to learn your make-up hacks than Lisa?! Lisa's IGTV is filled with easy-to-follow tutorials from how to do an easy soft contour to how to groom and tweeze your eyebrows like a pro. She also has a great YouTube Channel to check out too.

Watch all of Lisa Potter Dixon's Makeup Tutorials on IGTV and YouTube.

Psst... Lorna Luxe also shows you how she does her makeup daily on her Instagram stories which are always worth a watch!

#10 Style Your Space with Emily Henderson

Creative tips and techniques for Interior Design, Emily Henderson will help you identify and develop your style at home with styling, colour and interior shopping tips.

You can watch Emily Henderson's class on Skillshare.

Cooking at home

We've all turned into amateur chefs and cooks in the last few weeks and we all know someone who's gone banana bread crazy (guilty!). What's more, we've also seen a lot of foodie brands, celebs and influencers sharing their recipes and live cooking/baking on Instagram. So we are sharing a few of our favourites with you.

Bake daily with Bread Ahead

Every day at 2pm, Bread Ahead Bakery is sharing an Instagram Live so you can bake along and make delicious treats such as doughnuts, carrot cake, focaccia and more.

Giz n Green 

Professor Green and Gizzi Erksine are doing weekly 'fakeaways', showing you how to make your favourite takeaways at home. So far, they've shared recipes for Katsu Curry, Big Macs and Doner Kebabs. YUM!

Big Mamma

Our favourite Italian is showing us how to bring Italian cuisine to our very own kitchens. Recently, we've learnt to make Gnocchi, Sexy Carbonnra and Foccacia. They are also hosting a number of live cook-alongs for you to follow at home.

Watch theatre live at home

Is it possible to watch all of Netflix?! We think we might have done it!

If you've binge-watched all the series on Netflix then why not watch something a little different and bring a little theatre into your home?! Indeed top theatres and theatre directors have released some of the most highly acclaimed theatre shows and operas for you to view from the comfort of your sofa.

Fleabag Live

Phoebe Waller-Bridge's critically acclaimed Fleabag has hit the stage. You can watch it on Amazon Prime with all proceeds outside of taxes going to charity (35% to National Emergency Trust, 35% to NHS Charities Together, 15% to Acting for Others and 15% to Fleabag Support Fund).

Tiger Country

Very apt during these current circumstances Tiger Country navigates the world of a busy hospital during its peek period at Christmas.


With Benedict Cumberbatch playing the monster we will most definitely be watching this! Available to stream on YouTube from 7pm Thursday 30th April until 7pm on Thursday 7 May make sure you catch the show whilst you can!

The Winter's Tale

Watch The Winter's Tale in full from The Royal Ballet. The Winter's Tale premiere's on YouTube at 7pm on May 1st. You can set a reminder here.

Other exciting things to see at home:

  • Emma - Early cinema release of Jane Austen's much loved classic.
  • London's Mountain Film Festival - This year it's gone virtual. Sign up here to get your exclusive pass.
  • Virtual Yosemite - Experience Yosemite National Park in California without leaving your house!

Question Ideas for your online pub quiz

We're all coming up with imaginative ways to hang out and have some fun with our friends and family not self-isolating with us. One thing that has really soared in popularity is hosting online quizzes via Zoom, Skype and FaceTime. In fact, we recently hosted an online quiz with all the RSG Team and it was so much fun that we thought we'd share some of our top theme ideas for your next online quiz.

General Knowledge

Q: What is Prime Minister Boris Johnson's first name?

A: Alexander

Q: The six stars of Friends appeared in all 236 episodes. Who is the next most regular character to appear in the show?

A: Gunther (151 Episodes)

Q: Which city will host the 2028 Olympic Games?

A: Los Angeles


Q: What was David Bowie’s real surname?

A: Jones

Q: Which Beatle led the way across the zebra crossing on the Abbey Road album cover?

A: John Lennon

Q: 'White shirt now red, my bloody nose, Sleepin', you're on your tippy toes, Creepin' around like no one knows.' Is the first line from what Billie Eilish song?

A: Bad Guy

Food & Drink

Q: What is added to a Martini to make it a ‘Dirty Martini’?

A: Olive brine

Q: What type of food is burrata?

A: Cheese

Q: What type of food-phobia is Arachibutyrophobia

A: Fear of cooking.

What's the connection?

Q: Winston Churchill, Jane Austen and Adam Smith? What's the connection?

A: They are all featured on UK banknotes.

Q: Who comes next? Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince George...

A: Princess Charlotte

Q: Ringo Starr, Dave Grohl and Phil Collins? What's the connection?

A: They're all famous drummers

enter our instagram and facebook competition

Fancy winning a £50 e-voucher to spend at Rockett St George?! Yesss please! 

For our May Hot List's Instagram & Facebook competition our theme is #MyGardenStyle. So, share a styled up picture of your garden or outdoor space on your Instagram feed or Facebook page for your chance to win.

To enter the competition all you need to do is:

  1. Take a picture of a styled up garden or outdoor space.
  2. Head over to Instagram or Facebook and post the picture to your feed. You'll need to use our handle and hashtags #rockettstgeorge and #MyGardenStyle to make sure we get your entry.
  3. And, that's it! Don't forget, you have until midnight on May 28th to enter. The winner will be announced on the June Hot List 2020. Good Luck!
For our April Hot List, our Facebook & Instagram Competition Theme was '#LetsStayHome'. So, we are thrilled to announce that @squid_and_goose is our winner! @squid_and_goose aka Kirsty has won a £50 E-Voucher to spend at Rockett St George! Yay! Congratulations!
april competition winner

Here are Kirsty's ideas for things to do at home:

"Maybe set up a restaurant in your own kitchen, make your bathroom a spa, or my personal favourite run your own bar! - Do something you’ve wanted to do for ages. Not clean the cupboards or learn a new skill but maybe just nose through old photos or try a new hairstyle, something pointless or silly. - And just take it easy. I honestly hope we never have this time again. But then again we’ll never have this time again… so I say take it easy, sleep in, get drunk on a Tuesday, dance in ya pants. Might as well – we’ll all be back at work before we know it! "

Jane Rockett and Lucy St George's May Hot List 2020 Edit

We've asked co-founders of Rockett St George, Jane and Lucy, what they will be doing at home this month.

What New Products will you be taking home with you this month?

Lucy: I love our new metal wall signs, I could easily have a house full. It would be so hard to choose, I could find a place for Cocktails, Get Naked, Girl Gang, Fuck this shit and Fucking fabulous.

Jane: Oh that is difficult, there are so many new items that I want.  With all the lovely weather I would probably go for the new face, lion and foot planters.  They are so unique!

We're all spending more time at home at the moment. What creative project or DIY activity are you hoping to get started on this month?

Lucy: Well at the start of lockdown I ripped up my staircase carpet. It was a peach striped runner. Totally not my style and inherited from the previous homeowners. My plan is to paint a dark border and then paint flowers on the stairs and gold leaf it. The slight problem I have never is that I've never painted a flower (so it could be a disaster) and the stairs are a bit shabby and probably could do with sand (that's never going to happen). However, let's see if it happens.  I love the idea of it but don't know if I have the skills for the job. I will keep you posted!

Jane: I have never spent more time in my kitchen and I have started adding a few bits here and there.  My favourite has to be my new reclaimed wooden shelves.  They are so beautiful and perfect for displaying items.  I have used both sizes to create a style point in my kitchen.  Each one is different so again they are unique and beautiful!

What are your three tips for creating a happy home during this time?


  1. Food. I always take comfort in the ceremony of food - planning it, making it and serving it.
  2. Scents. My work family know I love a good scent and my absolute fave is Aveda chakra 3 which I am always spraying around the office!  I also love a home scent, a room spray ( I have a fig one from Muji), candle (Rockett St George or Diptique are my faves) or aroma diffuser smell (I have essential oils and mix my own scents, usually lavender and rose). These can all aid relaxation and sense of wellbeing.
  3. Lighting. This can transform a space, so changing from day to night, having a variety of sidelights, candles and fairy lights can transform your space and make it feel like a really different home.


  1. My answers are very similar to Lucy's. I love a scented candle to make you feel special. I love the new Rockett St George candles, they all smell amazing and have a really high percentage of essential oils so fill the room with loveliness. They are also paraffin-free.
  2. Eating together is my second tip, it creates a social event and time to laugh together.
  3. My third tip is to update your outside space if you are lucky enough to have one. New planters, outside rugs and bistro sets create another space to relax and enjoy.

Moodboards: On Jane's Instagram

If you follow Jane Rockett on Instagram (@rockettstgeorge), you'll regularly see the inspirational mood boards that Jane features in her Instagram Stories. So, we wanted to share some of the inspiration with you on our May Hot List 2020. Check it out...

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