The April Hot List 2020

Let's stay home.

It's an unprecedented time for us all and so for this month's April Hot List our theme is dedicated to staying home and staying safe. So we've put our heads together and come up with some creative activities and things to do with the kids whilst self-isolating, along with self-care activities and things you can do to help. Now, we want to reiterate that if you just want to stay home and just be then that's okay too. We've seen lots of talk on social media that not everyone feels up to being creative, working out or rearranging their homes and we understand that. The most important thing you can do at this time is to look after yourself at home and this is different for everyone.

What's more, for our April Hot List we have partnered with the amazing Craig & Rose (you can shop our RSG x Craig & Rose paint collection here) to give one lucky winner a £250 voucher to spend with Craig & Rose PLUS a colour consultancy session with one of their colour experts. How cool is that?! Keep on reading to find out more and enter.

Sending our love to you all.

Jane, Lucy and the RSG Team x

thank you key workers

Image Credit: Ace Hotel

First things first... A HUGE THANK YOU to all the amazing key workers out there.

We simply could not kick off our April Hot List without a big thank you. From the incredible doctors, nurses, NHS staff and administrative workers, pharmacists, volunteers, supermarket workers, bin men and women, policemen and women, firefighters, teachers, delivery drivers and to anyone and everyone who is integral to the efforts of beating coronavirus, including those of you who stay home to save lives... we thank you!


Image Credit: Craig & Rose

Win: £250 Voucher to spend at Craig & Rose, plus a Colour Consultancy session with one of their colour experts.

For the April Hot List, we've partnered up with Craig & Rose. Craig & Rose have been manufacturing paint in the UK since 1829 and are renowned for their incredible quality, a distinctive palette of colours and Artisan special effect range. Since launching 11 new colours to the 1829 collection this season, @craigandrosepaints have been encouraging their customers and followers to get involved with their #UnsameYourHome hashtag, helping you to transform your home and create an interior which reflects YOU. In fact, we curated an exclusive paint collection with Craig & Rose because of the incredible quality and performance of the paint.

So, without further ado, the competition this month will give one lucky person a chance to win £250 to spend with Craig & Rose and a Colour Consultancy session with one of their colour experts.  Just think what you could achieve with this prize and a little expert creative input will allow you to realise your design vision with confidence?!

Enter the competition for your chance to win a £250 voucher to spend at craig & rose plus a colour consultancy session

Do: Things to do at home during self-isolation.

Image Credit: Rockett St George

Things to do at home during self-isolation.

If you are up to doing something creative or different whilst at home, then check out some of our top ideas below.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Go old school and do a puzzle. Sales for puzzles have gone through the roof as we all have rediscovered our love for jigsaw puzzles. Not just for kids, we have just launched our Jonathan Adler Lips Puzzle and Jonathan Adler Rainbow Puzzle in the Rockett St George new department! Once you've completed the puzzle you could even frame it as DIY art. 

Instagram Live

Watch your favourite celebrities, brands and influencers live. Here are two of our favourites:

@breadaheadbaking is bringing us daily baking from home classes at 2 pm every day and we're hooked!

@madaboutthehouse is reading a chapter of Percy Jackson every day at 5pm to kids. It's a great end of the day activity that the kids love.


One of our favourite new apps is Houseparty. It means you can still have drinks with friends, dinner with a date or even host a pub quiz all online from the comfort of your living room. To help build structure into your daily routine, we recommend scheduling in weekly get-togethers with your friends so that you can stay connected whilst social distancing. What's more, if you're looking to join a virtual pub quiz then why not join the Big Drop’s Living Room Pub Quiz or The Big Fat Quiz?

Activities for kids

Help keep the kids entertained and why not get them involved with some fun and alternative activities?

@thebodycoach is hosting a daily PE session for kids (and adults too... it's not exactly easy) at 9 am Monday-Friday. You can watch it on YouTube.

Read with David Walliams - on every day at 11 am David Walliams is releasing a new story in his Elevensies series narrated by himself. Great fun, it's also a genius way to get kids reading.

Cook with the kids - Jamie Oliver has a number of recipes for kids to get them cooking and discovering new foods.

DIY with the kids - From building a tipi to creating a DIY dream catcher we have a number of fun activities to do with the kids.


If you're feeling up to being creative then why not plan and redecorate a room in your home? From that bathroom that you've been meaning to paint to the retiling project in your kitchen and revamping your garden, nows the time to get redecorating. If you need some advice or help, then be sure to check out our Facebook Forum to ask our amazing members for their tips or alternatively check out these books and blogs:

Just be

If you are finding this time particularly tough, then we just want to take a moment to tell you that this is okay too. Do what's best for your mental wellbeing and take care of yourself. We think that Matt Haig aptly sums this up... #beingisdoing 

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Being is doing.

A post shared by Matt Haig (@mattzhaig) on

Image Credit: @accidentallywesanderson.

Fun & positive accounts to follow on Instagram

Public Health England has released advice on how to look after your mental wellbeing during Covid19 and one such tip is to manage the media you expose yourself to. It's important to stay informed, but if it's getting too much perhaps set times when you can watch/listen/read the news. This also applies to who you are following on social media.

So, at this time we think that its a good opportunity to have a sort through your Instagram/Tik Tok/Facebook/Twitter/YouTube and unfollow or mute anyone that may make you feel anxious or whose content affects your mental health. You can always follow them again when things return to normal!

In the meantime, you could also follow some fun and positive accounts too. At times like this, we could all do with a laugh, so here are a few of our favourites:

@​doesmybumlook40 - Funny, relatable and always makes us laugh.

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To be fair to teens, replace with “any child”... and replace “empty the dishwasher” with LITERALLY ANYTHING. I know it’s not the most appropriate thing but I do sort of wish Boris had written on the bottom of his letter to the nation “and could all kids just help around the house with less bloody moaning” I think it would have been a useful touch, no? 🤬🤬 I’ll write one for him. Feel free to share with your offspring. “Dear children. I’m breaking this to you gently, ish, but chances are, we will have up to 12 weeks of all living together and not being able to leave the house. If you would like to continue having three meals bought and prepared for you each day, you are going to have to help in the house. End of. No moaning, no rolling of eyes, no “I’ll do it later..” (my personal fave 🙄🤬). Do not think you can circumvent this rule by saying you will make your own meal. You will STILL have to tidy up. And before you say it, it IS fair and why should you have to do it? Why should I??? LOVE YOU LOADS. mum xxxx “. Of course if your kids are already exceptionally compliant and assist in all chores with no whining whatsoever, you are very lucky, clearly a far superior parent to me and we can’t be friends 😂😂😂

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@​chessiekingg ​- Empowering, fun and encouraging us all to be body-positive, we LOVE Chessie King!

@wrightkitchen - Food art that's seriously addicting!

@victoruaemes - 'Unfiltered thoughts from a potty-mouthed Mama navigating the peaks and troughs of parenthood✌️' ... couldn't have put it better ourselves!

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Big cheers to everyone out there who managed to survive the first week of national lockdown without absconding from their family in the dead of night or smashing their way through every single bottle of the stockpiled vino. I managed neither. Personally I've taken to the social distancing life like a pube to a bar of soap. I'm Permanently in pyjamas, eating cake for breakfast, drinking from 4pm and have absolutely no need to wear a bra or wash my fanny - what's not to love? Slightly concerned my already elongated norks will never recover from such unfettered fun but hey, having children took care of ruining those hotdogs for eternity so we're all good, bap loose and fancy free. I just wouldn't recommend jumping on a trampoline with your kid unless you're willing to accept your toddler laughing hysterically at Mummy's boobies oscillating around their head like two spaniels ears on a windy day. Oh and would also like to say a big hello to all my new followers. I'm guessing you're here because of a certain lycra clad camel toe burning your retinas with its magnitude to the beat of Gloria Gaynor. Well, I'm the proud owner of that gyrating hoof, Victoria. Thanks for joining me. I share my experience of being a Mum here and talk about vaginas A LOT whilst also trying to find the funny side in the ups and downs of parenthood and life. Welcome to the smut show. P.s that hoover isnt actually inserted up my back passage...yet. #stayathome #selfisolation #selfisolating #motherhoodunfiltered #motherhood

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@accidentallywesanderson - inspiring buildings around the world that look as though they are straight out of a Wes Anderson film.

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____________________ Brockton Point Lighthouse | Vancouver, British Columbia | c. 1890 • Perched at the most easterly point of Stanley Park, bordering downtown Vancouver, sits a thirty-five-foot lighthouse tower and signaling station that has guided ships through the sometimes tricky waters around the city for more than 100 years • Once the sight of a graveyard for early settlers, Brockton Point was initially set to become a sawmill in the mid 1800s. However, once the area had been cleared, the project was abandoned due to the strong currents from the harbor impeding the construction of log booms • The completion of the transcontinental railroad turned Vancouver into a growing city, resulting in increased shipping traffic into Burrard Inlet. In 1890 the first instance of a rudimentary light was placed on the Point and Captain William D. Jones was hired as the first lighthouse keeper. Over his 25 year tenure, Jones would be credited for saving 16 lives and his efforts to raise funds for Returned Soldiers charities by cultivating ornate flower beds in Stanley Park and selling the flowers. His proceeds amounted to more than his salary as a keeper • In 1914, the current tower, with an automatic light and 12.5 meter focal plane was constructed with arches allowing visitors to pass along the shoreline pathway. The lighthouse would be manned by four additional keepers until the station was destaffed in 1956 • For many years, keepers were charged with firing the ‘9 O’clock Gun’. This muzzle-loaded naval cannon cast in Woolwich England in 1816 was initially fired at 6pm to signal the close of fishing. Later, the time of firing was pushed to 9pm to help mariners set their chronometers. Today the canon continues to be fired daily - although electronically - still assisting mariners, and startling any unsuspecting nearby visitors • Know more? Please comment below! • 📸: @edousaurus 📰: @wikipedia + • #AccidentallyWesAnderson #Symmetrical #Archigram #AccidentalWesAnderson #WesAnderson #VscoArchitecture #Pursuewhatislovely #Lighthouses #BeautifulbritishColumbia #Enjoycanada #Tourcanada #Canada🇨🇦

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@allontheboard - Run by two mysterious TFL staff this account brings us daily smiles.

@loulouminidachshund - One word... CUTE! Perfect for all the animal lovers out there.

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@condenasttraveller - just cause we can't visit these places right now, doesn't mean we can't dream about it.

Go: support your local community

Image Credit: Rockett St George

Next up in our April Hot List is to support your local community.

  • Volunteer for the NHS. At the time of writing over 750,000 people have volunteered to help deliver medical supplies, contacted and chatted to vulnerable people
  • Check-in on your neighbours (at a safe 2-metre distance). Check-in on neighbours and vulnerable people nearby and make sure they have everything they need. If you can, offer to pick up medicine and food for them on your next shop too. You can also reach these people by volunteering on your local Facebook Community pages.
  • Social Media - spread positivity. It's more important than ever to be kind to one another. From kind supportive messages to funny posts and ways to cope with what's going on, these positive posts may feel like a small thing, but it could make someone's day.
  • Volunteer for supermarkets. We found out about this one when we were watching @pinkhouseliving Instagram stories. @pinkhouseliving aka Emily Murray volunteered for the Royal Voluntary Service at Lidl last Sunday helping to pack fruit and veg to send to NHS workers around the country. We were really inspired by this and so, if you want to do something similar you can find out more on the Royal Voluntary Service website.
  • Donate to charity. Charities are really feeling it at the moment, so if you can donate to charity at this time or simply share their cause on Facebook and Twitter your help will go a long way. One of our charity partners; the Young Women's Trust  has launched an emergency fund for young women whose jobs have been affected by the covid-19 pandemic. Funds raised will help them pay their bills and for food. They also have a support page for any young woman who needs resources. You can also fund them by purchasing one of our Empowered Women Candles - £10 from every sale of the candles goes to the Young Women's Trust.

Things to watch and read during self-isolation

Time for some home entertainment! Whilst we are at home there are some really fun and entertaining things that you can read and watch... afterall, nows the time to catch up on that series that you've been meaning to watch or books that you've been wanting to read.

Watch: Early Release Movies

Did you know that cinemas are early releasing films to online streaming services? Films such as Emma, Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, Military Wives and The Invisible Man are all being released early so why not create the cinema experience in your own home?! Bring on the popcorn!

Read: Blogs & Articles

Lots of our favourite bloggers and journalists are writing really helpful articles at the moment. Discover a few that we loved below.

Watch: TV Series

Co-founder, Jane Rockett, shared on her Instagram over the weekend the best TV Series to binge-watch and so for those who might have missed it, we've popped the list below. If you have any series recommendations, then do let us know and Jane will share it on her stories. @rockettstgeorge

Read: Books

If in the past you've fallen asleep after reading a page of your book or only get time to read on holiday, nows your chance to catch up on some great reads. We've popped a list below of the best books to read this April 2020. You can share your favourites with us on Instagram

A few of our favourite books to enjoy:

Fancy winning a £50 e-voucher to spend at Rockett St George?! Yesss please! 

For our April Hot List's Instagram & Facebook competition our theme is #LetsStayHome. So, share a styled up spot with your top 3 things to do at home this April. Share it with us on Facebook and Instagram for your chance to win.

To enter the competition all you need to do is:

  1. Take a picture of a styled up spot in your home and write 3 ideas/things to do whilst staying at home this April.
  2. Head over to Instagram or Facebook and post the picture to your feed. You'll need to use our handle and hashtags #rockettstgeorge and #LetsStayHome to make sure we get your entry.
  3. And, that's it! Don't forget, you have until midnight on April 28th to enter. The winner will be announced on the May Hot List 2020. Good Luck!
For our March Hot List, our Facebook & Instagram Competition Theme was '#MyKitchenStyle'. So, we are thrilled to announce that @thehousethatalicebuilt is our winner! @thehousethatalicebuilt has won a £50 E-Voucher to spend at Rockett St George! Yay! Congratulations!

Image Credit: @thehousethatalicebuilt


we also have a weekly working from home competition where each week one lucky winner will win a £50 e-voucher to spend online at Rockett St George. Find out how to enter here.

Listen: The WFH Playlist

Last up in the April Hot List is the WFH playlist

Last week co-founder Jane Rockett, reached out on Instagram (@rockettstgeorge) to find out your favourite feel-good songs for when you are working from home or simply need a bit of a cheer up during these uncertain times.

Here are your chosen songs...

  1. Memories - Maroon 5
  2. White Tiger - Izzy Bizu
  3. Best Day Of My Life - American Authors
  4. Song 2 - Blur
  5. Disparate Youth - Santigold
  6. Love Generation - Bob Sinclair and Gary Pine
  7. Roxanne - Arizona Zervas
  8. Praise You - Fatboy Slim
  9. Disparate Youth - Santigold
  10. And more on The WFH Playlist.

We've also loved listening to the RSG Feel Good Friday Playlist made by our Liberty Concession manager Tom and  @sarahakwisombe positivity playlist on Spotify - Feel Good.

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