The London Design Festival is always a great way to treat your creative senses, and this year we were lucky enough to get involved and showcase some of our latest designs.

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The installations, designs and room sets at LDF are so inspiring for your own home decor, but translating the ideas isn't always easy. So, taking inspiration from just three of the events that we visited during the festival, we have put together our top tips on implementing a botanical vibe into your interiors - something that is bang on trend and in demand right now.

1.First up - Plants! Our Tropical Paradise at the Hoxton Shoreditch

Planting can be a laborious thought for some, and if you're not particularly green fingered, we share your pain! We've invested in a variety of incredibly realistic plants such as ferns, aloe plants and lyca palms that require zero care. You can go totally mad and refuse to use anything but faux - but we like to mix in some easier to care for plants that add freshness to a room. Our fakes are almost as good as the real thing, but if you'd like to dip your toe into the world of gardening then Palms or Yucca plants are fairly hardy and easier to look after. Just water every few days and they should stay luscious and green!

To transform the courtyard space at The Hoxton we started with lots of planting - from huge towering palms to smaller and more delicate plants to create depth and texture. The space is a fresh, calm and relaxing space where visitors can stop by, grab a coffee and soak up the warm atmosphere.

Asif Khan's collaboration with MINI saw the artist create three 'Forests' that lay between work and home to help people relax, create and connect. Each space was constructed with corrugated plastic sheeting and layered with lots of living plants which immediately softens the hard exterior and 'grey-ness' of outside. It creates an escape and sanctuary for city goers, which is exactly what your home should be for you at the end of a long day.

2. Next, sort the lighting...


Lighting is always the most important aspect of creating or enhancing the atmosphere in a room. We always include Lighting in our top tips, but it's often left until last for many. We decided to use our beautiful Palm Tree Floor Lamps to light the space in the courtyard, fitted with LED vintage style giant bulbs to give a warm glow throughout the day and into the night. The monkeys and neon lighting provides a bit of fun and give off a softer light that immediately makes you feel at ease and creates a talking point.

Asif Khan used LED lights in the walls of his installations which almost twinkle and glow at night and add to the magical feel of his space.



We popped along to see our friends at Bert & May during the festival who have beautiful sets within their studio space. They show how even a few simple changes can bring together the most instagram-able interior possible! They have hung their falling plants from the ceiling and mixed in vintage-style flex lighting with exposed bulbs, which instantly and easily creates a botanical-inspired space.



3. New vs. Revamp


You don't always need to throw everything out and start from scratch to achieve the look you want. Try painting up a cabinet or stripping it back to wood which contrasts nicely with planting and soaks in the warm lighting to create ambience. If you do need to inject something a little more special into the space, choose something that is an investment. We used our beautiful Torres Cowhide Chairs at The Hoxton because they are natural they change as they age and become even more full of character. Each chair is totally unique and no one in the world will have exactly the same look, so it's something special to keep for years and even pass down in the future.

Visit our Tropical Paradise at The Hoxton Shoreditch until Saturday 24th September (81 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3HU). If you'd like to share your botanical home with us simply tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (@rockettstgeorge / #rockettstgeorge). If you have any decorating dilemmas, reach out to us on social media or by email and we'll try and create blog posts to solve your problems (email:

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